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  1. Navee Cheefe added a post in a topic Spring Tulips Screenshot Contest [Winners Announced]   

    So, my game resolution is 1920 x 1080, just as the rules state, but when I do an in game screenshot, the screenshot comes out at 1914 x 1051. No idea why it's doing that. Anyone else seeing this? Would submitting one at just slightly below the required limit get me disqualified like the rules say? ("Screenshots must be 1920x1080 or greater in resolution."
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  2. Navee Cheefe added a post in a topic Contribution Point Management Spreadsheet   

    Yeah, I saw that full chart after I had manually entered all the info into my sheet. But, I don't think his chart has Valencia region yet.
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  3. Navee Cheefe added a post in a topic Contribution Point Management Spreadsheet   

    While I was going through the spreadsheet adding my node and housing unit investments, I found that I forgot to add the Bernianto Farm and Excavation node into the spreadsheet. In the attached revision, I have that node added properly.
    A few other additions I made include:
                  -You can enter your total CP in the Top Center Yellow cell on the Summary page and with all your investements entered, it will show you how much you are using as well as how much CP of total you have remaining(Available/Total), just like you see in game.
                  -Total # of housing Units occupied for the selected City on top left of Summary page. I added this so that you can quickly see the number here and compare it to the number listed in game when you hover over a City. Only thing is, this will be off if you invest into outlying locations that attach to the city.
                  -Full listing of how many of each unit is occupied in addition to the already existing list of how much CP is invested into each type.
                  -Total # of Main nodes invested into. I added this to help when adding your nodes. If you go in game and change your map view to see only nodes, and you count the number of nodes you’re invested in, it should equal the number listed here.
                  -For each resource, I also now have a total of how many nodes you are invested in.
    After entering all the information for how I am set up in game, all the numbers match properly. This version I’m uploading as Revision 1a is how I left it after entering all my CP investment information.
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  4. Navee Cheefe added a post in a topic Exchanging items for life XP   

    If you mean the side results from cooking and alchemy, no.
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  5. Navee Cheefe added a post in a topic Maximum Farm Plot Limits?   

    Because the fences are available to all your characters, that would be account wide. Most you can do is 100 plots using 10 large fences for 100 CP.
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  6. Navee Cheefe added a topic in Guides   

    Contribution Point Management Spreadsheet
    Don't you hate when you're out of available Contribution Points and so you have to go clicking through housing units in all the various cities and towns, or through all the nodes that you are invested in to try to figure out where you have CP invested that you can free up? Or maybe you were wondering how many storage units or worker lodgings you are renting in a particular city? Or, what if you want to invest some CP into storage in one of those "off the beaten path" towns but you don't know what city that storage adds to?
    To help resolve these and many other CP related questions, I have created a BDO CP Management spreadsheet. In this spreadsheet, via the use of handy little dropdown lists, You can indicate what nodes you are investing CP into, and what housing units (Storage, Lodging, Workshops, Shipyards, etc...) you are invested in for every city/town location in the game. All the units and nodes in the game are built into the spreadsheet (As of 3/24/2017, North America Version). It might take you a little time to get your situation entered into the spreadsheet, but it may be worth your time. For others, especially those who change their investments very often, this may be a little too much. but you may still find some use for it.
    Here's a quick rundown of the different Worksheets included:
    Summary:          This is the main sheet to use to see where your CP Investments are. The only thing you have to do on this sheet is select the dropdowns available in the Highlighted Yellow cells. Doing this will give you the ability to quickly drill down to a city, Housing Unit type, and harvestable node type to see how many CP you have invested in those specific items. All other cells on this sheet autoupdate.
    City Unit Usage: On this sheet, you will record all the housing Units ("Housing Units" are the buildings you rent to use as Storage, Lodging, Workshops, etc.) being used for each city or town. For each unit you are invested in, select the Region, City, and Location that the unit is in using the dropdowns. When you select a Region, such as "Balenos Region" for example, only the Cities within that region will show up on the next dropdown (For Balenos, it shows Olvia, Velia, and Iliya Island). Then you select the Location Dropdown. If you select Olvia for the city, then the Location dropdown will the give you a list of Locations whose rental units apply to that City, such as Olvia city itself, Casta Farm, Wale Farm, and Lema Island. (This will help you learn what cities those remote locations' storage applies to). After selecting a location, then you can select which building unit you are renting (1-1, 1-2 Level 2, etc...). Once you select the Unit, the CP cost of that unit populates and you can then select the Unit Type dropdown to select the purpose the unit is being rented for (Storage, Crop Workbench, Horse Ranch, Shipyard, etc...). The Unit Type dropdown will only show you the Unit Types available for that specific unit so there's no guessing involved. You can use this sheet to add all the units you are invested in, or even to figure out how much CP certain situations would cost. Anything selected on this sheet is reflected on the Summary sheet.
    Node List:           This is a listing of all the nodes in the game that you can invest into. I added these so that when you indicate that you're invested in a node, if it has subnodes, those subnodes investments will become available. For instance, You can invest 1 CP into Casta Farm without investing into the G----- node at Casta Farm, but you cannot invest into the g----- node, without first investing into Casta Farm. To add all the nodes you're invested in, simply go through the list of nodes and indicate Yes in the "Invested?" column for each. Each Row on that sheet lists the node, and each subnode located at that location is listed to the right of the main node. You must indicate investment in the main node (by indicating "Yes" in Column D) before you can invest in the subnodes. With this sheet, you can either use it to actually record all your invested nodes so you know how much CP you're using on your node empire, or you can use it for research. With every node in the game listed, it's easy to figure out where all the potato nodes are, or where to get Trace of Savagery from. As you mark nodes as being invested in, the cost of those nodes are reflected on the Summary sheet.
    Rentals:              The Rentals tab was a quick addition to help account for CP used by Fence rentals and such. I didn't want to try to identify every rentable item in game so instead, I made this sheet a Fill in the blank. Simply add into the table the items that you are renting for Contribution Points, such as Gardening fences, practice muskets, remote storage containers, accessories, etc…, add the CP cost of them and how many of each, and the total CP will auto calculate. Then those items will be accounted for on the main Summary sheet for your total CP Usage.
    I encourage you to download a copy of this spreadsheet to use, play with, extract data out of it, whatever. I hope it help some of you. It took a long time to gather and enter all the node and unit location into this sheet in the format I needed to make this work, let alone figure out all the formulas needed to get those dropdowns to work right. I welcome your feedback, and I hope this is useful to you.
    Simply download a copy of it to your local computer and open it with Excel.
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  7. Navee Cheefe added a post in a topic Anniversary Gratitude Event [Updated - 3/28/2017]   

    To the returning players... Your own fault for leaving. Kaokao can't make an event to suit every individual's situation, nor should they.
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  8. Navee Cheefe added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 8th 2017   

    Tier 5 horses in the wild! Nice. Thank you.
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  9. Navee Cheefe added a post in a topic Fishing   

    There is nothing to increase the 250% price in imperial fish trading. Distance or levels won't increase the amount you get.
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  10. Navee Cheefe added a post in a topic 10 Large Fences with 20 Special Haystacks   

    If you have 10 large fences with 10 crops on each, that's 100 crops. If you average 2 seeds per breed, breed 50 of them. That leaves you with 50 to harvest. If you average 20 per harvest, you're at 1000 crops harvested... And 20 would be a pretty low average. I think you're more likely to average 30 per harvest, which over 50 harvestings, should yield 1500 crops.
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  11. Navee Cheefe added a post in a topic Fishing boat stops dead and starts sinking   

    So this happens in both epheria boat and fishing boats. I was able to get out of the pirate island area by sailing easterly past kuit island. If you go to pirates, you might want to park the boat at a nearby island and swim rest of way.
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  12. Navee Cheefe added a post in a topic Boat stuck between Calpheon and Epheria Port   

    I got stuck autopathed from epheria to pirates last night. Had to ditch it and swim rest of way, then remote collect to get my boat back. Again today I got stuck south east of the island South of pirates. Open sea, nothing in the way, but the boat won't move. Plenty of power, so that's not the issue.
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  13. Navee Cheefe added a post in a topic Leveling sailing skill   

    Gonna take long time to level it that high. At Beginner 10, sailing from port epheria to the new port and back only gave me 10% each way.
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  14. Navee Cheefe added a post in a topic mini elephant quest   

    Thank you. Your post helped me find the quest.
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  15. Navee Cheefe added a post in a topic Server is Up   

    Sweet. Watching for patch notes.
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