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  1. Pleazure added a post in a topic Thinking about returning to game   

    let him go... He woulda never made it here.
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  2. Pleazure added a post in a topic Do you think there will ever be an MMO that looks as good as Black Desert in the near future?   

    In the future.... That's an undeniable yes. 
    Obviously in the future games will far surpass BDO. 
    But let's say within the few games I see right now, ashes of creation is the only decent game on the horizon and its pretty ugly compared to BDO.
    BDO also has combat that is unbeatable rn.
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  3. Pleazure added a post in a topic Which region brings in more $$   

    Kakao only gets money from NA. 
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  4. Pleazure added a post in a topic I'm level 52. What now?   

    Lol don't listen to these scrubs.
    rush 56 get your awakening wep, learn your class and decide how you want to play from there.
    life skills, node wars, or OwPvp
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  5. Pleazure added a post in a topic Epheria sailboat Blue and green cannons do same damage at the same enhancement   

    A better question would be what actually works as intended in BDO...
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  6. Pleazure added a post in a topic Don't like waiting for a ticket response? Don't worry!   

    Wonderful saved me not receiving a reply for up to 30days. 
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  7. Pleazure added a post in a topic Lets create petitions for kr publisher/devs.   

    If you want something done about it organize it.
    Collect the data (there's tons of it) present it to the masses, and then from there you can send letters to game sites, GMs, form petition and attempt boycott. 
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  8. Pleazure added a post in a topic Can we get DP patch back   

    There's no transparency in this game, and Kakao hardly plays the game enough to know themselves.
    Just like trade rolling was reverted back and the debuff no longer applies. 
    Great job Kakao all your customers are so proud and impressed with the impeccable service you give. I hope those hair salons look good this year.
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  9. Pleazure added a post in a topic [New] Kamasylve Channels   

    ... There's been like 1000 suggested ideas for revised karma unless you've never been on this forum.
    -for 5 mins no karma lost after first kill.
    -after 2 deaths respawn the dead player farther and farther from node.
    These two separate ideas fix greifing problems and adds substance to karma and OwPvP.
    As for the new area it'd be nice or if they revised the current outlaw area to actually work and be effective and offer some small unique incentive for the perma reds would be nice.
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  10. Pleazure added a post in a topic Update : Eu mem market improvement   

    This is what happens when you think Acc/Eva builds beat AP builds.
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  11. Pleazure added a post in a topic WHY? I can't LOCK Night Vendor? (Rip Muskan Shoes)   

    I understand your excitement, and sorry you're disappointed.
    In the future take every precaution to secure something very important to you if you continue to play because our publishers are not reliable nor concerned with us as players. 
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  12. Pleazure added a post in a topic WHY? I can't LOCK Night Vendor? (Rip Muskan Shoes)   

    ... I swear some of y'all are such a joke.
    Yes there was a previous 15minute hold button, currently it is broken.
    Op they won't do anything for you cause... Well it's Kakao and why would they fix their own mistake..., I mean look at our classes and servers. Lol back on topic.
    Youre shit outta luck sorry it sounds so harsh but it's better than never receiving a response from Kakao for 30 days. 
    Best of luck in the future.
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  13. Pleazure added a post in a topic Sick and Tired of being sick and tires   

    .The game is -----ed right now and Kakao cant even be bothered to post anything besides Meme's and take our money.
    We play till something better comes and thats it.
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  14. Pleazure added a post in a topic [New] Kamasylve Channels   

    No, the solution is not to separate the player base further. That's why they merged the servers.
    The solution is an updated karma system or an area similar to the desert but more effective. 
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