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  1. KingXcon added a post in a topic Swap key   

    it's a shame an old warrior like you suggest vangertz over kutum. I used to watch you when the game was just released and everyone is lost potato. You Agreed vangertz over kutum showed how lame you are trying to mis-lead people. You advice people to go vangertz when you don't use it yourself. GJ
    For fak same this KUTSUU who is trying to argue and advising you to go vangertz over kutum said that he only have 163-172Ap...... he argue with his whole effing heart thinking he know shit about warrior. Im sorry but this is potato warrior no experience pure air. Also said he think that vangertz is strong in pvp in a lot of scenarios............. omfg really? wake up!
    A 163-172ap with vangertz think he got this class locked down.... Do you node war? Siege? Rbf? Coz I'm pretty sure you won't last 10 seconds vs me.
    And yea people will be ganging me... even they agree with me that kutum is better overall specially in pvp.. but since I'm azhole, they rather swallow it and disagree with me. The dude was dumb mind aswell everyone who agreed with him lol
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  2. KingXcon added a post in a topic Swap key   

    fall Into this bad players. Just because he talk decent and nice you fall from it and listen. Most of this person do not know shit. People that are aholes usually know shit and get annoyed at people who think they know what they taking about and so proud about it. Suggesting vangertz over kutum do not have rights to be in this class forum and making suggestion. 
    Anyway everyone is entitled to speak their opinions, yes. But funny how people disagree to people that they know he's right but disagree with him because he has attitude. That's the problem in the world 😄
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  3. KingXcon added a post in a topic Swap key   

    The picture above is perfect but get tree armor instead of bheg. Do not ask why just do it.
    vangertz suggestion is for noob and you should block people for suggesting dumb shit.  You post a perfect gear/weapon set. A kutum shield which give AP, DP and accuracy and he want to switch to vangertz in 2017? 
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  4. KingXcon added a post in a topic Warrior PVP combos   

    I need to learn how to play my warrior 
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  5. KingXcon added a post in a topic How's my gear?   

    Focus on your greatsword to TRI since that is your main weapon. 
    Dont worry about your gear and accessories. Invest your money buying a BOSS GEAR. Don't waste your money or time buying grunil. Go straight to Boss gear BID-Pre order or anything to get them. 
    If you also get a chance getting nouver or kutum do that too. So who so ever go first, gear or shield buy them. 
    Just grind grind grind grind for money.
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  6. KingXcon added a post in a topic Hacker or Legit?   

    I remember the dark days when everyone is a hacker specially when they beat you. You die, he is a hacker. you can't kill him, he is a hacker, he is a hacker, everyone is a hacker except my guildies who getting shit on by a hacker.
    question: do you get penalized for false reporting? It's like some cops have a warrant to search your house all the crap of investigating then your innocent. 
    Gm need to investigate the reporter first. What level he is? Gear type and  Ap/Dp? Time of service? Inventory? Quality and performance? 
    Sorry im bored 
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  7. KingXcon added a topic in Art & Media   

    Happy New Year MilkBag
    Please watch it 1080p HD
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  8. KingXcon added a post in a topic Iconic? More like Ironic LUL   

    I'm very pleased to hear Ascendance feeding iconic.  But if you think Ascendance can stood a chance vs iconic then you need to lay lo on hate. The hate is eating your brain mate. I guess you didn't enjoy how iconic do you. Just ask them not too rough..... 
    It make more sense if you say iconic is feeding Ascendance. Make your fact straight homeboy.
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  9. KingXcon added a post in a topic Iconic dodges to Eastern Border and loses to T2 Guilds   

    @Azasin.Very irrelevant. Not worth to continue this convo. Off topic, jumping topic and even so it doesn't make any sense. Your comeback is a picture agreeing with you via Whisper then you edit/delete the name. LOL have you seen the Response in channel?
    Your quality is very poor in game and in forum. You make no sense mate. Should i also post the whisper of Relevant officer to ignore you or just block you? telling me its not worth to argue with you? Not needed because that is irrelevant. It doesn't give resources to the point of the debate. But here goes the low-blow from you even that statement is correct, whats your point? I am not bashing Iconic here mate, i am bashing you talking big while your crew is the one who doing all the work. Your nothing, its your crew makes your balls big. You cant tell me nothing because yet so many times you tried and you still cant beat me. Perioood.  Funny how you try to get your comeback.
    Yet you have so many Relevant friend, but only few can back you up in terms of this PVP statement from me. You are a shiet and you HAVEN'T beat me 1v1. You are getting carried by your guild and you are nothing but a clown that talks behind your guild. You are pointless and worthless nothing but talk. You know how to play obviously but you not a top tier player. Stop acting like one. I AM NOT as well but i know im above you.  I have beaten almost 10 relevant name including officer in pirate jungle 1v1. I wont mention the name until they come here to contest my statement that is a lie. But they wont because they know i did. I have screenshot just to be ready for bragging rights if needed. They choose not to be involve because they know i speak the truth that i have once or more beat them 1v1 and like you they haven't beaten me yet. Only Za(streamer), Milkbag, and DemiBlaze prolly has right to argue with me. I wont say anything to Za.. and DemiBlaze since they are stronger player but Milkbag and i is debatable. And you Azasin is surely not on this Rank. Please go back to your place.
    The reason why i keep going because i enjoy pointing it out that i am better than you. You keep on your denial and keep bringing others; Person, Guild, Mate, Everyone, We, Us, etc., to patch your hole. I have enough, We are now jacking the thread. We are a biatch of iconic? Yes okay. But you are a clown think worth a darn just because your in a good guild. Your a bandwagon rider and take all the glory for your self while your the weakest link. Leecher. Shame to be like you. Im done.
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  10. KingXcon added a post in a topic Iconic dodges to Eastern Border and loses to T2 Guilds   

    Again and Again, Stop including Other guild or person in our conversation. Trash talk for your self, do not include others. Stop taking other person Credit for your self.... Darn.... Also Stop jumping topic. You are just a banwagon Rider. Your guild CARRY you. They dont need you to speak for them buddy. Just trash talk people who you know you can beat. So please bash someone else until you prove your self. Its very simple mate. Have i trash talk your top tier players? NO, even they trash talk. Good player respect Good players. Only you who dont understand because your delusional who think you are better than anyone just because your in ManUp now.   < Deym...
    Yes, We had 100 members when void came like a month ago. At the very same time, Relevant has 80members and Rage has over 50+.  Now since its been a month and we are trying to make room.. we are down to 80+ members. Now, Rage merged to Support and Relevant merge to ManUp.    If thats what your point is. Then yes.
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  11. KingXcon added a post in a topic Iconic dodges to Eastern Border and loses to T2 Guilds   

    kicked people to make space for future merger lol. You know I always tell the truth.  good night all.
    btw we didn't have 100. Just putting that down. U know I don't lie. 
    oh fk I missed this one. Was a trash talking.. and just to make it more clear to you. Akapoo, geek and turbo. This name I don't even know and you putting words in my mouth.in short, I didn't beat them since we never meet nor talk. As for zethian I have beaten him in 1v1 and he also beaten me. Like your milkbag he has beaten me many times so do I. But for youuuuu,,,,,, you haven't beat me yet but you still talking here bringing other names to cover your smart azz mouth. 
    Please stop making story mate. Please talk for your self. Don't include others. You suck plain and simple. You haven't beat me yet since the day we both trash talking. Period. 
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  12. KingXcon added a post in a topic Iconic dodges to Eastern Border and loses to T2 Guilds   

    Come on Milkbag im trying to be civil here. Here our 3v3. Prolly you had advantage because Azasin always die and so fast to come back

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  13. KingXcon added a post in a topic Iconic dodges to Eastern Border and loses to T2 Guilds   

    @Milkbag I won't blame you to keep the grudge with iconic. But The reason why I bring the Orwen pride is because the way they bash trash talk Orwen as a whole.
    Whatever iconic has done, they still the icon of Orwen take it or leave it. Insulting Orwen is insult to everyone on it regardless what guild you are.
    simple fact. If relevant really not butthurt and actually merge with iconic.... Manup can't brag about Welcome to Edan yata yata. 
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  14. KingXcon added a post in a topic Iconic dodges to Eastern Border and loses to T2 Guilds   

    Delusional. With all this long trash talking we had and have. You "never" beat me 1v1 and i been holding that bragging rights. I have beaten you 1v1 and even 2v1. Thank you. Keep your lie going brah because thats all you can do.
    Anyway, thank you taking my time because i really need it at work. I dont really come to site to bash but today i feel like i wanna bash someone so yea. GG 
    Thank you all. Im out
    Dunno man.. You used the word "never" then follow up by "until". I don't know if your really straight up with your statement.
    Again, i only speak the time i joined ascendance not the whole history saga. And i will agree at you that Ascendance is not a caliber guild i wont deny. But you still trying to Wave Rage flag when its already fallen. You merged. I joined Ascendance and Rage was in the deep hole already yet people still barking out there holding the past. Why trying to debate the past.... You didnt have nothing now and you still barking thats the discussion.
    Ascendance still around props to all the people in here. People come and goes, the matter how you deal with it. All i know is this guild is trying to keep up with all this confliction we have with iconic. Since Orwen hate Iconic, they goes to Ascendance since they cannot beat Iconic. We have to deal this every single day. We are not that great in general but all i know is they are trying their best everyday just to put up a show. They are still here while everyone has died and merged.
    As majority of the people now days do not know the old golden rules of pvp..... Let me remind you again. Talk only if you can back it up.  Rage is dead. Dont try to debate it. Now if you talk how will support guild will woop our butt.. Thats another story but that is understandable or reasonable.
    As majority of Orwen holding grudge towards iconic just because they dominate and get all the top notch people. It is just the way it is. If you hate them because you cant beat them and they abuse their advantage then your stupid. You will do the same if you have that "Power of Authority". Just like DEC perm on small guilds that you know you can beat easily, just like pushing people in grinding spot just because you know you can, Just like PK'ing people because you know you can. What makes you think a strong Guild wont do this corruption? Dont be ignorant / hypocrite because you will do the same.
    Now i am saying this because i like Orwen to actually support Iconic. Iconic Represent our server and this is becoming "Server" pride. As you can see everyday they bash Orwen and Laugh at us. As Orwen Player i kinda take it personal. Thats why i support Iconic not because of alliance or whatever its because they are ORWEN! LETS GO ORWEN!
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  15. KingXcon added a post in a topic Iconic dodges to Eastern Border and loses to T2 Guilds   

    +1 like
    Got me there.
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