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  1. Zephyraz added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    North Kaia Mountain top (t1) aka "zombieeeeesss"
    LowKarma vs NovusOrda 
    We splitted the guild in 2 group cause their fort was built in the middle of the lake, after a long siege on their tower they played a cannon into Calpheon Castle (like wtf srsly...) and start destroing our annex, then with the flag placed they just outnumbered us (40 vs 25) doint the body throw tactic that never fail... sadly enough anytime im the first in kills we loose... 
    gg wp still need to git gut and recruit more
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  2. Zephyraz added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    Helms Post (t1) aka "pls not again..."
    LowKarma vs Ancient_Valyrie(20) + Destiny(20)
    We tryed to push twice Ancient_Valyrie at the start trying to use the low cd on death to deal some dmg, unfortunally we started in 12 so we had a lot of problem for the first 10 minute, then Ancient_Valyrie started a cannonball's rain and pressed by both guild we just turtled in our base with all the sturcture down (just tower and supply depot, that we rebuilded like 7 times). Just 2 hrs of Defend of the Tower, gg wp to all.
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  3. Zephyraz added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    Hexe Stone Wall (t1) aka "what an awesome nw"
    LowKarma vs Chaos_United vs CrazyFrogs vs Impulsion
    Epic nw today, we started attacking Impulsion after we had a wisper from CrazyFrogs telling us to dont attack each other. Chaos_United did one push on Impulsion then started to attack CrazyFrogs, we decided to tested out Chaos base moving on and Impulsion got half of our annex, we also got hwacha and 1 recovery of chaos before the turn back. Then CrazyFrogs died and Impulsion had the base in the middle so they got "zerged" by us and Chaos, once they ripped (0:45 h) started the most epic 1v1 ever seen, we got a lot of engage and 2 or 3 base races, keep repairing full both of the forts, unfortunally for them they placed closed to bher so we used that as a respawn pushing them a lot, after one push we got their tower at 5% before they pushed us away we lost 2 engage and they repaired at 50% while our tower slowly was dying, last 10 min was the total panic in discord, our tower was at 25% their one was still at 50%, they left the base to rush our one, so we started the 4th base race, we had 5 players defending that managed to not die and slow them a bit, the base race turned in to our favor with just 5% of our base.
    GG WP to all 
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  4. Zephyraz added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    Rhua Tree Stub (t1) aka "PogChamp we sniped a t1? geam ded confirmed"
    Free node nothing more 
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  5. Zephyraz added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    Abandoned Quarry (t1) aka "pls we need more"
    LowKarma vs BDM vs Tempest vs Uprising
    All the guild had 20 to 30 player so was pretty fair as numbers. At the start BDM attacked us so we decided to defend it and push them till we found their fort close to our one, so we started to push BDM meanwhile uprising were attacking us and Tempest were attacking BDM, we splitted out our forces defending the costant push of uprising and pushing BDM base till with the "help" of tempest they got down (40 min i think) then the struggle started, uprising and tempest allied up vs us pushing from 2 sides, we tryed to defend but was a 30 v 60 situation so we decided to turtle and take time, we got down after 1.15 h.
    GG WP to everyone was fun having no ally confirmed (dont really know if tempest and uprising contacted each others to ally up or was just a tactical choise cause our fort was in the middle). 
    Edit: Tempest won 
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  6. Zephyraz added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    Bashim base (t1) aka "y they still fight t1s ?"
    Sinfrei vs LowKarma
    Easy peasy, was a struggle, 1 hour of defense with lag and crash (thx kakao for your potatoe servers), too much difference between average gear score nothing to add more. 
    gg wp, ill guess we need to git gud. 
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  7. Zephyraz added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    LK PoV: we engaged a 1v1v1 with Access_Denied and Kzarkasm, doing quiet good damage to both the guild but and taking no dmg on our fort. after we saw Templar_Regiment going down we knew that all the hope are gone, so we just yoloed a push on varshen base while varshen were attacking access_denied, we managed to take some annex and finally we started the base race that we lost after hitting 60% of their base. 
    gg wp to all, was fun having no ally doing infinite fights 
    dont be jealous, my heart is big enough for both of you ♥
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  8. Zephyraz added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    Wolf Hills (t1) aka "why r u still in t1 nodes?" 
    LowKarma (25) vs Sin(25?) vs Dissendium (30?)
    so today a hot dog happened, after Sin contacted us asking for a 2v1 vs Dissendium, we didnt do that and start a body throwing session that never ended, Sin were in the middle so we focused them with dissendium getting them after 1.05 hr, gg for the def too many valks and wiz well geared to deal with. During the attack on sin dissendium placed a flag and a cannon to attack our tower so we focus the flag down and started a desperate defence vs too many good geared players, we tryed a baserace but we lost so badly at it. gg wp all too much gear difference between us and both of those guild, was fun anyway ^^
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  9. Zephyraz added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    Hexe Stone Wall (t1) aka "r we f---ed or not?"
    LowKarma (25) vs Semper_Vigil (18-20) + Dutchies (10-15) vs Corsair (5?) 
    after we spotted out all the towers we went to semper vigil cause they were close and a lot, we got them in 15 min, they handed a good defence but the gear and lvl difference was too much i guess, after them we went for corsairs that had just the tower on ressing and attacking us meanwhile Dutchies were attacking us didnt that much dmg to force us to fall back. Finally we went for Dutchies tower and got them down.
    GG WP all 
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  10. Zephyraz added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    I want hear that from @Heedun in the next podcast Kappa #neverforgetti  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)__/|\
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  11. Zephyraz added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    We though u were more just because you did 2 push with 8+ player and at the same defending against Aequinoxe. But obv we missed out a lot those prediction, I guess kamasilve were 15-20. nvm was fun even if we just turtled till the end ^^ 
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  12. Zephyraz added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    Marni's Lab (t1) aka "hot dog"
    LowKarma (26) vs Bucaneers (20?) vs Kamasilve (20?) vs Aequinoxe (10-15?)
    after the spotting time we we're immediatly attacked by kamasilve, we managed to def and push them back once, after 10 min Bucaneers came for us and it start a 2v1, with a flame and an hwacha bugged we had just ourself for def, we got down after 55 min of hard resistence. 
    GG WP to all sad enough was nothing to do for us, i dont get that ally btw was fun. 
    nw still not finished 
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  13. Zephyraz added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    Ahto Farm (t1) aka "the Helm's Deep"
    LowKarma (30) vs Origine (40) vs Kamasilve (10-15 ?)
    even if Kamasilve was in the middle of the nodewar zone we decided to attack origine at the start cause they were a lot more. we managed to get half of their annex and 10% of their tower. After 20 min kamasilve got down and that was the start of the siege, the gs score and our fort location managed to def for 1 hour and 10 min before they got us down winning the node.
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  14. Zephyraz added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    Toscani Farm (t1) aka "royal rumble"
    LowKarma (32) vs Ygdra (10?) vs FUzion (22) vs Empire (28)
    At the start we spotted out FUzion and the panic bring us, they started a 1v1 with Empire so we went on Ygdra, 15 min and their tower gone, so we decided to focus out FUzion cuz they were litterally in the mid of the map, even if they are a casual guild they are really strong and resist to our attack for 50 min, while empire were attacking us and them at the same time. After FUzion we group up and wiped Empire twice with the help of the Flag.
    GG WP to all, was fun and fair.
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  15. Zephyraz added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    Epheria Valley (t1) aka "no salt  "
    LowKarma (25) + Reborn (25) vs Varshen (25?) vs Osef (20)
    (LK PoV) Reborn asked us for an help again cuz they were low on guild funds, unfortunally picked up a shitty node. We got attacked by varshen and osef at the start and after win some fight we managed to siege osef a bit, getting heavily dmg on their structures but we called a back off cause reborn were in trouble with varshen so we clean their base and turned again on osef. Reborn went down to varshen while we were on osef so we had to back for the varshen push. 2v1 and we managed just to remain up for 15 min wiping 2 times osef.
    Unlucky, gg wp to all.
    nw not finished w8ing @Fesquera for the result ^^ 
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