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  1. Ringa added a post in a topic Awakening Event Series - Dark Knight   

    @CM_Aethon @CM_Praballo
    Did you guys forget something?
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  2. Ringa added a post in a topic 5000 Hours Playtime reward   

    Is this a joke?
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  3. Ringa added a post in a topic When will the Dark Knight awakening come out?   

    I don't want to ruin your hope, but we've had our dark knight awakening trailer on kakao EU's official account since Feb.
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  4. Ringa added a post in a topic [NA/Edan] Spaghetti is Recruiting!   

    "You're not with me, you must be my enemy!"
    The bigotry continues. I thought you were better than this, but here you are proud of crusading against a few lifeskillers with what I'm pretty sure are geared 60s based on some head-canon where they're evil.
    For the record, video attached is my only relation to this guild. I just came here to see what the fuss was, not to get hit with ludicrous accusations.
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  5. Ringa added a post in a topic [NA/Edan] Spaghetti is Recruiting!   

    One person in a group is racist, so the entire group is? You're prejudiced against nearly 100 people on the basis that one member acted in a certain way one time? That's incredibly hypocritical and ironic.
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  6. Ringa added a post in a topic Class play ?   

    I play very litle valk, it different now, it have awaken. I play not much, but.
    Noboby play valk good becase valk not play good.
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  7. Ringa added a topic in Suggestions   

    Server Merge - Raise the guild outgoing war declaration limit please
    I don't know if this has been brought up here before, may well have been, but it bears repeating:
    The outgoing war dec limit of 6 was solid with 12 channels but with up to 3 times the population on one mega-server across 36 channels, 6 outgoing war decs is going to be incredibly restricting for a great many guilds.
    Ideally I'd like there to be no limit, but I can understand the concerns of it negating the karma system (though on an opt-in basis, by being within a dec-ready guild).
    I don't think it's unreasonable to extend the limit to 10, and it'd help greatly with the situation we're going to see unfold (rampant griefing at spawns).
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  8. Ringa added a post in a topic Some Problem For Sorceress   

    Can confirm, same result in PvE (both skills have a PvP damage reduction, so I thought maybe the PvP reduction was just much higher on cry of darkness. It isn't, damage is a tiny fraction of what it should be in PvE too).
    I can't confirm whether this is the case for other classes, I just assumed no resistance buffs functioned beyond the 60% PvP cap.
    I can confirm sorc's grim reaper buff doesn't allow you to go past 60%, at least, making it kind of useless really. I do resist things occassionally, so I  can't agree sorc's resistances are completely ineffective. It is still incredibly rare for me to actually resist even just a 1/2-hit CC skill with >60% resists though.
    As somebody that doesn't run ignore resist currently the 35% ignore resist of grim reaper almost certainly works. The difference is big.
    Can absolutely confirm. Iframe doesn't start until about a second or more after fully disappearing, combined with the cast time it makes nightmare unreliable and clunky for such a long cooldown.
    Can absolutely confirm something is off with Cartian's Nightmare's stiffness. I don't believe I have ever once seen it apply. I don't believe nightmare applies its stiffness either.
    This is a case of git gud or strange lag. I have no such issues.
    Use dark trade.
    I'm not seeing it. I'm with a few other sorcs that it's likely the accuracy on some of the spin hits that got an unlisted nerf, so those of us with better acc stacking aren't noticing it very much. Get those red coral earrings.
    Ignore resist is seeming the way to go for sorc, with the 35% from grim things are much smoother. Sorc has the issue of mostly relying on pre-awakened CC, unlike most awakened classes, which don't have super-armor, front-block, or iframes on them, and generally having a fewer number of hits/CC attempts so failing CC is much more likely and much more dangerous for a sorc than most awakened classes.
    Cartian's Nightmare is trash in general, I avoid using it in PvP in any situation where people can actually try to attack. Its super-armor only applies in the very middle of the skill, so there's plenty of time to CC a sorc out of cartian's after it starts or as it ends (even if you night-crow cancel out there's a vulnerable moment). Combined with the lack of functioning stiffness, it deserves the trash.

    I miss the days when sorc felt like a CC class. They're long gone.
    I'm embarrassed to admit I didn't know turn back slash was ever meant to have an hp recover. Can confirm it doesn't function.
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  9. Ringa added a post in a topic Blade of Darkness and Violation fixes   

    Can you forward this to somebody? Flow: Cry of Darkness (the blade of darkness 58 explosion skill) has not changed at all in this patch, it's still not moving HP bars in both PvE and PvP.
    This is with blade of darkness II and ~100% accuracy with other skills (tri bhegs, tri red coral earrings, tri weapons, scattering shadow running) - seeing the same 0 accuracy from it on even gray-named mobs still. It's a blatant and drastic difference to the actually-fixed form of the skill on KR.
    I don't want it to be mistakenly thought that the fix was applied correctly and left bugged for another few months before anybody checks it again.
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  10. Ringa added a post in a topic Sorceress for PvE/PvP, Help please.   

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  11. Ringa added a post in a topic Whats wrong with sorc Dark Flame nerf?   

    You're incredibly squishy, 2.3k hp and 170dp is nothing. You didn't have any buffs active. You stood still and let him nuke you. He's in the upper tier of gear. No desync occurred. Nobody was pressuring him. He dropped his hard 20 and 30s cooldowns on you - the only real damage sorc currently has. Your pet wasn't summoned to risk CCing him. You didn't use any potions. You had no need to use V. You made no attempt to counter-attack him, and you're arguably the squishiest class ingame.
    This was nearly ideal for the sorc, and you survived without issues.
    In a real fight, you'd now back off while potting back up to full and the sorc would have no way to actually catch or finish you off.
    You can't see the issue here?
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  12. Ringa added a post in a topic Sorc nerf and my thoughts   

    I recommend you try to read some of the posts on this board. That's not what was changed at all.
    Even while off cooldown, the skill is now dealing <1% of its old damage. It is completely broken. I can legitimately out-damage dark flame by unequipping my weapon and punching people now. It was sorc's main damage skill, and has gone from one of the highest damage skills in the game to the lowest.
    Average 140-150+ AP sorc is now hitting for 10-20 damage total with the 3 normal hits of dark flame on KR, RU, and NA.
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  13. Ringa added a post in a topic Is PA trying to sabotage Duam?   

    The only people sabotaging Daum EU are Daum EU.
    They keep getting given KR patches balanced for awakenings and pushing them live without changes, whilst releasing blatantly inaccurate patch notes and falsely claiming to have edited the patch for NA's lack of awakenings.
    Their hilariously stubborn refusal to release something that PA/Daum KR and the NA community both apparently desire to be released is incredible, they're either desperately trying to sabotage themselves or fantastically incompetent.
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  14. Ringa added a post in a topic Serious, Level-Headed Response to Nerf   

    I recommend you go look at KR and RU patch notes from around 3 weeks ago. The changes we actually got are radically different to the notes daum posted, and are copy/pasted exactly the same as the KR sorc changes, which are based around awakenings.
    RU got just as badly -----ed as we did, with the exact same changes and also having no awakenings.
    Why daum felt the need to blatantly lie like this, I don't know.
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  15. Ringa added a post in a topic "Small" nerf on DF   

    Impressive optimism, this has been the case on KR for nearly a month now.
    I'm looking forward to seeing whether the fix to dark flame or awakenings come first. From far away from this game.
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