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  1. Omlecule added a post in a topic The League zerg lf serious competition (Top L2 players)   


    хз че было до АА КР рейда, но подозреваю что ты - жирный форумный пиздабол, слишком докуя напора на мнимый фактор абстрактных л2 легенд, которых ты типа взял и собрал в 1у кучу.
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  2. Omlecule added a post in a topic The League zerg lf serious competition (Top L2 players)   

    eto niki, okda? i ix 3, a ne 4
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  3. Omlecule added a post in a topic The League zerg lf serious competition (Top L2 players)   

    nazovi mne 4 paka kto livnul ili pizdabol, ibo na eu yshlo maximum 10 chel
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  4. Omlecule added a post in a topic Server selected by guilds [Summary]   

    Elzo - fat forum liar
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  5. Omlecule added a post in a topic RU PVP Guild   

    Какая локализация, такие и цены

    P.S. Сюда присоединилось пару человек с 1го состава так что норм, просто ребята поторопились и топик запилили наперед.
    there are some JP members here.
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  6. Omlecule added a post in a topic What top 10 guilds do you think will dominate the EU server?   

                                    CATCH THE ADDICT!

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  7. Omlecule added a post in a topic RU PVP Guild   

    под костяк с опытом кореи можно подписать от силы 100 чел, удивительно но

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  8. Omlecule added a post in a topic RU PVP Guild   

    Its just a body, that uses logo on its avatar and topic's message.

    Это всего лишь человек, юзанувший эмблемку на своей аве и в сообщение темы. Если вы присмотритесь, то тут не написано ни слова о том, что это они и есть или кто-то как-то связанный. Даже не написано какое будет у клана название на евро, просто ру-клан. Сначала хотелось отхуесосить, но потом понял что тут ничего и не было написано, так что не за что. Хоть тут и знамя Орды, но брать чужое лого с такой же игры - осуждаю.

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  9. Omlecule added a post in a topic Ru Guild   

    Че за таг то?


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  10. Omlecule added a post in a topic <Grind> - Disbanded   

    I play EU L2C now.

    Need to look on europian "We will have no P2W" first.
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  11. Omlecule added a post in a topic Ru Guild   

  12. Omlecule added a post in a topic Ru Guild   

  13. Omlecule added a post in a topic <Grind> - Disbanded   

    What problem do i produce?  Thought i was killing people for name of JP and helping to Grind to take the objectives on this test.

    BTW, its now to more then one person.
    I read some posts, maybe i had missunderstended some parts, but..

    You are so tender? Aren't you afraid to go online to the Internet?
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  14. Omlecule added a post in a topic <Grind> - Disbanded   

    Still if you will stop the video - you will see that Forest is member of Prets. It was on Siege 19.12.
    Who losed? Who was loosing? 1st Calpheon Siege was 2 guild of JP VS 2guild of prets and 3 guild of OC. It was 4 hours and territory came to neutral.  On that Siege when Prets's tent was 15% - you warrior turns cheats on and kills 30+ ppl  (when prets was all dying because was the reason why its took 15% camp). After it was 2vs5 to not to lose at 15% cheats were turning on, territory came neutral. After this JP (and most ru community) came anger, but it was not loosing.
    On the second Siege its was win. The Game Masters were on the 2nd Siege, but even with this we founded some Forest Gump.
    Ok, i am not the warrior, so maybe you know more and you true. Ok. You have 500% crystal maximym in game. Its = 2 ults. Okay can be 3. But not 7! Here is more detailed.
    1st, Its only me here. 
    2nd, i dont like p2w.
    #FORTHEKING   means for the Leader of Justplay, EviLSmile. I wasnt calling neither ourselves "Kings" nor me.
    Yep, not was real. But it was test with some caps, that must be taken. If we will talk about real - i would like to take 55lvl before Media comes.
    that's it from me, no hate.  
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  15. Omlecule added a post in a topic <Grind> - Disbanded   

    Was PKing for some days on of all three channels - hadnt seen Aphelion members at top 30 lvl on channel at all.
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