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  1. Malb0lgia added a post in a topic Some Curious Suggestions (Classes/UI/Convenience)   

    tis a beautiful and elegant Shakespearian Soliloquy that speaks to the heart and soul!  Can ya dig it?
    All kidding aside, there are a lot of valid ideas in this post that I agree with entirely and it would be of great benefit of Daum and Pearl Abyss to analyze this so they can further better the game and tweak the game to make it more enjoyable while still maintaining all the factors that define the game.  I agree most with the comments on amity as well as tweaking the ranger a bit.  I am a sorc and also believe that the iframe is a bit OP as well.  I encourage everyone to read this thoroughly and post comments so it can be recognized and perhaps some of these aforementioned changes can be put into affect or at least considered.  happy hunting all!
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  2. Malb0lgia added a topic in Suggestions   

    Howdy everyone.  I am a very concerned player and would like to share my thoughts on a certain aspect of this game.  While I love the game dearly, there is a chance, no pun intended, that I will stop playing this game very soon.  I do not want this to happen but allow me to explain what has happened to me and hope that this is read and possibly addressed in some way to help future players of the game.
    Everyone knows what an ogre ring is by now.  It is the BiS necklace for every class in the game pretty much and one of the hardest items to obtain as well.  I farmed one ogre ring and was more than pleased.  I farmed a second ogre ring and sold it as I was afraid to try the enhancement.  Since the second ogre ring I decided to go ahead and try to farm it again so I can put on my big boy pants and try to enhance the ogre ring.  Here is where things get sad.
    I will say that I had an incredible stroke of luck for a few days trying to obtain this item.  I managed to get 2 in around 17 hours which is insane.  I had 24 failstacks and I failed the enhancement.  Here is where things get crazy.  I farmed for another day and got nothing and on the second day I got a ogre ring out of the ogre directly and around 5 to 10 minutes later I got another ogre ring from a soiled.   Insane right?  Looked to me as it was certainly time to try and PRI again so I tried.  I failed once again at 25 failstacks which is the most for PRI enhancement according to the masses.  Now I am literally trying to farm a 7th ogre ring which is providing to be more than a handful to achieve after getting so many.
    My great concern here is that this item is so hard to obtain and 2 failures and 24 and 25 stacks was enough to make me quit the game.  I have decided since that I am going to give it another go once I farm another but I have not idea how long that is going to take or if it is even possible considering the low drop rate of the item.  With this being said, I LOVE the game I really do but when you lose 4 ogre rings and are meeting the required stacks for enhancement that is a bit too much to bare and I believe that others will leave the game as well by failing on something as rare and hard to obtain as an ogre ring over and over again.
    In a perfect world, The devs would feel for me and give me an item but I don't expect that to happen haha.  What I would like to see is a possible increase to PRI chances or the possibility of losing one item only in failure as losing 4 ogre rings is maddening and really stunts your growth in the game.  If I fail another PRI after all the work I have put into getting a PRI ogre ring I feel that the pain may be too gret to continue playing the game and I don't want that for the community or myself as I cant describe what that failure feels like twice in a row.  So, Daum and devs, if you are reading this please consider what I suggested as the game really is a wonder to play and has so much potential but I feel the western audience will be driven off if success for enhancement of accessories is meant only for a lucky few.  I also want to thank you for releasing such a wonderful game as BDO is to the states and I want it to run as long as possible and believe this change is necessary for it to do so.  Please consider what I have said as I say it with sincerity and wish me luck as I literally try to farm the rarest item in the game for a 7th time and risk it all for enhancement once again
    Thank you for taking the time to read this.  It means a lot to me 
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