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Dethla Hadyn

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  1. Dethla Hadyn added a post in a topic Could someone break down DK for me please? Thinking of Maining   

    If someone applies an ounce of imagination with pre awakened DK, they'll discover that there are many different ways to apply attacks/modifier chains.  DK pre awakened gameplay becomes quite smooth and invigorating actually.
    The developers also enabled the DK with a few monotonous, incredibly boring repetitive attacks(hello darkness burst and ravage rake),  so lazy players could kill trash mobs easily.  I see perhaps you're one such player who falls into the latter category.  But surprisingly enough, you would be quite amazed by how little I actually care what class you choose to play.  
    Knock yourself out, no.. really.
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  2. Dethla Hadyn added a post in a topic Could someone break down DK for me please? Thinking of Maining   

    You will fall in love with DK at start.  Great flow, great mobility, excellent resource management when played correctly.  Most of all, I applaud you for leaving tamer, for that class was created to snare and monitor pedos.   Glad you saw the light.
    DK Awakening is super powerful with long cooldowns, but the catch is, that you have to switch to a ranged player mindset.  The dynamics totally reverse, unless you incorporate alot of pre-awakening combos inbetween your longer cooldowns.  Problem is that the damage from awakening is too damn good, and you'll only switch back to either escape with Nocturne, or apply cc's.  Pve will generally be full awakened gameplay.
     I totally went all in on dk once i hit 50 the first day.  The playstyle was so cool, so smooth and invigorating.  There is alot of room for self-expression when choosing your attacks...but..then came awakening and the screen turned into a huge pile of jittery purple bubblegum bombs...twas most disappointing for me anyway.
    I'm not sure when, but eventually we will receive the ability to awaken the skills of our own choosing. When that comes to NA, I'll be doing nothing other than swinging my own awakened Kreigsmesser attacks, and hanging the Vediant on the shelf.  For now, my DK is my first Horse Training toon...and it's pure cancer.
    Good Luck with your decision.
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  3. Dethla Hadyn added a post in a topic Horse Leveling Speeds   

    She was simply providing base stats without enhanced wheels, skill buffs, suits, etc..or am I mistaken Ayu?  Secondly, running 4 horses does generate more experience....because there's four horses, lmao  But  for speed training, you'll always require more *time* to hit level 30, with every horse added to the cart.  Having 4 horses  running does  pay off in the end.  She did the math for you, there's no room for speculation.    I'd bet some people would run 6 or 8 horses if they could.
    I  run 2 pairs of different tiers, of similar level at origin.  That way I don't have conflicts with breed/exchange timers when they hit max breed rank.  That, and I'm often left with bad T7 rng, and have shit-T6's to train anyways.  I'll also toss in a couple 5J's that I've caught along the way.  Occasionally I'll ride single horse, to catch up with a lucky purchase, etc.
       Horse training was originally designed for low IQ carebears that have deep wallets...It's cancer, and will only get worse with T-9 release.  Training Horses will eventually make me uninstall actually, I mean it's worse than fishing ffs...who wants my stuff?  
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  4. Dethla Hadyn added a post in a topic Lv.60 DK Node War Clip   

    Looks like fun.  Too bad pvp in this game hinges solely on gear, becomes cancerous.  That said, you had some nice intuition with your fight there.  All statements about your gear non-withstanding, I liked your use of the terrain.  Nice vid.
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  5. Dethla Hadyn added a post in a topic Dark Knight "Mana Problems" SOLVED and Some Hidden Flows   

    Well said.
     Only lazy DK's need to chug mana pots when grinding, you truly never need to purchase one.  Worse case scenario is using your shift+space after everything's dead.
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  6. Dethla Hadyn added a post in a topic Demostration of how you can hit behind you target's block with Spirit Hunt.   

    Good stuff man, thanks for the vid.
     I love how the two twerks from the peanut gallery chime in like the info was already theirs.   ^ too funny
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  7. Dethla Hadyn added a post in a topic Year 2 Mega Horse Breeding Thread   

    Do  any of you smash your t7's with an exchange for hopes on t8, or just sell em?
     I've  been selling mine, simply to get *something out of the time spent training.  Lemme tell ya, getting T6 females from breeding T7's, is putting alot of sticks in my crawl.
     If I smashed T7 30's and got another T6...I'd fuuuukkin loose it.
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  8. Dethla Hadyn added a post in a topic Year 2 Mega Horse Breeding Thread   

    On a merchant wagon equipped with 4 horses, one t7 received 557 exp per tick.
     That was with +2 horse training clothes, Valuepack, green Horse Training elixir, and Venia attire.
    I used to train the horses individually but started with cart lately.  I'm sure the individual horse would receive much more.  I got into horse training simply because I'm afk alot lately and I'm bored with  killing everything on my DK.  I will admit training sprint on high tier horse and speeding through map with all the buffs on gives alot of exp and gives me my race car game fix.  All high tier horses I sell have 100% sprint
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  9. Dethla Hadyn added a post in a topic Year 2 Mega Horse Breeding Thread   

    Right so, it calculates the percentages individually then, not one after the other.  I'm fine with that.
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  10. Dethla Hadyn added a post in a topic Year 2 Mega Horse Breeding Thread   

    Well another 20% ontop of my 15%+2 train clothes, 10% valuepack, should give me a sweet 45% increase then.  I'll support the game with a pearl purchase today.
    Thanks for reply.
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  11. Dethla Hadyn added a post in a topic Year 2 Mega Horse Breeding Thread   

    Does the Venia Horse outfit exp buff stack on top on the regular horse trainer clothes or replace it?
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  12. Dethla Hadyn added a post in a topic Spring Tulips Screenshot Contest [Winners Announced]   

    Heh, now that you mention it, I noticed mine are all the same as you describe.  Thinking about it now, a person could probably upload their smaller resolution to Imgur, edit the pic there to 1920x1080 dimensions, then redownload the re-sized pic...*then resubmit it.  ----- that noise, lol.  Guess I'll sit this one out, but I needed to start a twitter page at some point anyway. 
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  13. Dethla Hadyn added a post in a topic Quick Ways to Rotate Awaken to Kriegmesser ?   

    Using c and forward direction will initiate sudden attack, beautiful transition in my opinion.
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