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  1. YoMa added a post in a topic [Notice] Account Security   

    It's not even everyone... Just some people had their accounts compromised (and their passwords were forcefully reset), so there's nothing you need to worry about lol...
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  2. YoMa added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 26th 2017   

    Why did the daily sailing quest change, now it'll take ages to get to skilled 1, and people who did it beforehand got it the easy way -.-
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  3. YoMa added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 26th 2017   

    "Challenges based on Sailing level have been added."
    Didn't get added?
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  4. YoMa added a post in a topic Event random boxes...anyone gotten the top item?   

    I got a kzarka a few days ago, but no nouver so far
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  5. YoMa added a post in a topic So I hear DK has been nerfed on KR?   

    They already said multiple times they will not be nerfing any classes, but rather buffing the rest to balance it out... And what he was referring to was the two or three DP buffs they got in korea, that makes tanky classes such as valk way harder to defeat, hence why you need longer combos to kill them, not to mention they also changed the way entire CC system works, so basically every class needs new combos now hah.
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  6. YoMa added a post in a topic Dark Knight unawakened Skills post awakening   

    A lot? There's basically 4 skills you need to put on quick slot...
    Wheel of fortune, nocturne, luscious snare & Flow: Spirit blaze, other than that I dont know of any other skill that should be on quick slot >.>
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  7. YoMa added a post in a topic Nerf Witch and Wizard   

    If wizards use their skills properly, there's a 3 sec window without superarmor/frontal block during which you can kill them... 3 sec after like 10sec of superarmor, not to mention they also get to teleport after those 10sec so it takes you over 3 sec to even get to them. So yeah, they can literally keep superarmor/frontal block on permanently in fights, along with healing themselves & having extra dmg reduction from mana shield, and their dmg is high enough to two shot anyone once they're lvl 60 and 200+AP >.>
    On another hand, a 206AP wizard gets more kills in node war and deals higher dmg than a 259AP sorc (wiz lvl 60 full TRI, sorc lvl 61 full TET & PEN), and oh yeah, he's also way tankier and gets to heal himself to full hp while 3-4 ppl are attacking him, cuz why not
    Only way that sorc could win against him in duels is by getting a lucky CC straight after the wiz teleported, but considering their teleport range and ability to go superarmor straight after, it's really hard to do, and even with 259AP the dmg he did through superarmor was quite shit >.>

    And let's also not forget that wizards still have that annoying no-collision bug during the water jail thing, makes it impossible to hit them as a melee class as you always fly through them instead of hitting them and then you lose 50% of your hp as you get stuck in water jail instead of still hitting them from behind. *sigh*
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  8. YoMa added a post in a topic Wheel of Fortune Bug?   

    At one point (after the awakening got released) the entire skill got remade in Korea, here are the patch notes from back then.
    ● Skill Wheel of Fortune has been reformed.
    It will now make the opponent at a floating status instead of knock down.
    Down attack effect has been changed to air attack effect.
    Cooldown time has been decreased to 6 seconds.
    Damage has been increased.
    Skill I changed from 442% x5 to 322% x8
    Skill II changed from 550% x5 to 414% x8
    Skill III changed from 658% x5 to 506% x8
    Skill IV changed from 766% x5 to 598% x8
    Skill V changed from 874% x5 to 690% x8

    So it's working as intended, just that the video is old I guess
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  9. YoMa added a post in a topic 2 Week Mail Deletion   

    Actually helps you keep your inventory cleaner, and it's easy to find things in mail by looking at the date you received it at... So yeah, why wouldn't we keep it in mail and collect it only when we need it, instead of putting it all in our inventory/storage and filling both up?
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  10. YoMa added a post in a topic Daum? HELLO? Are you doing something?   

    Daum is no longer Daum, it's Kakao now, secondly it's not Kakao that does class balance or anything else, they're just publishers, Pearl Abyss does all of that instead.
    You're a tamer, well, WERE a tamer, who can also 1 shot ppl easily in 1v1, but can't do that to a group of people... And yeah, you rerolled as well, but you didn't choose witch/wiz, yet you call out on ppl who rerolled them, ayy, what an irony eh?
    On a side note, witch and wizard need a buff, about 3000% more dmg on all skills cuz currently they're too weak to be worth playing even, not to mention their rapid durability loss while grinding, jeez, they can't even kill 10.000 mobs without having to repair, feelsbadman.
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  11. YoMa added a post in a topic Remote access   

    As far as I know, using any third party tool to control your game while not physically being near your PC is NOT allowed. That includes teamviewer and programs as such.
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  12. YoMa added a topic in Suggestions   

    Cash shop & marketplace changes
    Well, currently we're at a state where everyone who wants to make money by selling cash shop items just buys and sells costumes, as they allow them to get max amount of silver per week. However, why wouldn't it be changed so that the amount of items you can sell is based on their value?
    Like, currently if you sell 5 costumes, that's 5x25mil = 125mil worth of costumes every week. Say you put a limit to 125mil worth of cash shop items a week, that's either 13 value packs, or 5 costumes.
    That way, there would be a lot more value packs and pets on the marketplace which have a way higher demand than costumes do, and it would allow new players to buy pets through marketplace as well, not only through pearl shop as it is right now, like, let's be honest, there's about 200 costumes sold each week, and maybe 20-30 pets, making it way too hard to get them through marketplace as every single player bids on them.
    Also, allowing people to sell costumes like the processing or the cooking costume, and weight limits would literally increase the amount of money Kakao earns through cash shop as more people would buy and sell those items, not only would it increase Kakao's revenue, but it would also make the buy2play (and stop buying at that point) players far more happy, as they would have the same "convenience" only certain players have right now.
    So, all in all, it would balance out the economy of the game, demands would meet the supplies and everyone should be happy with the results, both the players as they would be able to get every item currently only players who buy pearls can get, and Kakao as the people who sell pearls would probably invest more money into the game allowing Kakao to get a higher revenue.
    Another idea would be to allow selling pearls directly to another player (over marketplace), that way the pearl value would be set globally, say 1 pearl = 10k silver, or something such (depending on the amount of silver on each server), and every player would be able to buy what he pleases with the pearls bought over the marketplace, rather than having to wait for a certain item to be put on marketplace and only then attempting to buy it.
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  13. YoMa added a topic in General   

    Getting spammed by the game...
    So I keep getting the message below approximately every 5 seconds, and it's annoying as hell.

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  14. YoMa added a post in a topic Rangers so Overpopulated! Are you dev surprised? #NERF RANGERS   

    As far as I remember tho, he got that ogre to PEN and some other accessories to TET, he was at 270 when he quit I think... And nowadays there's that wizard with 283AP
    But that still doesn't change the fact he outgeared 95% of the community, especially in those days...
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  15. YoMa added a post in a topic Rangers so Overpopulated! Are you dev surprised? #NERF RANGERS   

    The video of "Shotgun" you posted is really old, and it was recorded back in the days when shotgun wasn't nerfed, now, if you look at the skill today, it clearly says "50% damage in PvP", if you don't trust me, go read it yourself in game. Not to forget the guy had full PEN gear back then, and yes, even accessories... He sold that account for roughly 15k $ lol.
    And also, that guy came back to BDO like last month, he's playing ranger again, and he's not really doing good, even tho he's, as far as I remember, at 253AP. He's used to old combos where he could abuse some skills, but the class changed a lot since then, now you can spam skills like waltz while you couldn't do that before, and they do way less damage now than they did before...
    But yeah, ranger really got some serious nerfs over the last few months, and the only reason why they kill you is that you either really suck at playing your class, or they outgear you. Why so many rangers seem so strong is because they got geared as hell when the game just started, most of them are hardcore players who grinded pirates while you were still struggling to get to lvl 50, if you even had the game back then. And let's not forget how coral earrings were 10-15mil back then, and the rings went up to 5mil each...
    So yes, those rangers who did that, got up to 180ap before +20 gear was even released, allowing them to reach 230 after +20 patch, and nowadays even up to 250-260ap with nouver offhand...
    Like, I don't know your class cuz I couldn't be arsed to read all your brain-dead comments, but I assure you if you had 250ap, you'd be 1 hit killing everyone else as well...

    Oh and, here's the link to his stream: https://www.twitch.tv/shotgun995/v/110858247
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