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  1. SoSeoNo added a post in a topic Making Endgame Grinding Great Again   

    I am a 60 (almost 61) ranger who grinds valencia 90%+ of my play time. 
    I think basis need a huge exp increase plus elite versions. Centaurs just need density increase (double) and elite versions. Bashims just need elite versions. Small exp increase for bandits. Medium exp increase for Cadry. And all valencia mobs need the karma regain HEAVILY increased! None of the valencia mobs give back karma... it takes like 2 hours to go from 0 to max in lowbie areas, 45 minutes at pirates, 1 hour at sausans and like 20+ hours anywhere in valencia... wtf?
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  2. SoSeoNo added a topic in US Guild   

    Hardcore AFK fishing guild recruting
    We have the best buffs in the business: +5ap, +5dr, +5acc, +100hp, +50% siege resist, +2 gathering, +2 fishing. We have discord, but it's discouraged (we play games because we are anti-social). Guild quests are optional (but if you do them, you will be laughed at by the rest of the guild and possibly kicked).
    If you want in... show us your rod, impress us plz!
    /w , Ducs, Alzied, Wavves, WWW, Phuctard or SoSeoNo
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  3. SoSeoNo added a post in a topic Lara best npc for event!!   

  4. SoSeoNo added a post in a topic Welcome Two New Members To The CM Team!   

    pic of your character or it didn't happen imo!
    Btw, wEl come. 
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  5. SoSeoNo added a post in a topic Gifting Trade Deals   

    They are smart to NOT enable p2p trading. The second you do this, you have a 100% true p2w game like wow or anything else with p2p trading. This 100% enables gold sellers to sell items directly to players and thus makes it able to absolutely buy anything in the game with zero limits. The current system has p2w capped at 100m a week which is basically afk money or like 2 days of average grinding (basically it's a little boost but doesn't get you top end gear anytime soon).
    You guys really need to think about repercussions when you ask for stuff. 
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  6. SoSeoNo added a post in a topic Watch out for the Guild 'Filter.'   

    ok... good to know who is screwing up my rotation. I wondered who was killing all the afk fisherman before I could get to them... @<Filter> save some for me!
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  7. SoSeoNo added a post in a topic How to fight karma bombers (no patch needed)   

    I would be 100% fine with this. The only flaws in this game are currently #1 no xp loss on pvp death, and then all the small things I am able to work around or put up with like class imbalance, occasional server lag, desyncs and CC is absolute garbage compared to other games... but as I said, I accept all that stuff as is to get the rest of the good the game has to offer.
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  8. SoSeoNo added a post in a topic How to fight karma bombers (no patch needed)   

    I am trying to get your point... but I feel like I am missing it (I already know you are more leet than me and I accept that because it's my responsibility to git gud and nobody elses) but are you saying that they somehow think they win by just getting me red? I'll gladly let them know that I'm at 0% exp with a set of tri alt gear and no crystals and already -1m so... they can keep on dying over and over while I keep grinding silver and sp... so regardless of what you karma bombers think, you wont have stunted or even risked any of my progress and by you sitting there karma bombing me dying to me in 1 second 50 times... you have wasted less than a minute of my time but you spent at least 30 minutes running back from node. I normally just kill you guys while grinding the mobs so you really aren't even costing me the 50 seconds if we are being honest.
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  9. SoSeoNo added a post in a topic How to fight karma bombers (no patch needed)   

    -1m isn't that big of a deal, try it out sometime. Crystal loss is the biggest issue becsuse being zero % into a level makes xp loss nonfactor, and crystal loss is nonfactor with an alt set. Most people in my situation already have all of that stuff laying around. I can't help it if you don't... I can recommend you some good places to farm silver.
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  10. SoSeoNo added a post in a topic How to fight karma bombers (no patch needed)   

    Just to be clear here .. .I am not against karma bombing for someone stronger trying to steal your spot (karma bombing is part of the game and not against TOS afik).
    I am saying if some weaker player tries to grief out the stronger player by karma bombing. I actually had someone do this, and I already guessed this was going to happen day one when they made that terrible chsnge to 0% pvp death.
    I will never karma bomb to take a spot... but you can be sure I'll do anything inside of TOS to keep a spot though.
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  11. SoSeoNo added a post in a topic How to fight karma bombers (no patch needed)   

    I'll still have ~220 AP with my crap set on... the gems only help avoid cc... I can still kill a lot of people with that AP. There is always someone stronger to come along and if what you say does happen... then I would likely find a new spot or switch channels, but I'll be damned if I let you scruby karma bombers grief me out of a spot.
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  12. SoSeoNo added a post in a topic How to fight karma bombers (no patch needed)   

    Ok, so having said that... do you think a ban is possible or even likely for killing scrubs?
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  13. SoSeoNo added a post in a topic How to fight karma bombers (no patch needed)   

    Reporting = zzz
    Are you implying that I could get banned for killing someone that tries to take my spot?
    There are already ingame prevention measures in place (I lose karma for doing it).
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  14. SoSeoNo added a post in a topic How to fight karma bombers (no patch needed)   

    I start with that normally, but you wouldn't believe how many people don't get the point. The point of this thread is to give people an idea for recourse once it gets past that point.
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