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  1. Ezsz added a post in a topic Cherry Blossom Events   

    The repeat logins or stay online for 5h events are starting to become a bit boring CM peeps  Would you be so kind as to share my concern?
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  2. Ezsz added a post in a topic Valentines Events [Part 2]   

    1. Play Your Way Returns!
    Players can now enjoy an increased drop rate for Black Stone (Weapon / Armor), Sharp & Hard Shards, and Ancient Relic Crystals from various in-game activities.
    Start: Feb. 15th, 2017
    End: Mar. 8th, 2017
    Seems to be bugged? Im getting no sharps and hards at all since the new patch. Can you confirm everything is alright?
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  3. Ezsz added a post in a topic <Ginnunga> - Mature and PvP focused gaming community active since 1999 ~ Recruiting   

    Feel free to whisper Ezparza ingame for a chat!
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  4. Ezsz added a post in a topic [Croxus] Top Guilds, Node and Siegewars   

    Why recruit half the server mid-tier guilds then to bolster your numbers vs Addicted? Croxus is just a ego war atm and that's the reality.
    Ginnunga took Valencia and our goal was achieved. Addicted, SE got no territory this week and i hope everyone is happy with what you call "good fights".
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  5. Ezsz added a post in a topic Feedback: "Players with 0 or more Karma will no longer lose EXP when they die to another player in PvP"   

    We did not sign up for a PVE game. BDO is supposed to be a PVP heaven. I can't play this game competitively with this situation. My farming spots will be griefed by rude players that want to take my spot and i wont be able to contest at all. 
    This will cost Daum the active pvp playerbase. 
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  6. Ezsz added a post in a topic Patch Notes - June 1st   

    And how are we supposed to keep our grind spots for our group if anyone can come and contest the mobs without penalty? This just opened a whole new way for griefing people. Removing the XP loss without revamping the karma system is not the answer.
    I'm forced to now grind at silly hours in middle of the night to avoid griefers that come to the same mobs Im killing?
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  7. Ezsz added a post in a topic Sharp and Hard crystal shards   

    Im curious about the crystal shards topic...
    Should i bottle the energy from alts to spend on my main artisan gatherer char or should I gather on the alts?
    EDIT: And does having 5 luck help?
    Can use lucky tools and +1 outfit. 
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