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Aria Sunshine

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  1. Aria Sunshine added a post in a topic Join GoldenLegion! [NA][PvX with a twist]   

    family name is fantasi
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  2. Aria Sunshine added a topic in US Guild   

    returning after rl took me away for nearly a year currently rolling a lvl 48 witchy woman <3 possibly daily player unsure yet...im seeing that ALOT has changed in the game tho...looking forward to some help along with enjoying the game and meeting good friendly people  *not interested in PVP* pve ONLY!!
    Aria ♥
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  3. Aria Sunshine added a post in a topic Join GoldenLegion! [NA][PvX with a twist]   

    helllo returning to BDO after a long hiatus family name is fantasi in game now lvl 48 witch still learning the game since i have not really played much looking for friendly social guild PVE no pressure no stress just fun times playing the game!=)
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  4. Aria Sunshine added a post in a topic NA <Kingdom> PVX | Relaxed | Noob Friendly | Sieges | Any Level   

    would love to join here send me an invitey!:)  name is ariannnaaa in game:) level 48
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  5. Aria Sunshine added a topic in New Adventurers   

    returning old adventurer
    been gone a while from here but returning for more because i got bored i had heard about the returning bonus or something to that effect on a youtube video i did log in for the first time in months about 2 weeks ago and am waiting right now for the patch to finish what do i need to look for to get the return bonuses? also looking for a casual social helpful guild my cu rrent level is 49ish i think or very close to nifty fifty...gimme a message if you have something that may interest me!:)
    Aria ♥
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  6. Aria Sunshine added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance July 13th   

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  7. Aria Sunshine added a post in a topic Server Connectivity Issues - July 12th   

    so i have ran the little scan and sent all info to tech support in the meantime i reformatted my entire pc i get the load screen with the little guy running but it NEVER goes into the game like normal FIX THE ISSUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am not here to waste my $ on something that does not work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  8. Aria Sunshine added a post in a topic Authentication Server DDOS - NA   

    a week has passed now still unable to log in and also unable to collect my seals and guild allowance WHAT is going to be done about this issue...y'all need to communicate better and let us know whats going on some have spent their well earned $ on this game such as myself..GIVE US WHAT WE PAID FOR!!!!
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  9. Aria Sunshine added a post in a topic Authentication Server DDOS - NA   

    yes i have gotten that message many times also the server timed out message:(
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  10. Aria Sunshine added a post in a topic Authentication Server DDOS - NA   

    trying again after a few hours and still getting the same message looking at some previous responses i have seen people deleting a dat file...can someone please tell me the steps and where its location is...maybe it will help with all of the disconnects i am experiencing:)
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  11. Aria Sunshine added a post in a topic Authentication Server DDOS - NA   

    STILL unable to log in after 3 days i can not even stay on to collect rewards just barely i cant access my inventory because i get disconnected i cant collect my guild allowance because i get disconnected...the last time i played i had no issues and that was after the DDOS attack now the day after and days after that cant stay connected...PLEASE communicate with us and tell us whats happening and stop leaving people in the dark IF there is a problem lets let the consumers know this!!!!!
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  12. Aria Sunshine added a post in a topic Compensation regarding the DDOS attack/ Players unable to login   

    been trying for the past hour to get in the game i do successfully get in but then 20 secs later get disconnected...really what is the problem and the compensation should be MUCH more for this long of a period of inconvience not that i am ungrateful its just this is taking to long for the amount of money myself and others have put into a game that is pretty much UNplayable at this point...please rectify this situation!!!
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  13. Aria Sunshine added a post in a topic NA Authentication Server Stability ** Update - July 1st **   

    just trying to log in now tried 17 times and out of those time stayed on ONCE for 10 secs,,,guess we are still recovering from the DDOS still...."sits n waits"
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  14. Aria Sunshine added a post in a topic June 29th - Valencia Part I Update Feedback   

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  15. Aria Sunshine added a post in a topic June 29th - Valencia Part I Update Feedback   

    i am just looking to find the list and pictures of the shapes we can make in our inventory of the coins as they are being collected for the next few weeks can someone please point me to the right page please? thanks!<3
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