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  1. Amaterasu, added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    Not everyone is being utterly childish they have as much right to blab on here as you do complaining about them being childish. Not really your right to tell them what they can say or how they say it. Quite frankly I do not like the change I feel that it gives the people that are willing to blow money for silver an incredible advantage over hard working players. It is not like you are doing every person that does have a job a favor. Some of them are supporting family and can still only play maybe 2 hours 3 hours a day. They will now get pushed around by 2 different types of people. They could have easily gave access to these items threw loyalty or had better and more sales. Put in maybe a coupon that costs a certain amount of loyalty and gets you 50% off. Something of that sort. No they want to milk the cow for everything it is worth. They know there is a select few that will spend the amount that could cover a large amount of casual spenders. This was about money nothing more nothing less. The people will let off steam and move on to something else. Pay to win is a scale and they tilted it to one side with this announcement. I had my fair share of this type of thing in perfect world one guy being able to take out and army of people is just not what I bargained for so I like many others will gracefully bow out lots of console games coming out to play the hell out of. 
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  2. Amaterasu, added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    Man you are just dumb beyond all belief or you are a huge troll. How is say buying a boss armor and replacing your grunil or w.e you have not an upgrade? Are you insane? It is not a fallacy it is fact but I can see you want to justify this change in your head. I know economy dope head but it is still a shitty one. Yeah man let this one guy bust ass for a week and this one guy buy his way. Totally a fair game man. This is a game a game not the real world so stop trying to pull your bullshit economy shit into it. This is just a cash grab cause the Korean overlords are not happy with what they are pulling in now. So what is the next best thing to try well it is to make it pay to win. I can go and spend tons of money and pay to beat other peoples ass. Your level of denial is beyond being able to argue. Screw the people who do not want to spend 100s to 1000s to stay with the others. I have seen this in an MMO before you have nothing to argue others here have seen it to. 1 guy puts 5k into the game he has everything he wants others cannot possibly put in the time necessary to challenge that person it makes the game incredibly unbalanced. So I sure know someone that needs to take some classes and a huge reality check on top of it. But you won't. Just going to mark you off as a troll this game will have barely any players just a bunch of people fighting and the one with the biggest wallet wins. Sounds like an award winning game to me. I think the number of people leaving speaks for itself I already know 5 friends that are gone already. So you are what 2 or 3 people defending this change out of the rest. Any game that you can take a cash shop item and sell it in game for currency in game is pay to win get over it. 
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  3. Amaterasu, added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    Kidding right? There are 100s of examples of what happens in a game that does this perfect world arch age. Idiot that is not even close to an unsound argument. People now can pay instead of grinding and using life skills. So I will use that word again you are stupid. Actually I believe you now to be a troll. Your idea of a fallacy is hilarious. It is not a belief it is a fact. Play any free to play that has a shop that will let you progress with money. You can now buy your silver by getting an outfit and selling it for silver buying shards then upgrading then rinse and repeat. And now the night vendor on top of that? lol
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  4. Amaterasu, added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    Really? Must be pretty stupid to need me to explain. Pay to win is a term coined to people that use money to progress and be better using money instead of play the game to achieve it. Anyone playing this game knows it takes time to progress such as going pri duo tri and higher the farther you go the more money it uses. So you need to utilize stuff like farming gathering and such. Now people can be like oh I am running out of money so why not just sell an outfit to replenish my money instead of going out and playing the game.
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  5. Amaterasu, added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    I can say even I am done annoying finding something else to play but hell it is better than dealing with this. I remember a post saying you did not want this game to go pay to win and the cash shop would be strictly cosmetic.
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  6. Amaterasu, added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    I put up with a lot but this is too far I do not want a game that needs no work and I get 3 shot by someone who buys all their gear. Get a clue black desert you guys do not give 2 shits about our feedback.
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  7. Amaterasu, added a post in a topic Cannot purchase Daum Cash /game pass issues   

    The issue is not with black desert online: 
     To solve this issue try new browser and (((((((((((((((YOU CANNOT HAVE AD BLOCKER ON))))))))))))))))))))) A pop up is how the payment continues to go threw if you block it you will receive the error.
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  8. Amaterasu, added a topic in Suggestions   

    Penguin Pet in Cash Shop???
    The event we are in the middle of can give you 2 penguins for the people that might have missed some time will this pet ever be available in the cash shop for people to get/mate them or is it only a one time thing we missed out on??? Any legit info will be greatly appreciated thank you.
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  9. Amaterasu, added a post in a topic Cannot purchase Daum Cash /game pass issues   

    Yes I was about to use 60$ and my card is paid off. Other stuff Is not working either and your event ends 1 day and like 8 hours from now? So then I have to spend what an extra 10$ around that.
    Well I can say I will be fuming if I do not get in on this weight deal. They want me to get it on every character I make but now I cannot even purchase it when a sale is going. Then was going to use what I saved for with to get another costume.
    This is what BDO makes me feel like doing...............

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  10. Amaterasu, added a post in a topic Feedback - EXP Penalty Removal from PvP   

    Just to correct the one part that quest is not really to opt out pvp it just stops you from hitting past 49.99 and then you cannot be PKed and you have no choice to do it if you want to surpass 49.99 x-x but then you are open to all forms of PK.
    Well cannot really think of an mmorpg where pvp outdoes pve not a game like this. But some of these games like BDOs pvp feeds the reason for pve for other people ( I will not speak for how many). Like people wanting to grind, gear from bosses and such. Actually if we compare this with some other pve games it lacks in a way. I mean the world bosses are not anything crazy. No actual raids that you have to fight for a long time or you die and that's that until you can do it in one try. The bosses we have so far die pretty quickly at the current time and will only get faster. I guess it is more the end game pve that is lacking. Once you take away pvp elements. Yeah the life skills but after time what would be the point. We need pvp we just need Daum to do stuff right that is all. They really need to trust in the community more and stop hiding everything they do until 2 hours into patches maintenance. Do in game polls so that everyone is aware of the poll as soon as they come on and they could be a bit more accurate. Now everyone in forums are too busy biting each other. When you put out a change pre maturely there are going to be 1 the people that like it and now if you take it back will hate you. 2 the people that hate it and want it reverted. 3 the people that would like it changed but not reverted to previous state. 4. The ones who just do not care. I think the 1% was too much since it is way to easy to troll with however I believe a penalty for death has to happen to keep some sort of thrill but not to the point you can grieve the new players or people fishing so on. The best games will always be the ones that can blend pvp well into the pve seems like Daum is having some issues with this. I am sure from their view it looks like a tug of war.
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  11. Amaterasu, added a post in a topic Feedback - EXP Penalty Removal from PvP   

    The town that would be huge issue for sure.
    What if like "pk" mode they had like a karma mode know it sounds a bit weird but for instance. Guy goes in this "Karma Mode" he is no longer able pk in any case nor be PKed by others but if he is killed by any mob/boss he could still be penalized by being negative karma? This would allow that person to safely get from a town or node to get to an area safe to farm karma back. Not only that but he would no longer be help to his guild when at war or sieges and would not be foolish enough to attempt world bosses as he could still be penalized!!!
    Pretty much the negative would be him having to find a spot to safely get karma back. Now he would be safe from harassment but also have the I guess I could say consequence of having to farm his karma back.
    And I was thinking of anyway this could be abused maybe by the not being able to PK but I doubt it since if they tried to grind like this people could try to grief them till they died by a mob and they would not want to risk the penalty.
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  12. Amaterasu, added a post in a topic Feedback - EXP Penalty Removal from PvP   

    .....What if you could lose weapon or armor durability instead???
    What about losing armor or weapon durability! Especially higher geared people would be worried since if you say instead of losing an enchant lost 5-10 maybe 5 on weapon 10 on armor? or maybe like green rarity and below lose 10 durability blue rare and up lose 5? It would not be as devastating as an enchant but still will hurt. Even someone with a lot of money could only abuse that so much. It would not be worth it. Not to such an extreme that he is willing to lose tons especially on boss armors and such.
    Problem might also be that we lose karma too fast.
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  13. Amaterasu, added a post in a topic Feedback - EXP Penalty Removal from PvP   

    True.......but if they what if they spawned in town. Surely this person would not keep going to node. Actually always thought node camping was an issue from the start. Well maybe if you are killed with in a certain range of the node you are not penalized. Of course it would need to be changed to if the person hits you first (after a respawn) you do not lose karma. Def needs some work but still think this idea could work. 
    But challenging the idea is the only way to fix any issues!
    I know no karma would be mayhem. So the one issue with the karma solution would be node camping that is bad. Like you said exp loss cannot be the only thing they lose at neg karma cause they could abuse it at 0%. Gems also could be abused if you take them out. 
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  14. Amaterasu, added a post in a topic Feedback - EXP Penalty Removal from PvP   

    What if say they removed the enchant loss? You would still lose the exp. Plus they would need to know when it is best to move back to town as well. They could just increase the exp loss rate the lower you go.
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  15. Amaterasu, added a post in a topic Feedback - EXP Penalty Removal from PvP   

    Karma! I say we lose karma! I mean if the person that died lost even 10k more karma a death it would mean life skillers and people that got randomly jumped would no longer lose Exp right? People would still and more efficiently be able to grind. Anyone who went deep on killing/dying would have to farm their karma back or some of it. The amount you lose or gain from farming might need some adjusting but I think it could be a beneficial system if worked with.
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