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  1. Tomo added a post in a topic We almost purchased this game...   

    Wish they would do away with the value pack and just offer us a subscription. Yeah yeah "But Tomo, just buy a value pack once a month you retart" and I get that, just would be more convenient to set up a subscription one time.
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  2. Tomo added a post in a topic My BDO love story   

    "I thought it was a troll so I followed alone." -seems legit. 
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  3. Tomo added a post in a topic Daum relocating servers to east coast in June 2017 (✿◡‿◡)   

    opened this post so fast like...

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  4. Tomo added a post in a topic Attendance Reward...   

    The good rewards were at the end of the month because it meant you had to put in an effort to get them i.e. LOGGING IN EACH DAY, but now, nah, forget that, people weren't getting their "free" shit so we better make it easier for these casuals. LOL Yeah, move up the good stuff while replacing that last week with total crap. 
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  5. Tomo added a post in a topic Nice game and nice chitchat I guess   

    Well I am gay and I read through what you linked, nothing in there offends me. If you're not gay are you saying you're offended on my behalf? 

    Those people are all memeing and having fun and if some of them are serious who cares?

    There are ways to filter out what chat you want to see.  
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  6. Tomo added a post in a topic Would you want a combat nun class?   

    I only like nuns when they're wearing latex. 
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  7. Tomo added a post in a topic J O I N B A K A   

    J O I N B A K A the original RP hunters of BDO
    [Deleted image] Inappropriate content
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  8. Tomo added a post in a topic PC Gamer finally giving Black Desert some well deserved attention!   

    tfw a GM puts more work into trolling a customer than they do at their actual job. LOL
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  9. Tomo added a post in a topic Declaring War   

    The only way to fight karma greifers is to not care about karma. 
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  10. Tomo added a post in a topic PC Gamer finally giving Black Desert some well deserved attention!   

    this. is. GLORIOUS! ALL HEIL House Dremlock! Hunter of RPers!
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  11. Tomo added a post in a topic Elion's tears used in PvP situations   

    That's the one thing that gets me personally, the fact that I can't really grind karma out in the desert even though the desert is where you want to be a bandit, i.e. go red. Instead I go all the way to the old zones, manshas, treants, etc. 
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  12. Tomo added a post in a topic Elion's tears used in PvP situations   

    Imagine Pirate Island but EVERYWHERE, that's how it was like on the Olvia channel when I returned LOL. Still, sorry that happened to you man. I enjoy pvp, I enjoy pking, but karma bombing is just too low. I really wish they would increase our positive karma cap to match the negative. 
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  13. Tomo added a post in a topic Why Pirates/Sausan when you can Bashim?   

    Bashims is crap money/exp compared to suasans and pirates. This has been explained in depth. 
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  14. Tomo added a post in a topic Ghilly OP   

    Use a flare or reroll ninja or kunoichi for a free ghillie. 
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