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  1. Greeto added a post in a topic Simple Guild Quality of Life Discussion   

    I need my officers to have the ability to declare/undeclare war. I can't be on 24/7.
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  2. Greeto added a post in a topic Pay to not be annoyed   

    This is like my dumb friend at the car dealership that is constantly expressing how awesome the car is and how it's such an amazing deal; meanwhile, I'm in the middle of negotiations trying to get the best possible price.
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  3. Greeto added a post in a topic Pay to not be annoyed   

    I'd agree. I think they view the western market as a literal cash farm.
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  4. Greeto added a post in a topic Pay to not be annoyed   

    I've always liked $15/month model more. I also despise anything offered in cash shops that are not purely cosmetic. MMO industry was better when all cash shop offerings were added as a part of your $15/month sub by way of ingame content. There was a time in the early 2000s when these cash shops would be laughed at by both players and developers alike. Don't even get me started on the stupidity of people who pay for game currency within the mobile app market.
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  5. Greeto added a post in a topic Is this company trolling us?   

    Gold. Yup, we should all play the same class. That's the perfect solution.
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  6. Greeto added a post in a topic Ok, can't use Horse Skills Resets Anymore...   

    Why buy the skill reset item at all? It's evidently a complete scam and a money pit, as posted on these forums by those who have used it.
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  7. Greeto added a post in a topic Ok we need to talk about gambling   

    I generally agree with you.
    Is it a legal issue? Probably not.
    Is it blatantly taking advantage of your costumers ignorance? Absolutely.
    Seeing this kind of crap in the cash shop tells me Daum has zero respect for its costumer, me. Pearl Abyss is the developer and not at fault for these decisions. 
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  8. Greeto added a post in a topic Why do you play MMORPG games?   

    I'm starting to ask WHY I play MMOs. After 2 decades, this might be my last unless the industry takes a turn back towards the original intention.
    The introduction of the ever present cash-shop has left a bad taste in my mouth and has, in my opinion, stripped the MMO genre of its intended purpose. A purpose to deliver fun and exciting content rather than an elusive carrot on a stick.
    There seems to be a battle always at play between the developers/players on one side, and publishers on the other.
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  9. Greeto added a post in a topic Why BDO isn't P2W   

    Nearly all of OP's arguments state you can supplement cash shop items with in-game items. This is extremely flawed logic.
    The problem is in-game items are a constant, meaning both parties can take full advantage of the gains from all in-game items. We are talking grade school science fair analysis here, nothing difficult. Cash shop items can not be obtained via in-game achievements and are therefore exclusive to those who spent real cash for those advantages. This leaves a gap in advantage that will always exist.
    The only real argument the OP has is to state these advantages do not matter. Which is disproven by the very fact that people purchase these items simply because of the advantages they provide. There is a reason why entire guilds wear the ghillie suit during guild wars. It's not because they like the look. It's because the other guild can't call targets, ambushing is easier, slipping away and flanking is more successful...
    OP argues the time savers are not very much. But when you add 15 hours here, 9 hours there, 3 hours here... it really starts to add up. A lot. In a game where level and gear dictate your success, you betcha these things matter.
    You can counter this argument by stating it doesn't matter what other players are doing. "Play the game for you!" I'd respond by stating the concept of "win" in "P2W" is only measured by the relationship of other players to yourself. Especially considering this is a PVP title.
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  10. Greeto added a post in a topic How is the game faring so far?   

    This would require you to perform the bare minimum requirements to keep your body alive for the 48 hr duration of the grind.
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  11. Greeto added a post in a topic How is the game faring so far?   

    These are my personal pros and cons.
     Awesome environment and graphics. Great weather patterns and dynamic landscapes.Engaging and exciting combat system.Multitude of life skill content. Horse taming, crafting, fishing, etc. TONS of content here to keep you busy almost indefinitely.Open world PVP and GvG. Aside from class balance, there is a lot of fun to be had here.Cons:
    World/Field Bosses. They are crap. Zerg fest of players slamming up against a boss that aimlessly flails around 1 shotting people. Players forced to fight bosses to gain BIS loot.The cash shop. I feel forced to purchase a lot of cash shop items and they are not cheap. Character weight increase, pets (loot for you and cut grinding time in half), costumes (which have stats), Ghillie suits for pvp (hide your name tag so you can ambush). Only pets are account wide. Every time I make an alt I'm extremely frustrated by the large amount of inconveniences.Heavy RNG dependent gear progression with zero skill oriented gear progression. You can lose a week or two worth of gear progression due to RNG (jewelry upgrades).Extremely regulated player economy. 
    Would I recommend the game?
    for a casual player, probably not. Hardcore GvG player? Yes.
    You need to invest tons of time into this game to stay competitive. I've found the game to be mostly a fun experience with somewhat frequent frustrations, but these frustrations are usually offset by a great night of GvG.
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  12. Greeto added a post in a topic Melee should just stop going to World Bosses   

    Pretty much the game for me atm.
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  13. Greeto added a post in a topic pirates are bugged   

    Then why does it even matter?
    The point is that grinding in this game is just that, it's grinding.
    They could have me level up by slashing the crap out of a damn tree for 4 hours and it would take as much brain use as the current grinding of mobs. This is why I don't see a difference.
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  14. Greeto added a post in a topic pirates are bugged   

    I've been there. With a group, It's no different. If some level 53 wants to go there solo right now and fight them, go for it. They are wasting their time since the TTK will be too high even with them not attacking.
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  15. Greeto added a post in a topic pirates are bugged   

    It's development's responsibility to fix the issue. Banning people for playing broken content is dumb. If players want to grind but mobs are not attacking, what are they to do? Log off for the night? No, they will continue to grind, and rightfully so.
    I honestly don't think it's that much of a problem. It's not as if the mobs are dying instantly. They have the same 'time to kill'.
    Most mobs in this game are a non-factor anyway. Mindless grinding... if none of the mobs in this game dealt damage, it really would be much different from how it is now. I just wouldn't have to use a potion every 10-15 seconds... 
    I mean, hell, when I level up an alt toon. I take zero damage until I hit Mediah area anyway due to my main's gear. Not much different. 
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