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  1. Shaiba added a post in a topic Would you pay for a cash shop item that made your account immune to pvp?   

    No. And this is coming from someone who doesn't PvP that much (only in arena with friends ).
    When I bought the game I knew it had PvP component in it, I knew it had PK component. I assume my choice of buying it knowing what the game was. Lots of people bought this game knowing that and assume their choices, why couldn't you ? Lots of people bought this game cause they enjoy the PK component in it (possibility to kill who you want, for whatever reason you want, ..., being PKed, the adrenaline when you'll have to fight to defend your grinding location,... or whatever reasons please you), we can't kill their fun just cause you can't assume your choices.
    If it annoyed me that much I'd just go away from that game to play one where PK is impossible (not that hard to find MMOs where you can't be killed/attacked by other player in PvE zones nowadays).
    I trully don't understand why you choose to play a game with PK component in it if it bothers you that much being PKed. I understand you like the others aspects of the game (PvE component and such) but If being PKed annoy you that much maybe the game isn't for you. In BDO PvEing and PvPing can't be trully separated. You need PvE to be better at PvPing and while you're PvEing you can be attacked by a player at any moment (not entirely true if you're below 50 or in safe zones, but hope you get what I mean :p), it's just a game mechanic.
    I don't like being PKed and killed while i'm grinding for money, or exp, or whatever, but it's a part of the game, we have options :
    1- Defend myself : if I can't defend myself cause my char isn't prepared enough (gear, lvl, skill or whatever) I'll need to improve my weaknesses before trying to contest or defend a spot.
    2- Change channels or change grinding locations. When I'm not in the mood to deal with a possible "PK drama" I simply avoid popular grinding locations. Common sense to me.
    3- Stay below lvl 50 : but you'll loose so much funny things by doing this
    The guy who could defend his grinding rotation or the one that killed the guy who couldn't. It's not "his" spot nor yours, but its becoming the spot you'll have to fight for if you want to grind over there.
    This, really.
    I can't imagine this game without PKing component in it. Griefers annoy me even more than PKers... I want to have the choice to defend the spot I'm grinding on for hours/minutes/second from griefers, I want to have the choice to come and kill someone who was grinding and couldn't defend himself to take his place. The game gives me these choices and I want it to stay that way.
    PS : Sorry for my possible bad english, it's not my native language. Hope it's clear enough
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  2. Shaiba added a post in a topic Beautiful F2P mobile game you got there   

    You don't need real money to get a bed. You can have one by buying one from NPCs, crafting one, you get one for free in a quest (don't remember the name of the quest and who gave it to you sorry :/) or you can buy one at the marketplace from other players.
    Some NPCs requires you to do the amity game before they sell you stuff. This game isn't that bad as you say. You need more knowledge to do it "quicker", you can do it with your alts (alts will recover energy while you're playing on your main char :)). Yeah it'll cosume energy, if you're low on energy there are some ways to recover it : doing something else while it recovers "slowly" (fishing, cooking, processing, whatever), doing quests (some quest gives you energy back), there are elixirs who recover your energy. And non you don't need to pay to get house stuff but you can buy some with pearls for the skins of them for example. If you don't want to pay with real money to get a bed (or anything), then simply don't, there are over ways to get it. I recommend you to acquire more knowledge to have more energy.
    Sorry but you're on an MMO game, these kind of game requires time and patience (this one specially requires lot of patience).  You're "allowed" to play at the moment you launched the game (crafting, gathering to get your bed is "playing the game", same goes for amity game, questing, fishing, cooking, grinding, ...). You can cross these invisible walls without paying real money, real question is do you have enough patience to do so ? (and if you're not, I bet marketplace will become your best friend). Personnaly I don't have fun only when I reach my goals (e.g. a bed in my house), but also when i'm trying my best to reach them (e.g. crafting my bed).
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  3. Shaiba added a post in a topic Help with Marketplace please?   

    Click on "My Registered" (see the screenshot below) :

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  4. Shaiba added a post in a topic Anyone found a fishing Hot Spot since the patch?   

    Oh ok sorry They still exist ? I thought they were removed with the patch (i'm not pro at fishing).
    EDIT : Cause of that (quoted from the last patch note):
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  5. Shaiba added a post in a topic Anyone found a fishing Hot Spot since the patch?   

    My BF found two hotspots this morning. South Baremi Island. He is skilled 7 in fishing, he stayed 20minutes on the spot before it disapeared (he was alone on the spot). He got 16 spotted sea bass (it's a gold fish).
    Since the last patch, hotsposts change position randomly. Look for seagulls to find them.
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