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  1. dobe added a post in a topic Huge tamer grab issue (We need to make sure this gets fixed soon)   

     After thinking a bit i can see the whole picture.
    =Quoting Dobe" if your toon hitbox collide on top of the the target hitbox when your target hit the floor(and a few frame after)the target can disappear from your front to go on your back and take no damage when he is invisible atleast on pve maybe they patch it as i did not see this recently on pve and never experience it on pvp." end quoting +
    Quoting Dobe"DESYNC:
    the target is showed on 1 place can/cannot be damaged and get up on a different position."end quoting
    " after a knockdown if your toon hitbox collide on top of the the target hitbox when your target hit the floor(and a few frame after)the target can disappear from your front to go on your back and take no damage when he is invisible atleast on pve maybe they patch it as i did not see this recently on pve and never experience it on pvp "
    Is something i experienced with a maehwa on pve  with that following combo:petalbloom(kd)>moonlight dash> sticky snowflake.
    Moonlight dash and sticky snowflake both skill which  effectively move my toon on top of my pve target hitbox and then the game correct my target location to not be on top of my toon,target is invisible while the game is correcting the new pos of my target,with this,the picture is when 2 hitbox collide the game find it unacceptable and prioritize the toon being under cc for correcting position.
    And here we are:
    On grab when tamer perform upperkick when the target is stomped on the ground before the actual float,it look like a bound fx,if the skill does have a secret bound on it ²it explain what we see on this video and server having a messed target positionning before the desync plays if this is true then its an issue on the core game mechanic not only for tamer,if tamer grab dont have a "secret" bound then its an another story but on video's review  i think it is more the first option.
    ²)means target is bound on you and you are on top of your target then the game is trying to correct your target pos to be out of you.
    Romanx quote:"Also you say that this happens with any kd/float, then why does it not happen with ranger grab ?"
    I sometime heard on my vocals i am desyncing after a ranger grab so i dont know what you are talking about.
    From my entire life of a maewha (from may 2016 with a little break on awk era(switched to war from war awk release date to  maewha awk realease date ) i saw many desync on my floats and knockdowns.
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  2. dobe added a post in a topic Musa PVP discussion   

    Nice tips and indeed you can also get out  with  iframe dash if you are on the limits of black hole effect.
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  3. dobe added a post in a topic Huge tamer grab issue (We need to make sure this gets fixed soon)   

     Every past comment dont discredit the possibility of desync.
    You definitively dont know how desync works...Desync can be  both ways even if your target is not moving if you cannot sync the new pos of your target after kd/float and/or your target is not sync with his new "forced"pos (the latter is less comon as you can damage him most of the time and its barely noticable if it is not a fully "invincible")causing the phenomena called DESYNC on the video's op case the outcome maybe:
    the target switch back and forth on 2 different position.the target is showed on 1 place can/cannot be damaged and get up on a different position.the target is in correct position but cannot be damaged.the target is in correct position and can be damaged and get up on the correct pos.Hell even at the oasis festival during the joking tournament there was heavy desync on a server located at 30 meter on lan, so it is not a 100% connectivity issue hence
    Yeah knockdown/float effect...dont have to be a tamer to be plague by that...
    Incorrect pos is also not a tamer'special any kd/float for any a class can do that.(much more for float than kd)
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  4. dobe added a post in a topic Will there be any dark male classes???   

    Nope it is a  white knight
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  5. dobe added a post in a topic Kuno having a slow block   

    Yeah she is very slow to guard with the command,press backward while being under atk you will insta auto guard.
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  6. dobe added a post in a topic Not OP?   

    Instead of having the kr "pros" doing 1/3 of a combo with  ap setup build on a combo class  without a thought about special damage modifier,they will need to go with a proper class combo consisting of standing combo+airdowncombo.Before dp buff dk could kill with only downcombo or without any knockdown/float.
    It only seem because kd on starting combo,maehwa dmg is obscene but dk is more brutal because her main damaging spell dont do any float/kd,so you stand cc your target for age while at the same time you deal massive damage on it.
    Imagine on na/eu if maehwa would not have any kd/float on petal bloom,after a petal drill(stun) you have time to fully charge the petal bloom and applying a stiffness after it and on a full combo deleting 4times our current health pool....
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  7. dobe added a post in a topic Not OP?   

    Welcome to the grabless class.
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  8. dobe added a post in a topic Huge tamer grab issue (We need to make sure this gets fixed soon)   

    Soaring Kick >float ,definitely not a bug its an intended feature called desync,any knockdown and float have the chance to desync your target on your end (for all class) even if your target is not moving,also you can have an another weird thing if you do an atk who is not considered as a moving skill but it effectively move you and after a knockdown if your toon hitbox collide on top of the the target hitbox when your target hit the floor(and a few frame after)the target can disappear from your front to go on your back and take no damage when he is invisible atleast on pve maybe they patch it as i did not see this recently on pve and never experience it on pvp (and not on tamer as i dont have 1).
    Workaround for your grab make it a bound and problem solved.
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  9. dobe added a post in a topic Not OP?   

    its a matter off git gud if you can remove 80% hp with MAINLY down atk involved  by using this combo right click +lvl 60 flow + shift right click +shift left +shift e X2
    you could use this spirit hunt>spirit legacy>shattering darkness>bombardment>whatever dash to get in range for soulsnatch if you are far away from your target,from BACK ATK this combo  will lead to ~40/50% hp remove (if i take your combo for comparing from kr pov) with target standing on his feet then you can proceed for whatever air combo/down combo,you will need atk speed for whatever source to link your spirit legacy to soulsnatch type of cc tho,i have a 57 dk and this combo is  simple theory crafting and may lead to 1 combo people from kr standard(or it should be for1v1).
    Grab is always a hard counter if the grabbin class can do cheesy 1 combo(like war) on absurd ammount of ap,but dk is very strong  for everything and comparing form other classs it seem borderline op.
    And dk yeah is pretty strong at pve.
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  10. dobe added a post in a topic Will movementspeed affect my chase?   

    Petal drill for maehwa is in weird spot,i cannot confirm if movespeed debuff affect this skills or not but it look like it is not treated as a move skill like the dash,the proof is when a valkyrie do her jump to the sky(idk the name)and you are dashing it will track your position for the landing,however if you do petal drill when the valkyrie is in jumping state she'll land on your previous position before using petal drill.
    For fiery angel move speed  debuff affect the skills, i cannot confirm if + movespeed having an effect but i think it have an impact.
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  11. dobe added a post in a topic PvE squishy at 56   

    Nope you dont need much more ap for mediah mobs,at elric main spot my dk lv 56 with ~130  ap clean large group of mob faster than my 190  ap musa 57.
    I do have pve addon on both toon on key skills.
    Tips learn to know howto switch from awk to mainhaind and viceversa,i can stay forever with pve ap with 1 addon pve on mainhand and 1 addon pve on awk hand.
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  12. dobe added a post in a topic Jouer sans eveil   

    très vieille vidéo, a 220 ap+ c'est faisable de faire ce qu'il fait dans la vidéo avec tout les changements qu'il y a eu depuis le temps.
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  13. dobe added a post in a topic stub arrow hype   

    if they add an awk skill switch quickslot along with quickslot, Stub Arrow the musa will be buried so hard they might crush the crust.
    Poor musa...
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  14. dobe added a post in a topic How do you cc?   

    Hmm i may not fully understand  the 1st part do you talk about 1v1 or mass pvp?
    If it is on 1v1 with all our frontblock and outside of managing block's health we can "brawl-in" for 8-12 sec with ap setting,granted we have to be carefull on any grab but it is the same for anyclasses,when i say "brawl in" i dont mean standing still blocking or whatever when the enemies are doing area denying  skills but rathers fight and stay on close quarter when  target dont do any area denying  skills.We have very good protections for 1v1 id say on par with the best defensive class toolkit wise though we miss those area denying skills, its not our role.
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  15. dobe added a post in a topic White Horn Bow vs Nouver   

    Better to have critical damage instead of down atk we will benefit from more damage as we have +50/60% crit on average on our skill who dont have any +% critical chance for the same damage modifier.(source? newby help menu).
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