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  1. Drustein added a post in a topic Play your way event is hurting new players   

    Yesterday I was gathering skins to build a wagon and some clever cookie thought they'd sneak up behind me and steal the resource out from under me. They failed, because I'm maxed on gather speed. A new player would have lost that resource, and I can definitely see how frustrating that would be.
    Established players can easily steal resources out from under new players, and something should be done to prevent this. If someone has started the process, nobody else should be able to gather off that node.
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  2. Drustein added a post in a topic Hard and Sharp Event? Is it working?   

    Well... If it's WAI, perhaps their intention is to have a pretty unimpressive event? I have come to learn, however, that events involving drops favour some players greatly while others could be forgiven for thinking there is no event.
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  3. Drustein added a topic in General   

    Horse mounting glitch
    Every now and then I can't get on my horse. Even the character is clearly annoyed by this, and you have an animation where they put their hands on their hips and shake their head. I'm shaking my head too, cuz around 1/5 times they end up standing there glued to the side of the horse and I have to switch back forth between characters to get unstuck.
    Can we get a fix for this irritating bug? It's extra annoying when I'm doing scrolls with guildies and they have to wait for me to unstick myself.
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  4. Drustein added a topic in Suggestions   

    Santas snow storms
    Apologies if there is a thread already about this.
    Can we lose the localised snow storms over towns now? Santas been gone a while but I still have to frequently wander off into the hills to dry stuff and it's getting annoying.
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  5. Drustein added a post in a topic Any chance you could throw people who work weekends a bone in regards to exp boosts?   

    I was thinking...mmm, good point. People who work weekends would be getting left behind the average player, but how would fix that?
    Then I got past the title and read your post. Your suggested solution actually sounds pretty neat and tidy. I hope someone upstairs hears you.
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  6. Drustein added a post in a topic Patch Notes - January 18th   

    A snowman resistant to heatstroke?
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  7. Drustein added a post in a topic Patch Notes - January 18th   

    I was really hoping to see some in there along the lines of: 
    Added option to toggle PARKING sign on mounts on/offMaybe next week.....?
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  8. Drustein added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance January 18th   

    yeah..WTF Indeed. Hopefully they pulled em so they could add this:
    Added option to toggle PARKING neons on/off on mounts
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  9. Drustein added a post in a topic [SUGGESTION] Let's play together - some good old games   

    I would love to see some more stuff like Joungf is suggesting. Little games like this now and then could be a lot of fun.
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  10. Drustein added a post in a topic [SUGGESTION] Let's play together - some good old games   

    I guess there's a little truth to what you say. But...there isn't really any point in saying it. You are entitled to your opinion, but I think such ideas have merit, and there is no harm in making suggestions is there? I hope the OP continues to make suggestions. He has as much right to make bad suggestions as you have to make bad forum posts. Only I don't think his suggestion so far are that bad. 
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  11. Drustein added a post in a topic [SUGGESTION] Let's play together - some good old games   

    They're just suggestions dude. They ask for suggestions. Look up there under "Announcements" at the top the page. See what it says? And did you spot the topic area this thread was posted in? There's a clue there too.
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  12. Drustein added a post in a topic [SUGGESTION] Let's play together - some good old games   

    Great food for thought.
    I like that you included Dodgeball. Maybe teams could flag up and line up a set distance apart and shoot certain ranged attacks at each other. You wouldn't have to be killed, just hit once and you're out. If you can dodge a shuriken you can dodge a ball.
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  13. Drustein added a post in a topic This needs to stop.   

    I'm glad so many have no experience with the lag that can strike with fatal results in this game. Personally, I sympathise with the OP, and have zero doubt in his story. Many many times I have clicked on something and had no response, usually putting things into storage in Heidel I have an optical fibre connection that runs like lightning, This is the ONLY game I play online that I see this kind of lag in.
    I can EASILY see this happening.
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  14. Drustein added a post in a topic When did this game get so carebear?   

    There are many reasons to have the penalties removed for getting pked. I'm yet to see what I would cal a good reason to bring them back. I would understand if there wasn't so many high level players claiming ownership over places that level 50-55's need to go to get up there with them. They removed penalties because not only was it possible to prevent lower geared lower levelled players from this sort after spots, you could actually prevent them progressing at all.
    You angrybears can whine about carebears all you like, and you will. Fact is, without new players coming into the game BDO would die a slow death. And even new angrybears would soon see the pointlessness of playing against established players if the xp penalty was restored.
    As for karma bombing... Stop killing them. Pretty easy to not kill someone. If you want to claim ownership of a spot, try talking before you jump on someone. The larger part of players are very reasonable from what I've experienced. You might even find yourself teaming up. Most importantly, if you are absolutely convinced someone is karma bombing you...STOP KILLING THEM!
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  15. Drustein added a post in a topic Remove the god awful horse parking neon lights!!   

    Can you find something less meaningless to say in a thread that raises a really valid point?
    At first I thought maybe they pimped all our rides to make them easier to find when you wander off. But... that thought didn't last beyond the next one, which was autopathing followed by the sound of flutes. 
    I never understood why there is a parking sign to begin with. Now that it is almost the same size of the horse it looks awful. And in such a well designed and beautiful game, it really stands out and looks to me like it might be a glitch. Let's not forget the visuals of this game are one of its greatest assets. I hope Kakao put in an option to turn this off, or that they just remove it. The stake in the ground is ALL we need see the horse is parked.
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  16. Drustein added a post in a topic Balance, where is it?   

  17. Drustein added a post in a topic No such thing as "Non-Consensual PVP" in BDO   

    Um...I am a little confused. Maybe cuz I'm just sitting down after moving house and I am pretty tired right now. Forgive me if I misunderstand, but you seem to be think (probably cuz of my first line) that I agree with the OP. I did a bad job writing my post if you think I am in favour of anyone limiting their enjoyment of the game by never levelling past fifty. To stay low levelled to avoid PVP is folly. Perhaps if you wanna AFK fish or train in combat zones, maybe it is a smart play but only then.
    Anyone who isn't playing this game because they don't enjoy PVP should give it a go. There are zero penalties to being attacked and killed, and if you want to avoid PVP then by choosing your channel and learning which locations are most desired by BDO real estate moguls you will find it possible to go weeks and even months without being jumped by an angrybear.
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  18. Drustein added a post in a topic Connection to the game server lost... constantly   

    Every now and then, usually at least once a week, I can't play because of these "Lost connection to server" problems.
    What often works is clicking on "Start" instead of clicking on the message window that pops up on the screen you get booted to. But if I am still on cooldown and unable to change channels I sometimes have to see that screen several times. Logging on to a different channel however often seems to work, though sometimes nothing I can do will get me a stable connection.
    I hope they do fix this, cuz it is the biggest problem I have with the game right now.
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  19. Drustein added a post in a topic No such thing as "Non-Consensual PVP" in BDO   

    I agree there is no such things as non-consensual PVP in any game.
    Its PV-unflagged player that is non-consensual.
    Killing players unflagged is the choice of the aggressor, hence the karma thing. Kakao have stated that attacking umflagged players, who can't hit back until they do flag, is considered an "evil" playstyle and the game mechanics reflect that. When I have been pked, I was never once asked if I actually wanted flag up and duel, not was I given the opportunity to explain that quest markers brought me into someone's "owned" spot, and not my desire to ruin rotations.
    TBH, by far the most crying I see comes from PKer's who are being Karna bombed, and as far as I am concerned you can't be karma bombed unless you're a willing participant. Putting penalties on people who get killed unflagged would be the exact same thing as penalizing mugging victims for tempting the mugger by having nice shoes.
    If you feel the need to flag up and kill nothing is stopping you. You could always challenge them to a duel first, but if you want to jump them without talking first you face consequences. And that's how it should be.
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  20. Drustein added a post in a topic Fix the Disconnect problems!!!   

    Are we ever going to get stable servers? It's my turn again today, and I'm on my sixth and final attempt to stay logged in right now. It's ridiculous, and it must be at Kakao's end. Nothing is different at my end from the times it works well and the times it doesn't. Of all things that people say needs fixing with the game, this issue is easily the most crippling to those who have this extra rng event on log in, because when it hits you literally can't play the game at all.
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  21. Drustein added a post in a topic This Type of Thing Will Hurt Game in Long Run   

    I just hope one or two greedy players don't mess it up for the majority with this black market bullshit.
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  22. Drustein added a post in a topic Communication: Let's talk more.   

    If my OP stopped at the title, then your forum family-name would surely have to be Yesiam.
    Sadly, what I really wanted was for Kakao to talk more, and me to talk less.
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  23. Drustein added a post in a topic Communication: Let's talk more.   

    This thread got derailed rather well, and at the same time I got exactly what I wanted. I could very easily fill your screens with people expressing concern over a lack of answers. I could fill screens with quotes of different people asking the same question over and over. Instead, I offer this thread as evidence of what I'm talking about.  http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/125622-lavientias-event-items-update/
    Here is an example of poor communication. It is clear the original post in the above thread confirms a problem. One could argue that this fix mentioned in the update being on the same day as the event ending means the event is clearly extending. One could also argue that the fix IS the event ending. Almost instantly someone asked for clarification, and then soon someone else asked. And then someone else asked. And then someone else asked. I haven't counted how many different people asked. I know some asked several times. Before you know it, the days go by and people start to get a little cranky. 
    Now we know, and thankfully before the servers go down for maintenance, that the event will most certainly be extended, and by a whole three weeks. It won't actually be fixed until next maintenance, but now people know where they stand. The question remains, however, why didn't someone just say something before I go and start my second thread expressing concern over communication and have Plunge talk nonsense at me? Obviously nobody knew for sure what was going to happen until shortly before the announcement, but it would have been less obvious that nobody knew if someone dropped a few lines of spin in the forum. Tell me sweet little lies. It's better than ignoring me.
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  24. Drustein added a post in a topic Lavientias Event extended ** Updated [1/4/2017] **   

    Thank you for providing this info before the servers go down. If you hadn't...I would've wasted a considerable stack of diamonds.
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  25. Drustein added a post in a topic Communication: Let's talk more.   

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