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  1. Drustein added a post in a topic Communication: Let's talk more.   

    I didn't ask for evidence. I asked at what point I claimed to speak for YOU. And I meant you wasted your time because I don't give two knobs of goat poo what you say at this point. I don't think you half as clever as you think you are, and I disagree with you. 
    If Kakao need you to hop up and down like a mad hatter defending them in this thread, then I think you're proving my point. Nice smileys btw. I like smiley faces too...and you don't overuse them at all.
    Back on topic: Kakao don't answer questions nearly often enough. Sometimes it's better to tell us if they don't know something rather than remaining quiet. (That's "us" as in "the community I am a part of" not "Plunge and I") I think once a question is asked a certain number of times it warrants some sort of response, and I think Kakao offer the impression that they don't know and/or don't care when they let people repeat the same question over and over in the forum.
    (Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this forum post are the views of the individual and do not represent people the author has had no contact with, does not know, and has never met)
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  2. Drustein added a post in a topic Communication: Let's talk more.   

    Thank you. I sure would appreciate that.
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  3. Drustein added a post in a topic Communication: Let's talk more.   

    Thank you. You went to a lot of trouble to accomplish bugger all, and I appreciate that.  
    I repeat: I never claimed to speak for the ENTIRE community. That was you. You know....where you said:
    I cannot speak for you, because I do not know troll.
    Talk to Plunge...he is your spokesman, not me. I, unlike you, understand that other people can speak in the forum too.
    To both of you I say this: Don't worry so much about this thread. Why don't you go start a thread expressing how you think the community is being very well informed and Kakao could not possibly do a better job. I am sure the response would be just as entertaining as this, probably more so.
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  4. Drustein added a post in a topic Communication: Let's talk more.   

    Seriously...at what point did I claim to speak for you? You are the only one making that claim, and I assure you I am not a pretender to your throne: I certainly do NOT speak for the community as a whole. I'm just a little Cookie Monster with my unique and crazy angle on things over here. And I promise you Plunge, that while I am absolutely certain there are those who genuinely feel the responses to questions in the forum over the last six months have been "Great" you do not speak for me. That's your take on it, and I respect that. I have serious doubts that you would have the majority of the community behind you on that, but you are entitled to your opinion.
    Please tell me more about your special ability to "speak for the community"...I find it fascinating.
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  5. Drustein added a post in a topic Communication: Let's talk more.   

    What I think odd is that you seem to be saying I should be asking your permission before making such statements. I don't even know who you are tbh. As a part of this community I can and will discus whatever I like, thank you. It would seem it is I who missed the meeting, because clearly everyone must have voted for you. You can tell me I'm wrong all you like, but I prefer to reach my own conclusions based on evidence and you haven't said anything I wasn't completely aware of other than apparently I should've checked with you first. But then, to be fair, I'm not exactly breaking new ground either.
    I shall run all future posts by you for approval. Unless I forget. Which I probably will. 
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  6. Drustein added a topic in General   

    Communication: Let's talk more.
    I have said it before, but I am going there again.
    Kakao needs to talk more. The Ninja/Kuno thing, the Nouver thing, the regularly incomplete patch notes... And now the "fix" coinciding with the event ending and not getting any clarification day after day even though within hours several people directly asked about it.
    What on Earth is wrong with communicating with us? It makes it appear you haven't got a single person working at Kakao who knows what the hell is happening.
    With the examples above, each and every one of them, people asked directly here in the forum about these issues. And each and every time nobody got answers. When we did hey answers, it was basically you guys telling is you don't have any answers, and not before half the community was raging in the forum.
    Pearl Abyss and Kakao clearly need to talk m more. Kakao needs to get clearer information so they can keep us informed. The way things are right now, the only communication your community is getting regularly is that you guys have no clue and you don't care.
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  7. Drustein added a post in a topic Lavientias Event Items **Update [1/3/2017]**   

    At this point I am no longer expecting a response, and doubt anybody else is either. But PLEASE clarify this before the game goes down for maintenance.
    Given that you guys have said the event will be fixed on the same day it ends, one must surely assume the event WILL be extended because SURELY you wouldn't implement a "fix" by just ending it.
    You have a huge gaping hole in your communication on this. Hello?? Anybody??? This isn't funny anymore.
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  8. Drustein added a post in a topic Lavientias Event Items **Update [1/3/2017]**   

    It is INCREDIBLE to see an announcement that amounts up to "We are not fixing anything until its too late to matter" without responding to a ton questions about this illogical "fix" estimation.
    I am sitting on a hoard and I don't know whether to use it now, or hold put for another week of drops. How can we not even get a "We will be extending the event" or a "We will not be extending the event" out of someone? I'd even take a "We are not driving with our eyes open, we are using the Force" at this point.
    At least I can check the patch notes before the game goes offline so I can know for sure before it's too late. Oh, I almost forgot. Patch notes are something of an afterthought around here.
    In brighter news...I can announce I am personally implementing a fix to all problems any person ever had ever. Current estimates put the fix on schedule and everything shall be completely sorted out by January 4th, 200000000000000000000017. This date can also be noted down as the twelfth of Who-Gives-a-F*ck...You-Won't-Be-Here.
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  9. Drustein added a post in a topic Lavientias Event Items **Update [1/3/2017]**   

    Trolls make accounts to troll. I am always wary of new accounts with people saying stuff like "the entitlement it's overwhelming".
    And the point about the mechanic had NOTHING to do paying anybody. The point was the mechanic isn't fixing anything. I'm pretty sure I would not pay that mechanic a cent.
    I really dislike people who complain about people complaining because they don't think the person complaining had a right to complain. When someone tells you one thing, then does something else that renders efforts you invested based on the incorrect info pointless or void I think a little anger and venting is to absolutely expected.
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  10. Drustein added a post in a topic Lavientias Event Items **Update [1/3/2017]**   

    I was going to explain that asking for info on a fix to an event that is going to be implemented on the day the event ends (which is like a mechanic asking when your rego is due and telling you your broke car won't be a problem after then) is a far cry from "entitlement", unless you mean people are acting all "entitled" to clarification. And then I saw how many posts you've made and realised you are either just trolling, or are still on your honeymoon.
    Personally, I don't think they will extend the event. But I would like to know for sure before I use my hoard of event items. I might be able to get me one of those better boxes if I can land a few more pearls...it's a close run thing.
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  11. Drustein added a post in a topic Happy New Year!   

    Sorry bout that. It's after midnight and I'm drunk...
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  12. Drustein added a topic in General   

    Happy New Year!
    I'm a bit early for most of you, but its 2017 here.... All the best for the new year everyone!
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  13. Drustein added a post in a topic will lavientia event get extended?   

    They haven't said they will, and I think BECAUSE they haven't said they will it is most likely they won't.
    I don't know whether to chew through my hoard or not, and it would be nice to have an official answer.
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  14. Drustein added a topic in General   

    will lavientia event get extended?
    Will the event be extended with the drops restored?? I have been hoarding every drop to see what I get and what I can make before using them, and had planned to put together whatever I can in the evening just before maintenance (I'm Aussie... So maintenance is almost prime-time for me).
    Please let us know ahead of time if the event will end or be extended.
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  15. Drustein added a post in a topic Lavientias Event Items **Update [1/3/2017]**   

    Can you please tell us whether or not the event will get extended?
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  16. Drustein added a post in a topic Lavientias Event Items **Update [1/3/2017]**   

    Buy wait... Doesn't the event END with next weeks maintenance???
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  17. Drustein added a post in a topic Game runs bad now   

    Gotta add that even though I alteady had pretty lousy frame rates Kakao's latest "Improvements" have in fact made it, somehow, even worse. Considering I didn't think it possible, I confess I'm quite impressed.
    Now I have to click on stuff repeatedly to make things work, and as I write this I'm looking at my settings and watching the FPS rock between 1-4 (EASILY the worst performance of ANY game I have played EVER) reading mostly on 3. I cant do scrolls, play mini games, or realistically play the game at all.
    My machine aint the greatest, but holy crap...it sure as shit can do WAY better than this. I know...cuz until this latest "fix" it WAS.
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  18. Drustein added a post in a topic If you could Change/Fix/Remove or Add ONE thing   

    Great idea. A little captains cabin would be awesome.
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  19. Drustein added a post in a topic Increased drop rate scroll in value pack.   

    I think its borderline P2W as is, but if the value pack contained an item drop increase as well, that would tip the scales.
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  20. Drustein added a post in a topic If your girlfreind deleted your Black Desert character?   

    If you had any doubts whether or not you were dating a control freak, this would be all the evidence required to close the case.
    Hey... Your girlfriend doesn't work for Kakao does she? She seems to have the same communication policy when it comes to implementing change.
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  21. Drustein added a post in a topic fix the Fir trees East of Western Guard Camp   

    I've noticed that the dense forest of firs there does comprise a lot of purely aesthetic trees...but I'm pretty sure that's deliberate. There are still a lot of them there for harvest, though.
    I have found the fastest way to harvest fir trees is following the fence lines around the farms near Velia.
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  22. Drustein added a post in a topic Possible to organize a strike? (✿◡‿◡)   

    Interesting idea. I wish people could know who is selling horses, cuz in the spirit of your strike idea, I would be quite willing to make sure I never buy a horse from you.
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  23. Drustein added a post in a topic Chrismas Bundle - Information   

    Free Christmas bundles for buying stuff or getting others to buy stuff is absolutely NOT free.
    Merry Christmas to you too Kakao. I would like to offer a every member of staff willing to take part a FREE sixpack of beer...all each of you need to do is buy me five bottles of Jack Daniels and that six pack is yours at no (further) cost!!
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  24. Drustein added a post in a topic Hope you don't park your horse at sausans.   

    I bet you're great fun at parties.
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  25. Drustein added a post in a topic Disconnects   

    I've given up for the night. Constant disconnects, sometimes before I even get past the character select screen...which has never happened before. Whatever they did in the last maintenance, I hope they didn't spend too much money on it.
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