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  1. Yuleiva added a post in a topic Surging tide is broken   

    It's basically a ranged CC with front block 
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  2. Yuleiva added a post in a topic Just some RBF   

    thanks for the videos always happy to see how other ppl play their tamers
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  3. Yuleiva added a post in a topic Without Complaint: Additions/Class Adjustments   

    Ye, maybe give us a Heilang combo in which he heals us a bit (pls not such a shitty as when he lies down where u have to wait 30 mins to heal 100hp..) and other combos in which he gives us small dp/ap/crit buffs or so. Sorc gets insane crit buffs on skills, witch gets ap n shit and we have nothing. Make Heilang gameplay more complex, give us different opportunities to use him, not only “maybe we get a random cc“ 
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  4. Yuleiva added a post in a topic Tamer original concept and stuff   

    I'd like to fight with a hawk. Witch and wizard can choose between ranged and melee pets. I wonder why the real tamer doesn't get that choice? 
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  5. Yuleiva added a post in a topic How come tamer is so weak?   

    I don't really want to pour any more salt into this. Tamer is definitely the most fun class to play in the whole game. Yet, I think your argument of high dmg per AP is invalid. My main is a Tamer and I have a lvl 56 (!) Witch twink. She grinds Sausans as fast as my 3 lvls higher Tamer, and she has 50 AP less than my Tamer. Now I wonder what you're talking about.. I love my Tamer. But that fact doesn't act against the frustration which I feel when playing my Witch.
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  6. Yuleiva added a post in a topic What skill add-ons do you use?   

    I use a mixed build. Grinding is a major part of the game, so I wanted to support my tamer in PvE. Yet, I spend most time PvPing.
    The Flash Add-ons are obviously for PvE/Grinding. They are completely useless in PvP, but due to those I don't need any pots for grinding (you can also get mp back with staff lmb, but I simply don't like it that way).
    Bolt Add-ons are mainly for PvP even though accuracy may be useful in Valencia grinding too. However, I doubt that the evasion buff is very useful in PvE.
    Jolt Attack Speed is a must since the boost makes a huge difference, i chose the PvP attack one for PvP as you may have guessed You can switch it around if you don't like PvP too much (keep in mind that you will have to fight for grinding spots^^)
    I put the Add-ons on Bolt and Jolt because those are the skills which are used the most and, in addition to that, they deal a lot of Dmg. I also use Flash whenever it's off CD, which leads to me getting the bonuses of these three skills quite often.
    Moonlight Strike is your dash and it also deals a lot of damage. It's used for positioning as well. I put attack speed and accuracy on it for the same reasons which I already mentioned above. Since Moonlight Strike is your main opener in PvP, you will get these bonuses whenever you engage someone/something.
    Allround Spinner is your hardest hitting skill. So why is it 2nd priority? The skill cooldown is a lot longer than Moonlight's CD. You can get the bonuses of Allround only every 15 sec, while with Moonlight it's every 4 sec... Again it's skilled for PvP, even though Attack Speed is important for both.
    Beast Rampage is a very hard hitting skill, which is mostly used in PvE. It also regens a decent amount of HP & MP, but has no Frontguard/Super Armor. I chose Attack vs. Monsters, because this skill is not really used in PvP anyways, but it belongs to my main PvE Rotation. Crit Rate is always good and this Add-on is giving you quite a huge boost.
    The setup is probably not the perfect one and there may be better ones. But after all, I'm not a top-geared Player and far from being good in PvP. But until now, it worked very well for me. Maybe some more experienced Players can show their setups if they differ from mine
    One last thing: always choose the add-ons in regard to the skills you use. Not everyone plays their tamer the same and depending on your playstyle, you might need different Add-ons.
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  7. Yuleiva added a post in a topic What skill add-ons do you use?   

    i swapped fearful trembling for the flash hp/mp addons and kept everything else like on the screen

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  8. Yuleiva added a post in a topic BlackWater - familiäre PVX Feierabendgilde sucht teamfähige Member   

    Kleiner push. Suchen noch drei weitere Leute ^^ 
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  9. Yuleiva added a post in a topic KR Tamer patch note 23rd March *new skill*   

    But as far as I understood, it also deletes the backhit of echo. So it's somehow like changing the backhit for a second front hit 
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  10. Yuleiva added a post in a topic KR Tamer patch note 23rd March *new skill*   

    thanks for the info!
    that skill kinda looks like an echo flow, doesn't it?
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  11. Yuleiva added a post in a topic :(   


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  12. Yuleiva added a post in a topic :(   

    i's a bit annoying, but with witch/wiz we can't allow ourselfs any mistakes. else, we're going to be dead. they just do too much dmg to screw it up. i also try not to switch to shortsword too much when i play vs one, because their skills hit so often that you will always be clipped out of ww
    and for pre-awaking mage skills, heilang could body block them. didn't try for awakening witch/wiz skills yet though
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  13. Yuleiva added a post in a topic EPIC SCREEN SHOTS