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  1. TwentyThree added a post in a topic Lf1m Grinding party 10h +   

    I might not be able to do the full TEN hours, but I'm down. Send me a PM if yew interested.
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  2. TwentyThree added a post in a topic 9 Minutes Left   

    I'll share.
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  3. TwentyThree added a post in a topic Predict your initial waiting queue position   

    Did someone call?
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  4. TwentyThree added a post in a topic Share your epic(or not) reserved names   

    I reserved TwentyThree and TwentyThree
    I wanted Reginald so badly. But now I know whom I must exact my vengeance upon.
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  5. TwentyThree added a post in a topic Downloading Black Desert for Launch   

    Thanks a lot for tellin me guys!
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  6. TwentyThree added a topic in General   

    Downloading Black Desert for Launch
    As we all know, we had to download the game again for CBT2.
    I was wondering, as my internet isn't the best, nor is it unlimited, will I have to download the entire game again at launch?
    A Daum response would be appreciated, thank you.
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  7. TwentyThree added a topic in US Guild   

    Looking for CBT1 Group I played with.
    There was a group of people I played with in CBT1, and I've been wracking my brain but I never remembered the name for the guild.
    I played a Ranger, was one of the top Gatherers during CBT1, and TwentyThree was in my name, probably my surname. Amber might have been the first name.
    I know the people in this particular guild were going to change the name from what they had in CBT1 to something else.
    Just trying to find them for launch.
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  8. TwentyThree added a post in a topic 400 000 + pre orders counter[LAST STATUS UPDATE - THERE WILL BE NO MORE UPDATES - WHY? READ INFO]   

    I know we're already further, but i got 94999.
    Just the number made me laugh.
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  9. TwentyThree added a post in a topic Please increase the reuse time of potions   

    I've also heard that potions are useless 50+, even 40+ they're not as great.
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  10. TwentyThree added a topic in General   

    Your Gameplay Views!
    Name is TwentyThree ingame and on the forums, and I was trudging through the immense pile of *snip* that is most of the forum topics. Quite a few illegible topics, posts and replies to many of the questions that people were asking, for either troll value or through a genuine interest, with troll replies.
    It is the internet, after all.
    My question is what everyone thinks of these topics? Just your personal opinions, for others to read and enjoy. No hate here, just discussion.
    The spoiler contains the different topics, and if you guys think of another topic that also has value, share it!
    Spoilers within spoilers are my responses to the questions.
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  11. TwentyThree added a post in a topic Make CBT2 More hardcore to test it   

    I'd probably be fine with losing a % of your gold on death, and any trade item you/your horse has on you.
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  12. TwentyThree added a post in a topic Make CBT2 More hardcore to test it   

    I thought it was you only lose EXP if you were in the negative karma? I'm probably wrong.
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  13. TwentyThree added a post in a topic Closed Beta 1 Survey   

    Good changes so far! Keep it up!
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  14. TwentyThree added a post in a topic Skill Resets???   

    Your characters DO wipe from CBT to CBT, and will wipe again before release. There will be skill resets in the cash shop I suspect.
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  15. TwentyThree added a post in a topic Fishing Tournament!   

    Character Name: TwentyThree
    Family Name: Twenties
    Screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/HMXd0wq.jpg

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