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  1. Dellboy added a post in a topic Chase stamina cost removed!!!   

    one of my guildies has a KR friend, and he said while the translated patch notes didn't say, that there was something about fixing our accuracy not being applied in all situations correctly. Whether this is true or not relies on my guildies friend, but if so, it might be a step in the right direction, and hopefully this time, it's not air.
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  2. Dellboy added a post in a topic Chase stamina cost removed!!!   

    Are you referring to the KR version or the NA/EU version. Because it's def not in the NA/EU.
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  3. Dellboy added a post in a topic Chase stamina cost removed!!!   

    do you know if Daum are looking at allowing musa to manage their stamina a bit easier or if any sort of buff is coming our way to help?
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  4. Dellboy added a post in a topic New flow skill?   

    damn I just closed the KR client down,  I will have a look tomorrow if no one has answered and get back to you
    Edit: Yeah no new flow skill that i can see. just the same as NA
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  5. Dellboy added a post in a topic Why did they nerf musa in the first place?   

    when musa awakening was released in KR, we were the most broken class in the game dude. We had iframe chase, with no stamina cost, CrustCrusher has SA
    Tiger Blade was able to be used in awakening which basically gave us 30seconds of SA without having to do Cross Cut, and we could still use our 100bsr buff and the 
    E buff to become gods of the battlefield for 30 seconds. 1v5 was a joke for us since we would delete warriors and valks in seconds of the duel starting.
    We needed a lot of nerfs, BUT. They did go to far. They changed Crust Crusher to Frontal guard and the timing of the SA in BTB to accomidate to using TigerBlade in Awakening.
    Then they changed our chase for the same reason, to where it was iframe every 3 seconds. Then they made it take stamina and finally removed the ability to use Tiger Blade in awakening but forgot that all the other nerfs were because of it. So now we are a shell of what we were but not where we should have been in the first place.
    Stick with it though, we are getting out chase back so things are at least starting to go in the right direction. One day I hope that our attacks just get a bit more protection and we will be where we should have been in the beginning.
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  6. Dellboy added a post in a topic *Updated* Musa accuracy bugged   

    OK so someone needs to tell me i'm wrong, but I think our accuracy just went even worse, if that's possible, since the last patch. Now I don't normally have a lot of accuracy, but I live with the fact that when I hit I do a lot of damage. But since patch, the damage is like a wet noodle since my hitrate has gone from like 60% to 30%. Was fighting a tamer before the patch went down and was able to 1-2 combo them with full boss gear TRI at 230ap. After patch, I was running close to 4 combos to do the kill. Like seriously, stealth nerf or what?
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  7. Dellboy added a topic in General   

    Striker Discord
    You knew it was coming, and it's here.
    For all those who share an interest in the class, since seeing it in action, feel free to join and be welcomed to the discord
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  8. Dellboy added a post in a topic My advice   

    my advice for all musa, stick to killing grass beetles. Fastest experience for us, since we only have to full combo them 17 times, unlike those bad wolves just outside of Olvia.
    once you get 330ish ap, you can move on to tree trents just south of the town, until you hit lvl60 in 3 years, once you're there, give up on life.
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  9. Dellboy added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance April 19th - *Extended   

    inb4 clipping issues fixed with outfits we don't have yet.
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  10. Dellboy added a post in a topic DK Rage Skill Not Firing   

    Shift E is not our 100%, that's why it doesn't use our 100.
    You need to hot key the skill, as it doesn't have a combo press.
    Problem solves.
    and in case you were wondering what skill I'm talking about for the 100%, it's Lunacy of Vedir 
    and once you hit awakening, it's Shift RMB for your awakening 100%
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  11. Dellboy added a post in a topic What do you guys use for Add-on and healing   

    you mean shift Q? or is there an add on for shift e? I never used that skill much while grinding her to 56
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  12. Dellboy added a post in a topic 5000 Hours Playtime reward   

    hey hey now, was just being -----y, no need to get defensive, and that is how the game sorts the stuff when it's on auto sort, so I can't change anything.
    now I also have Bhegs, Red Nose and Kzarka, I use Nouver instead of Kutum and I have a Dandi and Giath as well, but I wasn't trying to brag about my gear, just like I said, was being -----y and bragging about my pearl inv which btw, I have never bought any costume from the market.
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  13. Dellboy added a post in a topic 5000 Hours Playtime reward   

    Sorry I can't resist, but if that's all you have in that inventory, this is just ONE of my characters;
    and there is more below that, but the game can't show it all.
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  14. Dellboy added a post in a topic So i tried Pure Blackstone (AP) on my witch in nodewar   

    thats the link he ment to put
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  15. Dellboy added a post in a topic Does Kr have animation cancel on stub arrow?   

    I'll make one later if need be, gonna head to bed now. You can easily test it as well. Just use a hotkey to shoot the stub arrow 2 while you're chasing, and you will see what I mean. 1 shot and you're free to move again, without the massive wind up twirl, pull bow back, fire that the triple shot gets.
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