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  1. 2monthslatenonamesleft added a post in a topic Impressive servers as ever....   

    I would LOVE to be able to take my main out and play.  I WANT to have fun, enjoy the game, maybe grind a bit, or pvp, but I've been basically stuck life skilling on an alt  for most of the week because the servers can't keep it together for more then a couple min at a time. 
    Even then, the lifeskilling is getting to be too annoying between the 10 seconds it'll take to buy/move every third item or one shotting a large group of mobs only to have them despawn because it took too long to butcher the first two.
    Sure I might still be able to make slight progress in something afk, but that's not going to do me any good if i straight up loose interest in the game.   I even considered going back to Blade and Soul as a preferable choice... and that's nothing but bots and hacks interspersed with the occasional fun PvE fight.
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  2. 2monthslatenonamesleft added a post in a topic Connectivity is so bad it's unplayable   

    Its 5:30am here and for the last four or five hours its been constant 15 second spikes every couple min.  I would LOVE to be out playing and enjoying the game, but as it stands right now, I can't even afk-lifeskill without a forced channel reload or not being able to open an inventory/bank or talk to a npc.
    Would it kill them to give us a little statement about how they are going to go about and solving this very obvious and persistant problem that has gotten  exponentially worse since the DK release back in march? (Besides the token 'we are aware and working on it' that we've been getting for several months now)
    A simple "We are aware of said problem regarding blah blah blah.  This is how we plan to address the situation. We are in talks with xxx about yyy and hopefully should have further news for you in such and such a timeframe" would go a long way instead of the infuriating silence.
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  3. 2monthslatenonamesleft added a post in a topic why 2 human workers one skilled (50 workspeed ) and another professional (70 workspeed ) have same gathering time at a same timber node ?   

    Workers at nodes work in 10 min cycles.   If a node has, say, a 150 workload ( a common number for nodes) and your worker has a work speed of 50 then it will take him 3 cycles (30 min) to finish.  50 + 50 + 50.  A worker with a work speed of 70 would also take 3 cycles to finish.  70 + 70 + 10.   Add in time to travel there/back and voila.
    Same goes for crafting at houses (crates, armor/weapons, etc)  just 5 min work cycles there.
    More specifically...
    Work time in min=  ceiling[work load / work speed] * work cycle   +    distance * 2 / movement speed / 60
    Where "Work cycle" is either 10 or 5 depending on if its a node or house.  "Ceiling" meaning round up to the next whole number..
    There is some slight variance to lvl 30 artisan worker stats before skills but it is pretty slight and hardly ever going to make a difference the same level worker with the same skills.
    eg) Of my 18 lvl 30 Artisan humans that didn't get a speed boost skill while leveling, none of them have a movement speed more then 0.08 away from the average. So about ~2%.  Maybe a couple seconds off of travel time.  Roughly similar spread on their base luck and work speed. That amount of luck if meaningless and  unless your are *RIGHT* on the edge of a breakpoint for a node's workload ( which in themselves can change over time), the difference in work speed means nothing as the worker stays there until the cycle is finished anyway.
    Rough rule of thumb:  Decide on how long you will afk for regularly (say, 8 hours for sleep/school/work), Use the above to calculate how any times each type of worker will finish in that long of a period without being fed and choose the type of worker that gives you the most for that.
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  4. 2monthslatenonamesleft added a post in a topic #RewardsGate   

    Can't.   The 0's we us for minutes have been taken up by the 'Time since last server lag bomb" sign since DK launch.  Don't see that sign getting taken down any time soon apparently.
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  5. 2monthslatenonamesleft added a post in a topic More armor style costumes for female classes   

    ^.  Best game series ever.  I'll buy 5 if they ever release something that looks even close
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  6. 2monthslatenonamesleft added a post in a topic Maximum Farm Plot Limits?   

    10 farms max
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  7. 2monthslatenonamesleft added a post in a topic Nice game and nice chitchat I guess   

    Mediah channel?   My first guess would be Serendia channel, but that is normally just an endless stupid political debate between a couple people totally ignoring all sense, logic and 'facts' the other guy is presenting in his argument.
    What i wouldn't give for an in-game chat where it was just in-game stuff....
    ...or the ability to be able to r-click a name to report in-game like every other MMO has.
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  8. 2monthslatenonamesleft added a post in a topic Gathering Broken   

    I don't see why people would farm specifically for shards.
    Despite peoples 'observations' on how they got little gathering this one time (or gone 'several hours' without getting one, which in itself is so statistically improbable that its more likely someone is way over-exaggerating rather then giving accurate accounts or frankly just making up poop emojis), while they got 2-3 more once while pruning, the chance for a shard at pruning is no better then gathering.  Its actually worse since you can't use lucky tools.  It takes double the time since you can't lower the pruning rate lower then 5s.  Then you have to come back several to a dozen times every half hour (if you've set your crops up specifically to get blighted, basically the best case senario and how you powerlevel farming) to do it instead of just one outing gathering goats/rocks/trees normally which effectively have an infinite supply available.   This also assume you ignoring the energy you have to spend harvesting the grown crops for replanting after they won't blight/weed anymore which has 0.00000000000% chance of a shard dropping.
    I suppose they value some extra crops and some common alchemy material  more then double their time, a lost in production from 100 CP spent elsewhere and a slight loss in shards.  To each his own.
    eg) It would take my Master1 farmer 105min spread out over an entire evening of coming back every half hour if he was to prune his own fields to use up 415 energy.  My artisan Valk gatherer can head over to goat mountain once spend ~55min doing the same and end up with more over time.
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  9. 2monthslatenonamesleft added a post in a topic How to transport 70k crates to arehaza?   

    Its along the lines of 50k crates for Beginner1 to Master 2 so he'd hit it no prob. 
    Then you start hitting an exp wall.    eg)Master1 to Master 2 took me about 5k crates.    Later on using the same crates/distances/buffs, I handed in 28k and only went from Master 6.5 to Master 8.3.  So basically 15k a level for those perameters.
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  10. 2monthslatenonamesleft added a post in a topic How to transport 70k crates to arehaza?   

    You know instead of all this talk of killing horses, guild commands, loading up things on fishing boats, blah blah blah....   You could always just load up your horse and afk ride it over to where you want to go.  It really doesn't take that long in comparison to anything else and is totally safe.   A round trip Trent > Valencia, including loading time, can be done in less then an hour.
    Provided you leave the sound on so you can hear if your autopath gets hung up on bandits there is nothing (inclulding the centaurs) that will be a threat to you.
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  11. 2monthslatenonamesleft added a post in a topic Fix.The.Lag.   

    Number of times game has dropped me in the last week due to latency and desyncing: 9.   6 swapping channels, 3 just standing there afk.
    Number of times game did the same in all of 2016:  2?
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  12. 2monthslatenonamesleft added a post in a topic Say NO to the KR Trading Nerf on Crates (Fixed 100% Price)   

    This change can't get here fast enough.    
    Sure it'll suck personally loosing out on 15% or 20%, but the game will be better off with trading more in-line with the other professions as opposed to a clear winner that dumps so much money into the economy.
    ...plus that whole not having to spend 2-3 nights a week channel hopping and fighting the other thousands of players on the server for those 36 possible 130%ish that happen every 2 hours or so at the 2 trade managers in Valencia that matter.  *shudder*
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  13. 2monthslatenonamesleft added a post in a topic You need to stop pearl trading.   

    Not having market with capped prices would be a simpler and more likely solution. 
    The whole reason people ----- about wanting pearls is because they think whatever it is they are selling is worth more then the max the market will allow them to get.  I still think its stupid to allow it at all, but I can't blame someone for not wanting to say put up a t8 horse they most likely spent weeks trying to breed upto, then 60ish hours leveling to 30 for the equivalent silver of a single day's worth of grinding.
    You can still keep RNGesus running the market.  People can get a more equitable trade for their stuff and are happy.  No more need to deal with scam people.  No more of that incessant spam or reply to your WTB/WTT requests of "how many pearls?"  PA can still sell their stuff for the marketplace.
    Happy people stick around longer. People can't buy your stuff if they arn't playing.
    P.S.  PA, as an aside, you'd probably make more if everything gave the same Pearl:Silver ratio on the market, you really are shooting yourself in the foot there.  Choice is good and people want to buy lots of different things, but if the sellers will only stick to the same 1-2 different types of items that give the best ratio then you are loosing out on sales for everything else.  I'd love to buy pets, mount stuff, functional items and all that (which means someone has to pay you $ to sell those to me) but barely any of it exists because its all 'outfit, outfit, outfit'.   Also, the ability to wear parts from different outfits and get the bonus instead of 1 matching set would mean several outfit sales (or at least additional part sales) instead of the single outfit most already have and rarely replace.
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  14. 2monthslatenonamesleft added a post in a topic Beer alternatives for CP   

    If you are doing the cooking for CP, grind your grains into flower and make the essence of liquor instead of beer.  You get 12.5 crafts worth of those out of the flour from 5 white grains instead of 1 craft of beer.  The rest can be store/vendor bought.   You can then use  the liquor plus some honey from the marketplace for honey wine and still turn a profit with the imperial trading of those.
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  15. 2monthslatenonamesleft added a post in a topic How do you crate sellers process so fast?   

    I want that goblin        Got a guy for my farm crates, but all my best ore/timber guys ended up being random idiots in heidel.
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