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  1. Drustein added a post in a topic Question about Cooking Utensils   

    If you're cooking AFK, the utensils with zone names are designed for that purpose and actually increase the time it takes to cook, with the advantage being they have greater durability and you can cook more items while AFK. If you are seeking greater speed, however, you want the intermediate or advanced one.
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  2. Drustein added a post in a topic Bug with Attendance rewards   

    Don't worry CopyNinja....you're only missing out a few Mark of Shadows at best. Me? Due to work commitments I'm missing out on the fine accessory box by one day.
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  3. Drustein added a post in a topic What the #### kind of droprate increase is this?   

    I was stunned by how many people called me a liar when I questioned the drop rate during the halloween event. The experience taught me that event drops CAN be VASTLY different from player to player and some people CAN be a'holes. This isn't something that will ever change about BDO and this community. 
    I also learned it pays to use new or alternative characters to improve event related drop rates.
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  4. Drustein added a post in a topic People stacking their farms on top of mine   

    Farms are indeed instanced. I do believe it is impossible for anyone to steal your water. If they can, then the mechanic must have been changed.
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  5. Drustein added a post in a topic In game ads about weight/inventory   

    no. Never heard of advertising, or seen an ad, or ever seen a PARKING sign 
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  6. Drustein added a post in a topic In game ads about weight/inventory   

    In that case, maybe we need bigger in-game ads, and more of them. But i doubt it.
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  7. Drustein added a post in a topic In game ads about weight/inventory   

    could be true. I dont know anyone who plays league of legends. Maybe you have just  explained why.
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  8. Drustein added a post in a topic In game ads about weight/inventory   

    Cool. But why were they enabled to begin with?  They're getting pretty shameless, and most gamers I know would find such shameless nudges in their wallets more than distasteful. 
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  9. Drustein added a post in a topic No damage buffs for ninja and kuno why?   

    I dont think anyone is surprised by the neglect of these classes. What's surprising is the lack of any explanation.
    Just kidding.  I would be FAR more surprised to see an official response to this thread. What I don't get is why they don't just delete Ninja and Kuno, seeing as they clearly have zero interest.
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  10. Drustein added a post in a topic What the #### kind of droprate increase is this?   

    These events always favour some much more than others.  Get ready for people telling you all about rng...and the only response I recall seeing from GM's when players ask about this is that everything is WAI. Try using a different character...the results may surprise you. 
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  11. Drustein added a post in a topic [Notice] Attendance Message | Known Issues [Updated - 2/23/17]   

    You'renot the only one missing out on the fine accessory box.  I'm in the same boat...and it hurts.  I don't think previous attendance events ran as tightly as this one,  because I haven't missed any before. 
    It looks like the reward for loyal players is a kick in the balls, because the other attendance rewards are on-going. New and returning players are clearly more valuable. With this discovery, and the neglect of my class in this new "balancing",  I'm not sure why they're trying so hard to make me leave the game but it might just work this time. 
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  12. Drustein added a post in a topic Warrior or Kunoichi? For New/Returning Player   

    If you like a challenge,  you will like Kuno more
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  13. Drustein added a post in a topic What is your biggest gripe about BDO?   

    1. The lack of rewarding content to tempt higher levels away from Sausans and other areas new players need to go to
    2. Class favouritism by the developer
    3. Stealth nerfs
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  14. Drustein added a post in a topic For honor vs bdo pvp   

    I understand why so many in this forum are bagging out For Honor. From what I've seen so far it actually requires some skill to win fights. It doesn't appear to be for those used to out-gearing and out-levelling opponents. It's got a system they've been developing for the last four years, and though I've only played a little I think the effort shows. But it lacks polish.
    i am not playing BDO for PVP. But if I was, I fair dinkum would've stopped quite a while ago...when they staggered awakenings and gimped my Kuno for months. And with all the stealth nerfs and poor server reliability (the last is a big issue for me-I get way better frame rates in other games and sometimes can't connect for more than a few minutes at a time) the moment I find a better game I'll be playing it. So far, though, BDO is still top dog on my PC. There's room for improvement, and plenty of it, but this remains a great game to play.
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  15. Drustein added a post in a topic Please fix kuno!   

    I would love to see Kuno get more attention,  but experience has taught me that Kuno's aren't exactly a high priory to the developer. Don't hold your breath waiting for any effort to be put into this class. 
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  16. Drustein added a post in a topic Why can't we have the same names?   

    This is something i wondered about from the start. It turned out you couldn't when i first started because of the server merge they said they weren't planning.  I'm not sure why it still a thing but rather than seeing how silly the system is, many forum users will likely tell you that you need to "git gud" at inventing names.
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  17. Drustein added a post in a topic Do you guys think we can get a PVE channel?   

    I can't work you angrybears out at all. Why on Earth would you care if there was a channel with no PVP? It might even open the way for a return of penalties for you PK loving psychos to inflict on each other, and reduce "karma bombing" for those can't stop killing long enough to realise you're only griefing yourselves.
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  18. Drustein added a post in a topic Going negative karma (red) is like your worst nightmare   

    The Karna system is working just fine. Not perfectly, but nothing is perfect.
    You can only be "karma bombed" if you're a willing participant in the process. Pretty players cannot force you to forcefully slaughter them, and that's the truth of it. You can still kill "every white square" you see if you want, but don't wine about karma if that's how you want to play.
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  19. Drustein added a post in a topic GG Trading is nerfed to the ground   

    I checked the patch notes and can't find anything about a nerf to nrmal trade goods. You guys aren't suggesting they would make such a major and obvious change without putting it in patch notes are you?
    oh yeah...that's right...they do this stuff ALL the time. I am very weary of ninja nerfs. I wish Kakao would stop pulling this stuff, but like many wishes I have (such as my new yearning for a US President who doesn't believe torture works) I'm certainly not holding my breath waiting for it to happen. 
    And for those saying "good stuff...maybe now we'll get good trade missions" should not hold their breath either. And anyway...why the sweet f*** could we not have BOTH. I don't get it.
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  20. Drustein added a post in a topic Did trading get nerfed ?   

    I've said it before, and I'll,say it again. Communication between Pearl Abyss and Kakao is completely shit, and therefore Kakao's communication with us is no better. Patch notes would be far more aptly named "patchy notes" around here.
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  21. Drustein added a post in a topic Karma System is Perfect? Fact Sheet   

    How do you tell they are purposefully ruining your rotation, and not simply playing the game?
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  22. Drustein added a post in a topic A Number of VERY annoying things with easy fixes   

    Nice thread OP. If they fixed half these things it would really improve the game. Especially the NPC's throwing their lines out over and over and over and over and over. It's very unnatural, and very annoying.
    I just want to add one thing:  Increase the distance a bit that traders can access your wagon. Several times I have parked what looks to be close enough, and items appear listed as though I can sell them, and then I blow a heap of energy on the bargaining mini-game only to find out my victory is hollow, because though the items list as though I can sell them the "distance is too great".  if you won't  increase the distance, then how about not letting the items appear in the trading list for sale? 
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  23. Drustein added a post in a topic BDO saved me!   

    I am not entirely certain I understand your tale. But I have no doubts about one thing. BDO is a great game.
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  24. Drustein added a post in a topic Santas snow storms   

    True. But the snow storms I'm talking about hover directly over towns and stay for ages. I'm Australian and I admit I don't know a lot about snow, but I when it snows it doesn't only snow over towns does it? I guess I should in fact be happy they are localised...I might have to travel a lot further if they were realistic snow storms.
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  25. Drustein added a post in a topic Horse mounting glitch   

    The whistling trick is a good tip. But sometimes you don't get a chance to use it before you have to relog. It is only a minor inconvience at worst, but something I hope they can sort out one day.
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