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  1. Mizzy added a post in a topic 5000 Hours Playtime reward   

    Received it today! (: Thank you
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  2. Mizzy added a post in a topic 5000 Hours Playtime reward   

    Didnt get anything.
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  3. Mizzy added a topic in Off-Topic   

    I named my kitten Heidel!
    Im a cat lady that enjoys Black Desert way too much that I just cannot stop.
    Last year in october I bought my 2 very first own kittens. 8 Weeks old innocents little kittens. Now they have grown and I tell everyone in my relics party about my 2 cats. Mostly cause it's just fun to see the reaction of people that I named one of my cats after Heidel!

    This is her! A normal European farm cat. She is mostly white with orange. She is super smart but a cat you need to earn trust from. It took me 2 weeks before she trusted me. She loves to sit with me while enchanting or grinding. A very calm personality I have to say. She comes to her name so whenever im in voicechat with friends and say ' Heidel'  she comes over to me. 
    Now people that don't play the game find the name super weird! They think its a german name and rather unique. My other cat is named ' Mizzy' which is my character name. And most people find that a normal cat name! It's interesting to see how people respond on names for cats. 
    I didn't just yolo named her I actually checked the other city names too if it fits. But for some reason I though Heidel fits for a white/orange cat. Its a feeling! No regrets to call my cat Heidel!
    Thought this would be nice to share with the community.
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  4. Mizzy added a post in a topic 5000 Hours Playtime reward   

    Much appreciated! Thank you.
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  5. Mizzy added a post in a topic Daylight saving time - Node and Siege War times changing   

    Rip Nodewars for me aswell. I often am free just when Nodewars starts. But hour earlier? Might need to leave my guild now as I cannot attend.. 
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  6. Mizzy added a post in a topic Rate the character above you   

    I like the shorthair it works with the costume quite well. Interested to see how you would dye the costume though. Giving it a 8/10 (:
    Here is my tamer, Im trying to represent a demonish Tamer. The good old black/red combination, but yea.

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  7. Mizzy added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Cant read guildy names in ghillie ( they not hiding)
    Title. I have this for weeks now and its frustrating. I do not know if its my settings or not.
    Any guildy in a ghillie I cannot see the name of. They do not use the settings to hide their name for friends/guildies. How can I fix this??
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  8. Mizzy added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Emergency Maintenance December 22nd   

    You are right that there can be fake twitters and the official BDO isnt verified, so a good question. Though it is the official. They have their twitter link on the frontpage. Here is your proof

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  9. Mizzy added a post in a topic The "Gift of Giving" Megathread   

    Christmas is the only thing I celebrate big. My birthday is even nothing. Though I live alone and dont have money left to buy anything.
    I really wish for that Tamer Noel Set. Just so I can celebrate my christmas ingame aswell.
    Im on Europe. IGN: Mizzy_Xyu
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  10. Mizzy added a post in a topic Black Friday Sale - Kibelius Set A   

    Didnt worked for me sadly. But there is always a tomorrow!
    Understandable! I will try in the morning, might be less busy then (:
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  11. Mizzy added a post in a topic Black Friday Sale - Kibelius Set A   

    Cant seem to buy the set. Tried like three times

    We cannot complete your payment at this time.
    Billing System Error
    Please go back to the shop and retry.
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  12. Mizzy added a post in a topic Picture The Seasons - Calendar Event! [Winners Announced]   

    I'm so so sad for my manta ray picture. It's already super hard to have a nice shot next to it, and then not blurry and high quality. Super difficult to do.
    Do you have a higher image of the deer pic? I would love to have it on my background, its stunning (:
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  13. Mizzy added a post in a topic Picture The Seasons - Calendar Event! [Winners Announced]   

    Quite disappointed aswell. I feel like they all went for the people with like 4K images. Some are really good though, Love that deer image!
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  14. Mizzy added a post in a topic [Guest passes] Main topic - All post here!   

    I got still a few left aswell!
    J29M1Q1-KQ21U6U-L15A0CU-9APD4    Unused        
    OBFH09D-E7SITUU-CLSF9U0-2PK2H    Unused        
    OP1F70A-1A5V6UI-OC619PA-J5SMR    Unused        
    D543N57-FKNRMK2-PMG3PPB-6PAC2    Unused
    H89TMMB-8TMJ8D8-TPU1N35-08V3H    Unused        
    OKPQKI9-PIRN3JV-4BKJMM3-JBAR    Unused        
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