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  1. NightShade added a post in a topic Dumb move not going for the f2p option   

    Ah so that's what op is returning too after complaining about this cash shop:P 
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  2. NightShade added a post in a topic Dumb move not going for the f2p option   

    @Op dota2 is b2p and got cash shop right?
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  3. NightShade added a post in a topic Guild Alliance System   

    But isn't that the fun with alliances?
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  4. NightShade added a post in a topic Instances or No?   

    There should be multiple big bad dragons if the map is big enough, and hopefully it isn't set on a timer, hated that i gw2 where everyone teleported to the big bad dragon at set times. Here we don't have teleport either. Having to find the big bad dragon is imo what is fun instead of it spawning in the exact same location everytime.
    Why the need for  faster mounts? Imo i would love to see a bigger world and large enough to hold a huge amount of players, and with the upcoming areas it seem the world will be pretty big  I love that i have to plan ahead with my friends to where we meet and such with no insta travel, it's one of the best things with bdo and makes it feel like a world. 
    And with a big enough world there will always be possible to get into some dungeons where there is no other players atm.
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  5. NightShade added a topic in Suggestions   

    Rise of the Kings
    Could it be possible to expand the territory and node wars even further by having a scenario based pvp.
    Let's say a guild can take over a city by killing the guards and putting their banner down, and will then become kings.
    The people in that city may then choose to follow them, if they don't want to they will be neutral and will not be affected by the wars but will not receive any rewards either.
    The guild can also recruit other guild, and if a guild follows them it mean the guild accept them as their kings and the kings can then give them commands to attack further cities/nodes.
    The whole point is for the kings to own every node and city in the map. 
    When the kings have conquered everything it resets and they receive a special kind of reward(unique skin or some nice mount skin).
    This would mean that a guild that is not happy with the kings they are following they can go against them and stop following them and instead follow some other kings or they could try to be their own kings.
    I don't got all the details though, but i hope we could see something like this in the feature where one guild in the end could rule and it would make some really cool scenarios where you get some guilds doing riot against their kings, and kings creating alliances with other kings untill the day come when 1 guild win.
    This could also make different roles like scouts and spies and such which will be player driven.
    My hope is that we get something like civilization, but without the building cities but more in the way alliances works and overtaking cities.
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  6. NightShade added a post in a topic FORUMS FOR PAYED ACCOUNTS ONLY   

    He/she could still read the forums to get the information, and there could be a subforum for those who has not bought the game.
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  7. NightShade added a post in a topic Instances or No?   

    Not the only way, they could add a even bigger world so you don't got too much people running in the same places, and that is a much better solution imo.
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  8. NightShade added a post in a topic Rise of the Kings   

    It should be difficult and being a ruler of the world is not for everyone and it could add alot of drama.
    And i would love to follow another guild of kings and help/contribute in winning the war, a war which could last for months before it resets and starts over again
    Another nice feature could also be that people that follow their kings can contribute materials for siege weapons and other materials, so there is something for those who don't want to participate in the war itself too.
    This would be a perfect endgame scenario based war system imo.
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  9. NightShade added a post in a topic Reasoning behind Optional Subscription?   

    Only subscription i can see implemented is subscription for getting extra pearls each month at a cheaper price than buying the packs or something.
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  10. NightShade added a post in a topic keep us permanently under geared or limited   

    Ok, so it's mainly the time and effort put into getting the +20 and i agree that it's not something you should get given too you but something you should work for and i agree.
    Problem is that some can get it alot easier thus putting in less effort than someone else, which is why i would like to take out some of the rng.
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  11. NightShade added a post in a topic keep us permanently under geared or limited   

    Nothing hardcore with grinding mindless mobs , if that's what you think it's fine but it's not hardcore it's a time sink for getting something you want.
    Timesinks is needed, i'm not arguing against that, but please remove the rng aspect so everyone get the same time to reach lvl 20 or atleast remove the level loss on failed attempts. 
    And are you afraid that everyone get +20?
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  12. NightShade added a post in a topic keep us permanently under geared or limited   

    Just one question, why do you need so much gear progression after lvl 50 when you got level progression? 
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  13. NightShade added a post in a topic Switch Between Skill Builds   

    Why not make it a little cheaper than a stupid amount and not increasing? 
    Make the cost increase for each level.
    Being able to min/max in a mmo is not a bad thing, and trying different builds is for me the most fun part.
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  14. NightShade added a post in a topic Premium Dye Subscription   

    They don't get money from dyes from me atleast with dyes the way they are now, pls add dyes purchasable in the shop and make them added to palette so i can use them as much as i want.
    For those saying they need me to buy more dyes, add new colors that i can buy, simple as that.
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  15. NightShade added a post in a topic keep us permanently under geared or limited   

    They still got level progression  And +20 could still take a long time to achieve if the devs instead could make it take longer to get to +20.
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  16. NightShade added a post in a topic keep us permanently under geared or limited   

    Problem is rebalancing everything then of bosses and such, wouldn't it be easier and better to remove losses on failed attempts / removing the rng factor to get to +20 so in the end everyone can get +20 even the most unlucky ones without removing progression?
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  17. NightShade added a post in a topic Disable collision in docking areas   

    What if a player instead could mark a boat afk boat which is in the way and send it to the npc, i love seeing boats at the dock and this way you can remove afk boats that is in the way yourself.
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  18. NightShade added a post in a topic keep us permanently under geared or limited   

    The best solution for this would then make it easier to obtain(not shorter timeframe) +20 so it's not so rng based. This way we still have progression and after +20 there is still lvl progression, while we also got that you need to spend some time to reach +20 but you get a less random time to obtain it to get on equal footing as everyone else which are +20.
    the first thing would maybe be to remove the loss on fail attempts?
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  19. NightShade added a post in a topic Ents costume and PvP   

    I don't want it removed, but if they add an optional way to get it with silver i'm fine with that. But the suit seem to have a role in sige wars and i will buy it. 
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  20. NightShade added a post in a topic [Suggestion] Dynamic/Periodic events   

    Another thing i would love to see is that gm's can spawn bosses in the world which they can controll. So let's say twice a week a gm can spawn a boss and start fighting players
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  21. NightShade added a post in a topic Black Desert World Championship   

    Another idea could be to make a new island with nodes where when you travel to it there is 2 small towns on each side of the island with a npc where you could sign up for a tournament. When you sign up the npc will tell if there is too many on this side and he recommend you to go to the other town(so one team/town don't have too much players) to sign up instead, and there are objectives on the island for each team/town to take over kinda like a strategy pvp game.
    After a team has won they get rewarded and a new round starts. 
    It is not instanced, but there could be 1 game for each channel.
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  22. NightShade added a post in a topic Naming system Change petition   

    Why not? it will make people choose better names instead of adding some weird char after the name so they can have something lookalike
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  23. NightShade added a post in a topic Gender Locked Classes? Seriously?   

    i don't mind genderlocking, but i hope they could add the counter part as soon as they create a class so we get both female and male at the same time they releases. I want my archer tbh
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  24. NightShade added a post in a topic Naming system Change petition   

    +1 for this
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  25. NightShade added a post in a topic The new CM says hello   

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