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  1. Wollbert added a post in a topic Help A Newbie Choose A Class?   

    i would choose maewha from this list coz i dont care about how strong a class is, they will get changed anyway from time to time. And maewha is the coolest one
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  2. Wollbert added a post in a topic Paladin Class   

    A Paladin is a well honored Knight, the Name Paladin refering to the Mons Palatin, the residence of Emporer Augustus heir from Caesar protected by the praetorian guards, well honored veterans from the Roman Army formed to a kind of imperial bodyguard Unit. So whats a Paladin? He could also have a halberd like the swiss guards, whats would be a nice thing. we also have 50 ninjalike classes, why not another vanguard?
    PS: There never was a female Paladin, not a single one.
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  3. Wollbert added a post in a topic Why play BDO when you can play WOW or GW2 ?   

    ez as this to save myself from eyecancer. btw "PURE SKILL" in what world you are? i play real PvP Games for PvP and BDO for chilling. Still top-ranked on rbf with my 160 AP
    does the AOC company invest something new, that there monitors let BDP look like a relic?
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  4. Wollbert added a post in a topic My first actual node war lots of fun also deaths :D   

    low gear vs high gear, thats all about this game is
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  5. Wollbert added a post in a topic Iframe   

    than attack or do anything else than dodging arround like a wheel if they keep presuring you, they will run out of mana. if they have their manashiel active as well attack them and watch the wizard able to do nothing.
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  6. Wollbert added a post in a topic xcoronahost.xem, CPU usage after 5/3 maintenance.   

    wait so there is the coherend UI thing what eats full 2 cores of my cpu untill i close it and xcoronaxyz is doing the same now? thats sick, wtb 16 core cpu. development skills over 9k
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  7. Wollbert added a post in a topic xcoronahost.xem, CPU usage after 5/3 maintenance.   

    ahm just end the task? or isn't it working anymore as well?
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  8. Wollbert added a post in a topic Wizard "Budget" Evasion Build   

    <old player,participating in siegewars, top ranked on RBF. ^ still better than my gear.
    PS: the 5 evasionstones in your helmet are bullshet and idk there was 2 castingspeed cristalls for mainhands
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  9. Wollbert added a post in a topic Iframe   

    do you talki about class knowledge saing me dashing is suicide... why every musa is dashing if he could just stand still. If you're dashing into witch AOES, yes you are suicidal, but thats not a problem with the class. And btw the hardest management is cooldown timing. Cooldown on your only dodgeskill for examble.
    You are not the only one plaing the game genius, but you only stick to your musa for too long. As well as the AP thing is cleared out so many times. Witch need less AP and can stack evasion... yes. But Witch still needs to buy a Horse to be as fast as a Musa on feet. Try to fight with ur strengts instead of cring bout your weaknesses.
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  10. Wollbert added a post in a topic My first actual node war lots of fun also deaths :D   

    my last siegewar was laggy und zergy and without any differences to nodewras...
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  11. Wollbert added a post in a topic Iframe   

    do we know each other?
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  12. Wollbert added a post in a topic just confirm F2P   

    cool kid... what a dream if only ppl like you "debate" in a forum.
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  13. Wollbert added a post in a topic Iframe   

    mhm what xD... posting random stuff, calls others troll.
    the problem is there are barely answers to my questions coz im one of the witches who actually procure answers to this forum.
    and why ppl just write some random posts saing nothing to the threat or the quote they quoted anyhow? did you missclick or just brainroasted? 
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  14. Wollbert added a post in a topic just confirm F2P   

    you cant have my leg sorry... byside its a mindexperiment, i dont care about F2P or not. but there are no legit reason to not make the game F2P
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  15. Wollbert added a post in a topic Iframe   

    now u are the one without proper informations. Protection area dont have SA, just at the initial cast and there is no thing like 100% resist in PvP
    if i just need the press to buttons to kill a sorc or musa he liertally deserves to die. spamming dash is a good tool. you've tried For Honor?
    i barely use potions anyway, but noway stamina is a handicap in any wolrd. guess why there is no stamina potion in this game. i want a colldown reduction potion for my teleportjaunt.
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