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  1. Akunta added a post in a topic Shroud Armor?   

    I believe Shroud Knight be the outfit in the upper right in this picture.  Upper left would be Valencia Travel. Bottom Left Ahon Kirus.  Center not available NA/EU but would be Black Leopard Armor.  Bottom right Serendia Formal.

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  2. Akunta added a post in a topic Wizard Orb Skins   

    There are three skins your can purchase for the Wizard's awakened orbs in the Pearl Shop.  You can buy them individually from the rest of the outfit by clicking on "Godr Sphera" for 900 pearls each.
    1.  [Wizard] Lord Red under "Outfit"
    2. [Wizard] Treant Camouflage under "Costume"
    3. [Wizard] Desert Camouflage under "Costume"
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  3. Akunta added a post in a topic Another night of massive server lag (and no lag on Olvia, so its clearly not people's ISPs, DNS, or other excuses)   

    Would it be possible to get a "we're looking into this" on the subject of proxied channels from one of the BDO staff? Thanks
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  4. Akunta added a post in a topic Witch needs buff!   

    If you youtube ashes of creation mage gameplay, you'll find a visual of this spell in action.
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  5. Akunta added a post in a topic BRING BACK EXP LOSS ON DEATH   

    Don't forget people that die at 0% XP need to lose a level and drop to 99% XP in the previous level!!!
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  6. Akunta added a post in a topic BDO Lag is Here to Stay?   

    If this can be resolved by instancing the server then I'm all for it. Instance each city and each region. Make sure that when instance lines are crossed that the character remains mounted and maintain autopathing.
    Would rather have that than the shitty lag on the servers now.
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  7. Akunta added a topic in General   

    All the coding you need for "Second Awakening"
    Since Kakao realizes how bad unawakened skills are vs awakened skills, and they want to add a "second awakening" to make the skills more viable, here's the fast fix for that.
    1.  When you have an equipped awakening weapon, your character's unawakened skills all do 25-35% more damage*
    Fixed fast.
    * Or alternatively add 50% of awakened weapon AP to unawakened damage skills.  I believe something of the reverse already happens with mainhand AP -> awakened damage
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  8. Akunta added a post in a topic [PVE]: Damage Normalization or Gear AP Bug?   

    Nah, people are sheep, they'll still farm pirates and sausans.
    Take away the xp and they'll move on.
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  9. Akunta added a post in a topic [PVE]: Damage Normalization or Gear AP Bug?   

    If this is what they did to get people to stop farming lower level mobs, they should have instead implemented what most other games' developers have done:
    Make grey/lower level mobs give you zero xp (in this case zero combat/skill xp)
    What this game oddly does is simply scale up the amount of xp needed at each level.  You're probably always getting the same absolute xp from the mobs no matter what your level (although less % relative to your level).  This would encourage players to move on to more challenging mobs to fight.  Unfortunately in this game, it just encourages people to stay with mobs that give them the most xp/time (and loot) and since more challenging mobs take longer to kill (i.e. aren't one shot), it's just easier and faster to stay on grey/green mobs.  It's a stupid system in my opinion.
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  10. Akunta added a post in a topic Server lag is just awful.   

    As I understand it from reading these forums, if one person says the game is playing fine for them, then the problem is your computer.
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  11. Akunta added a post in a topic Game Desperately Needs to Allow Offline   

    Nah, Kakao harvests your cpu cycles when the game is minimized to search for space aliens.
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  12. Akunta added a post in a topic Server Lag is unacceptable.   

    Everyone should post that they are unable to buy things on the cash shop because they keep lagging out of the interface.  It happens on all channels!  Wish I could get the game to work so I could spend money on it. etc etc etc.
    Maybe something would happen then.
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  13. Akunta added a post in a topic Connectivity is so bad it's unplayable   

    EU and NA aren't the same server clusters so these reports should be by region.  If the servers are provided as a service by hosting companies, the actual builds could be quite different. 
    In any case, the NA servers are shit.  They are scarily unplayable especially when expensive and irreplaceable crystal loss is a thing.
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  14. Akunta added a topic in General   

    Instead of adding more special effects, tone down existing so people can actually play with them turned on
    So BDO announces that they want to add more lens flare and stuff with YEBIS but they are focusing on the wrong things.  No one needs MORE lens flare!
    What we would like is being able to play without having to turn off "other's special effects" without lagging all to hell.  If you fight Karanda with special effects on, you can't see Karanda.
    Other games have a particle density slider that allows you to tone down special effects to something that is renderable based on your computer/situation.  This would be much more preferable to the ON/OFF switch.  You want to have some special effects on because otherwise you can't see what people are doing in pvp, but the current implementation of effects is ridiculous.
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  15. Akunta added a post in a topic You deleted last years EGGS!   

    The interesting thing about last year's Easter Eggs is that they were originally marked as "will be deleted after event ends".... but sometime after that bit of text on the items' description was removed.
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