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Posts posted by Alliennw

  1. Illebab Oasis (T3):

    FUzion (38 players) vs Sfora (40+ for sure) (We won most engages, we didn't have much people to be honest, was pretty fun, well played they never made it to our base)

    Oldskool vs Wasted (after 1h30+ mins they took Wasted down, and then took our base as well)

    Oldskool vs FUzion (We were attacking Sfora still when our surprise came, really amazing numbers Oldskool has on a Sunday, that is crazy)

    Oldskool vs Sfora (Kiilled with 8 mins to go, they should win against Dragonborn, as mentioned sfora had nothing almost left)

    Oldskool vs Dragonborn (2 mins later down too)

    xD u allied with Dragonborn against us and tryhard 1.5h

    live in ur wet dreams


    xD and u said it like neutral observator

    im sure Sfora  should with Milenium (maybe not easy) but kill Sovereign 2v1

    this pathetic alliance just block Sfora and thats all what they did on this siege



  3. Everyone so salty huhu, so 4v1 against Sovereign is ok and TRYING 2v1 is not apparently :D

    u cant beat Sfora  2v1 and u wanted try Soverein?

    gg wp


    set asid this stimulants

    Our mistake was just dont give u disband in the past


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  5. Maybe get a better Ally next time lol. no one likes Sfora :) they will always be first Target :)

    Ure only like guild flea

    in ur opinion noone like sfora lol. and we dont care u will always focus us ure to low to care

  6. xD Kapi nice explain urself

    we did bad choose cause we thought all guilds want punishment Sov

    next time we will just fast destroy you

    have a nice day u pleb

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  7. if u wanna dmg u should change on kutum

    u know ur accuracy from accesories is too important if u have 2x Red coral earring TRI tri spirit belt tri u can try with nouver


  8. Just for you:2 hours timers often leads to unfinished nodewars and this imo will hurt the pvp scene cause more people will stop doing pvp if they can't find any success

    ty ^^ its logic smth 2hours is just to small to win node. that cds when someguild (in close lvl) can do smth its from 30-40min after start so 1.5h max time left to push him, its ok when u have 1v1, 1v1v1, 1v1v1v1 but when fights more guilds its pretty hard to win:P

    dont care about him he just want to provoke me :P

    He took more time writing that one post than you did with your 470 posts combined, have some respect and read the whole thing.

    where u see no respect in my post ? u wrote here 1 quality post expect ur shit ?