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  1. WingsOfHeaven added a post in a topic Too much RNG, not enough rewards for Hard work   

    I tend to agree. The game mechanics exist to provide a sense of joy of overcoming hardship (hard fun) for that sense of fiero. However, when the punishment for failure is too high then the cost outweighs the benefit. I hope the game designer can reconsider their design decision. 
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  2. WingsOfHeaven added a post in a topic Olivia 200% Exp Server Needs a Level Cap   

    It seems like quite a few people think Lv 56 is a reasonable level cap. The level cap can be increased as the game servers get more established, so as to provide more of a benefit to new incoming members joining at a later time. 
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  3. WingsOfHeaven added a post in a topic STOP GIVING FREE RNG BOXES   

    Reasonable suggestion ruined by bad arguments. 
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  4. WingsOfHeaven added a post in a topic Olivia 200% Exp Server Needs a Level Cap   

    Honestly the specific level cap should be an adjustable parameter that reflects the average level of the server. As time progresses, the level cap can be adjusted up so that newer members that joined at a later time can spend longer time in the Olivia  servers to catch up.  
    Yeah, I agree. 56 would be reasonable as well. 
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  5. WingsOfHeaven added a topic in Suggestions   

    Olivia 200% Exp Server Needs a Level Cap
    Out of fairness to existing players, please consider establishing a level cap for the fresh start server in addition to the existing requirements. My personal suggestion would be to set the level cap at a high average level, say lv 59, as it would be reasonable. This level cap mechanism also is already implemented in other regions after significant player base dis-satisfaction. The 200% experience server is an interesting proposition that's been implemented in other regional servers and we should learn from the player reactions in those servers.   
    I think we can all agree that there must be a balance between incentivizing new/returning players and existing players. The 200% experience is a significant boost and there should be a mechanism where the experience is capped at a certain level out of respect for the time spent by the existing players. When the Olivia Servers players begin to hit level 60 or 61 before the existing players, it would result in an understandable disgruntlement from existing players. For new and returning players, I do believe that a level cap at 59 is more than reasonable.   
    Therefore, a level cap mechanism would be respectful of the existing player base and will have negligible effects on new players. There may be some minor effects on high level returning players, but the effect should be minimal. Depending on the business needs, the level cap can be adjusted. 
    (Yes, SP is just as important for combat effectiveness as levels. But that's irrelevant to the existing discussion. )
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  6. WingsOfHeaven added a post in a topic A legitimate reason the all boss armors in the new box should have equal chances.   

    Why not fix red nose armor so that it's actually a comparable boss gear. 
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  7. WingsOfHeaven added a post in a topic nerf warrior   

    Translation: Nerf the class that I am not playing. 
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  8. WingsOfHeaven added a post in a topic "Farewell to you all"   

    Thank you for the good work and keeping the conversation open as best as you could! Sad to see you go.

    Schucks! Now people will think we are creeps for naming our pets in such a way. You'll forever be remembered by the slightly inappropriate pun off your name. 
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  9. WingsOfHeaven added a post in a topic Attendance Reward Box   

    Kudos to @GM_Caramel for doing an amazing job at crisis management. I will admit this is the first time in the past few months where I actually had faith in the future of the game. 
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  10. WingsOfHeaven added a post in a topic Compensation for Boss Gear scam?   

    Well looks like the Boss Gear box is glitched. Hopefully they will fix it. Awaiting response
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  11. WingsOfHeaven added a post in a topic Do you like that they added Artisan's Memory to Cash shop for pearls? (used to be only loyalties)   

    This change is worse than those we've seen earlier with the exception for the costume exchange coupon. Players can now literally pay their way to TET and PEN in a $/silver conversion rate unseen previously. I absolutely despise this change, and yet it's too good to not have. I really hate this and what the publisher has decided to do.  
    They really don't care for what we think, it's  just what to implement to maximize profit. 
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  12. WingsOfHeaven added a post in a topic Is bdo p2w?   

    It is Pay2Win. 
    No-life + Pay >> Pay/No-Life >> Everyone else. 
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  13. WingsOfHeaven added a post in a topic R.I.P motivation   

    I stopped responding to forum posts because it's utter futile. But your post is surprisingly well written. 
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  14. WingsOfHeaven added a post in a topic Business > Game   

    I must have missed this piece. So Brian Oh is no longer leading the oversea development at PA? 
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  15. WingsOfHeaven added a post in a topic Business > Game   

    Do you have the source for this?
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