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  1. dobe added a post in a topic White Horn Bow vs Nouver   

    I didnt try out  the special eva gems,after hearing some "feeling" feedbacks the effect maybe  a static % damage decreased on special atk received and not "actual evade" like dr mitigation style instead of evasion mitigation, so idk i need to get some research on it.
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  2. dobe added a post in a topic White Horn Bow vs Nouver   

    Its an acc test,if 1 hit is missed you missed it enterely so no special atk, special eva gems are class dependant build,if you dont take a lot of special atk dmg by classdesign (maewha/musa because dashdash &super armor dmg skills) better to get the hp on the slot.
    If i misunderstanging something...waiting to see your point.
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  3. dobe added a post in a topic Keep playing Maehwa pre-awakened after 56?   

    Here my feelings.
    Kerispear is a noway a nerf from previous playstyle, it allow us to be somewhat a brawler(limited version) as previously we where only a hit and run class even on 1v1 trying to safe cc with bow or dashdashdash and atking on a random manner...now we can do much more to just hit and run playstyle on 1v1.Clearly i dont miss the so called ancient days.
    Im a fan boys from the first day i picked her (from last year may)with a little break on her here and here to try different class,then warrior awk came i switched.....then maewha awk came i switched back,i had difficulties on transition but we dont had it as easy as it is now,i remember when its was not possible to get out of the shield block without royal rage and be forced to watch your toon's guard slowly break hit after hit and then the health when you knew from the begining your toon was doomed.Sticky snowflake with lower atk speed,the only way to not break your cc chain  on sticky snowflake>moonrise was to do the combo on stun nowadays a simple stiff is enough, and maybe much more to count but i was busy to git gud with it and didnt notice them.
    Tigerblade then going awk  was actually a "cheat" so its only justice it got nerfed.
    Poking? i dont get it do you mean damage isnt here  or do you mean you dont have a way to obtain a solid cc?if 1st you need to be 58 to get all flow  that matter in 1v1 185awk  ap with some accu and liverto was enough to 1 (maybe a long)combo 260/280 dp people (when the tendancies was not on evade style)and for group pvp you need 59  and yeah 60 is a massive boost in our dmg output.If 2nd its the same on every class (a little less for grabin class).
    Standing still and immobile isnt the same thing? Awk & blade mode have +- the same mobility on atking skills that really matters.
    Im still maining  her lv60 on a 200+ ap settings and everything could be fine if this damned rng would stop to eat my duos jewelry....
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  4. dobe added a post in a topic 60 Maehwa vs Valk.   

    it have his use, but i didnt use it in a fight,most of the time i jump from front to the back on someone so its counterproductive for me,when head to head vs a warrior its safer to cancel with iframe dash than this so idk much what to think about.
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  5. dobe added a post in a topic maehwa vs warrior ;w;   

    it can be enough for the warrior to just wait for his target but it highly depends on his targets...waiting to grab a target can be time consuming if the targets keep moving around the warrior on a not predictive manner and the presssure adds up if the target deal damage on the same time,wrong grab timing and rip warrior if his target is worthy.
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  6. dobe added a post in a topic maehwa vs warrior ;w;   

    Its not bug,and part of warrior's kit(same for valkyries), if he get cced while on block stance (talking about "q")its a case of desync, but it should not cc him unless hes doing frontblock skills (pulverize with his flow or ankle break)without lingering sa on it.
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  7. dobe added a post in a topic 60 Maehwa vs Valk.   

    You can cancel petal drill with a dash,petal drill have a great radius you can aim the skill on the side of your target going past him and doing back atk abuse that to not getting bodyblock and lowering(a little) grab exposure.
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  8. dobe added a post in a topic maehwa vs warrior ;w;   

    Yeah it is handicaping but keep going back atk and force the warrior to act,more ap will alleviate the issue.
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  9. dobe added a post in a topic Musa PVP discussion   

    Thats combo is pretty effective,even on low lv musa its a very reliable combo.
    Stunlocking as musa requiring to transition between all weapon(or only mainhand) i just chilling on pve with my musa and  dont research much things on it.
    On maehwa the only "expert" transition combo is awk>blooming phantom> backstepslash>decapitate and this is enough time buying for waiting cd awk skills then swap c on thin air for avoiding any lift.
    Musa dont have much hit on cc awk,and like maewha dont have much hit with cc main hand,im surprise you are "ok" with that (im 60 on maehwa) and i notice  cc chaining break some time on main hand with tri rce x2 and duo tsb and my gems and zarka tri (when my zarka was tri,is pri atm).
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  10. dobe added a post in a topic Musa PVP discussion   

    I d say depends on your builds if you have rcex2 tsb and accu offhand you can go rbf instead of accu and cc pen.
    From my 57 pvp viewpoint,if you only stick on cc chain like stiff/stun/float or stun/float or stiff/float,you dont need those cc pen  and need only high ap & good accu as requirement to deal dmg (same as sorcerer),however if you are on expert side of your combo and doing much more cycle of stiff and stun before any downstate ,you will need those extra cc pen.
    For sure i know  my musa skills (as a player)is shit because  its only a reroll and   the toolset awk only  dont allow for long combo with 2 opener very risky,1 step back(what a joke) and shout(no protect)  out of 3 stand cc so you will need to switch back and fourth on awk and mainhand wep.
    My gems are:
    main hand bmc accu x2glove 1 bmc viper,1 valorBecause maehwa standing combo speciality.
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  11. dobe added a post in a topic TET Yellow Awak better than TET Dandelion?!   

    It's not the question of the current thread question is: Is blue regrade to yellow is it better to dandelion on pvp?
    On same enchant dandi is 1 ap higher than blue regrade on yellow.
    blue regrade to yellow's sheet ap+ap human=dandi sheet ap -1.
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  12. dobe added a post in a topic New Player Looking for Easier Female Classes (after Witch)   

    ON maewha from 56 >58 you need to use a lot of mainhands skills because of big hole in awk's cd on pve and pvp,from 58 and above its 100% awk on pvp(switch mainhand only situationnal) on pve holes get less wide  and you need less and less switch to compensate cds.
    I had my maewha 58 on awk release so its just feedback i heard here and there below lv 58.
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  13. dobe added a post in a topic TET Yellow Awak better than TET Dandelion?!   

    Green all race damage dont scale with enchant,
    Gold vs dandi is even on pvp.
    and 100 hit/skills is very low for comparing the damages.
    And so much unknown, if tested on low sheet ap/high ap sheet the kind of things.....
    Weapon itself is even,i heard  there is cap on damage dealt with sheet ap,maybe the human ap make it stronger because it is not under cap...who knows!
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  14. dobe added a post in a topic Maewha during PvE   

    You need 59 to farm decently,for pirates 200 ap awk seem  overkill with the new hardcap dmg pve (i didnt test it tho),if you are 200+ ap best is to move at gahaz.
    Keep in mind at 59 and 200/210 ap u will 2 skill most of the npc weaker/same strength as gahaz bandit ...
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  15. dobe added a post in a topic Huge tamer grab issue (We need to make sure this gets fixed soon)   

    The float and kd in itself when desyncing  will show you the quoted part below
    And i already said you have way less chance to see kd desync than float desync,maybe the kd desync i saw because i have mid/bad connection overall but a this rate it would be the same for the bound ?But no i didnt see any bound desyncing,the fact is when you stun a target who is out of sync you can "correct" his position by using a grab with bound before desyncplays and avoiding the desync part in your end,but most of the time the atker will not see if the target is desync if he can land a stun on him before any downstate....
    You said on the op vids that distance and direction is random...Did you ever experienced a grab floating going to your right?if you ever experienced it  the so "pve specific"i was refering to is not "only pve" issues,fact is the hitbox of your toon cannot/should not be on top of another toon's hitbox and when im saying "on top" it means same exact coordinates x,y,z,if 2 toons have overlapping hitbox 1 of them will be corrected by sliding on the ground.
    1st video 0.03 to 0.04 look on slowmo,upperkick make your target bounce on tamer's left side a bit on the tamer's toon hitbox,game make crap up to resolve the pos as kentigem said then float plays  and desync after float.It show that the client made crap up to resolve the target pos on bouncing and then telling the server that tamer toon did this to the other toon which is located at x,y,z then float animation plays,float anim is always the same(target launching on air before lying on the ground inf front of your toon),server dont handle animation it just transform the new coordinates so when the floating animation is playing you are already and same for your target desyncing.Grab float initial position by itself dont have any random on it.
    The 2nd vids shows the float's distance is not the same  each time tamer do grab  but on each grab tamer are not on the same place means that floating distance lies with the geodata and nothing wrong on the float distance itself.
    In the end it is not so random...outcome maybe predict in the 2 first videos cases.
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