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  1. Nort added a post in a topic funny character names you've seen?   

    ReverseKanga  being aussie you probably know what it is, for those who don't, it is in the Urban Dictionary.
    EDIT: Here is the definition,
    The reverse kanga is the art of laying a poo/shit/dump/turd/crap whilst sitting on a toilet facing backwards towards the flusher. This action causes the poo to run down the front of the bowl leaving a long brown skidmark.
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  2. Nort added a post in a topic Hard and Sharp Event? Is it working?   

    EDIT: not capped :-)
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  3. Nort added a post in a topic Hard and Sharp Event? Is it working?   

    EDIT: not capped :-)
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  4. Nort added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance January 11th **Updated 16:00 UTC**   

    2.55GB update, expansion?
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  5. Nort added a post in a topic If your girlfreind deleted your Black Desert character?   

    My friend from New Zealand would never allow his girlfriend to get near his computer, hell he even stopped taking her to the football, said something bout her always jumping the fence to eat the grass.
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  6. Nort added a post in a topic Upgrading an Alchemy stone   

    Sorry to tell ya bud, but today i upgraded a white rough destruction stone to green, then from green rough destruction to blue rough destruction, then again upgraded it to a gold rough destruction, then to a polished to a sturdy, failed to sharp, downgraded back to polished, but managed to get it back to gold sturdy 10min prior to maintenance.
    Today was a good day in my opinion, but some other days can be brutal, just have to persist.
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  7. Nort added a post in a topic Upgrading an Alchemy stone   

    Sturdy Stones or higher have a chance to downgrade when attempting to upgrade, apparently there is suppose to be a grade above resplendent called Fancy, Alchemy level needing to be Degree Lvl-1 in order to upgrade from resplendent to fancy, Then from Fancy to Shiny, unsure of Alchemy level.

    This may be old and out of date, so i can't confirm if Fancy or Shiny alchemy stones are even a thing in the NA version of Black Desert.
    What has me curious tho is, has anyone actually made a resplendent stone? i know some have sold on the auction house, but they might have been obtained via a reward box etc, if indeed 2 higher types of alchemy stone do exist, attempting to upgrade a resplendent stone or even higher grade risks the alchemy stone being destroyed, one would have to be insane to risk losing the stone trying for a higher grade.
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  8. Nort added a post in a topic Increased drop rate scroll in value pack.   

    What i would like to see are 3 types of blessing, each lasting 7 days.
    Life Blessing: Increased energy recovery by +2 each tick for 7 days costing 400 loyalty.
    Loot Blessing: Increased loot drop chance by 20% for 7 days costing 400 loyalty.
    Life & Loot Blessing: Increased energy recovery +2 each tick & Increased loot drop chance by 20% for 7 days costing 700 loyalty.
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  9. Nort added a post in a topic If you could Change/Fix/Remove or Add ONE thing   

    Would like to see an event rewarding a tin foil hat for those of us who thrive on conspiracy theories as to how the loot drop system works, how the node invest level works, how upgrading alchemy stones works, how horse breeding works and most importantly, how the Auction house pre-order and bidding system works, i would like a tin foil hat i can wear in game while performing these activities.
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  10. Nort added a post in a topic Upgrading an Alchemy stone   

    Ouch, yea had some downgrade on first attempt to upgrade once hit sturdy, its like ya spend all this money to increase its growth only to have it revert back in its first attempt going from sturdy to sharp, one time it took many goes to get my 1st sharp, was blue quality protection stone, i should have stopped at that, but i thought it wont downgrade if i try just once to upgrade, but it did downgrade with my 1st attempt, so back to sturdy it went, then very next attempt to get back to sharp, it went down to polished, upgrading alchemy stones is kinda stupid, the chance of failing is way too high, bad enough its a money sink just to polish the dam stones, but to have it downgrade so easily, feelsbadman.
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  11. Nort added a post in a topic Upgrading an Alchemy stone   

    Made a few in the past using much much less to upgrade, never once got one to gold quality tho, rng is rng alright, gotta take the good with the bad i suppose.
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  12. Nort added a topic in General   

    Upgrading an Alchemy stone
    Master 3 Alchemist here, would like to share today's epic win, i spent roughly 20mil silver in pure platinum crystals just to upgrade a rough destruction stone from white quality to green, not including the weapon stones i also spent, the stones value went from just under 1mil to just over 2mil in value, yes it only cost 20mil+ to upgrade it, oh what a merry merry time.... NOT
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  13. Nort added a topic in Technical Issues   

    Sold before finished calculating
    Twice tonight i have seen 2 Dande weapons sold before the calculating had finished giving me the chance to buy if i was lucky enough to have a winning bid.
    Soon as the Dande shows being on Auction House i clicked make a bid, the icon turns to calculating, and before the icon changes to bidding results, the item gets sold while i am still sitting there waiting to click on bidding results, a good 3-5sec before even having a chance at buying the item,
    This happened twice in a row tonight, also has happened other times as well, i feel cheated and also feels sketchy as hell, i was under the impression we all were suppose to have a fair and balanced chance at bidding on items from the Auction House, but how can it be classed as fair and balanced if can not even check the bidding results before the item gets already sold,
    To once again explain it as simple as i can, the item is sold while the icon sits there showing it is calculating for 3 to 5 seconds STILL even after the item shows as being sold...
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