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Posts posted by Drustein

  1. you can easy get all log on 4-6 day of gathering. just sleep in a bed for 2-3 hours and rebegin...

    Easy? Sure its easy. But its just so f*cking boring.

  2. I agree that the absolutely vast amount of logs required to build this ship does make for an extremely tedious gaming experience. But to change it now would infuriate those who already have labored through it. And it does add a little realism in that building one of these ships does indeed require insane amounts of lumber. 

    I sure wish more logs were available on the market, or that they had another event that they had when the ships were first released that gave us more logs through gathering. 

  3. The Karma system minimises griefing to one thing that you can avoid. Bringing back penalties will make griefing far more widespread and much much harder to avoid.

    I kinda love the fact new undergeared players can grief long term OP players. Of course...if you play smart you can't get griefed. But a lot of people fail to see that somehow...

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  4. Could you try clearing your game cache?

    Best regards,
    GM Dew

    Of all the problems people ask about you decided to help the guy having trouble killing afk trainers. 

    Even so...it's good see someone getting help from a GM in the forum. That doesn't seem to happen often enough. 

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  5. I haven't seen anything else drop from them since I started playing. Would love to hear if anybody got something other than armor stones.

  6. I remember the time i did smth stupid rolling the NV. Just after the patch the NV was implemented (back in june or july) i rolled a tree spirit armor for only 190m. I had about 400m in my bank but i passed on it thinking it was too expensive. I waited for almost 2 months to roll it again at the nv. And this time it was 385m. I bought it instantly.

    But i was the only one to blame. I didnt cry my ass over on the forum nor to gm's.

    Learn to live with your mistakes and also to suffer the consequences. 

    There's a difference between your mistake and the OP's. Your mistake was a decision you made.  His mistake was being unaware of a bug.

  7. What happened to your common sense then?  Also, it looks to me that you're well aware of the existence of the forum.  Didn't you read the news section?  It's right in your launcher too.  You're just mad

    Seriously dude...do you check the forum every time before playing the game? There was nothing about this in the launcher when I logged on last...but maybe there is now.  Even so...not everybody will read that stuff while typing in their password. 

    The hold function has been in place for a while,  with no reason for anybody who hasn't read about it to expect this problem.  Personally,  I think they need to help this player out. I would be mad as hell too.

  8. Personally i will never understand killing afk anybody. The arguments in favor of killing fishers and trainers sounds like BS to me. But seeing as it doesn't happen very often (to me only twice since I started playing) I am okay with it. 

    But those who do it and then complain about karma or a lack of penalties for being pked need to realise the karma system so many whine about exists in no small part because of these kind of actions. 

  9. Bringing back EXP loss is just one of the ideas.

    Below You may find what griefing is (it is not only about stronger kiling weaker)

    A griefer is a player in a multiplayer video game who deliberately irritates and angers other players within the game, often using aspects of the game in unintended ways.[1] A griefer derives pleasure primarily or exclusively from the act of annoying other users, and as such is a particular nuisance in online gaming communities, since griefers often cannot be deterred by penalties related to in-game goals.

    If you really are being griefed by another player, get their health low and let them die to mobs. Or do something crazy...stop killing them.

    The repeated kills/deaths penalty reduction/increase idea has been floating around for a while now. I expect they will introduce something eventually. But dont hold your breath. In the meantime, the only solution is to play smarter.

  10. If you bring back death penalties for getting pked it would kill the game for new players and enable guilds with high geared/levelled players to control grind spots to prevent competition.

    As it stands, griefing is limited. If you're smart, you can avoid karma loss. If the old system is restored, it would make the game totally unappealing to new and casual players.

    The game doesn't support griefers. People who keep forcefully slaughtering unflagged players support griefers.

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  11. Add another Aussie to the list. Does nobody at Daum have any info as to why we are being told the quest has already been accepted? It isnt in the list of accepted quests, and if it hasnt reset why does the guy in Florin offer it? Not for the first time, this game has me confused.

    [Edit] Incredibly...changing time zones worked for me. Very bodgy stuff, Daum.

  12. Some of us think it's perfect as is....

    Going off my quote,  it appears you're saying its perfect that every thread discussing ideas related to the karma system devolves rapidly into name calling. Fyi...I'm fine with the karma system...as I've pointed out in many threads many times. 

  13. This is a great idea. The standard response when going to good grind spots right now is "spot taken", if anything is said at all before you get attacked. Let's make the standard response a group invite instead.

  14. Why on Earth does this event not have an entry in the official event thread containing all the info and rewards? This is the sort of thing that leads to people (like me...i think I personally started 2) making negative threads about awful communication. Things like this cheesed me off when I started. Now I just shrug, nod in resignation, and do a google search. 

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  15. Gotta say it...my joy over the game running better since last patch is over now. Back to the same old tricks already. Regularly returning after going afk to see connection lost screen. Stuck to my horse again repeatedly the last few days. And whether or not I seem to get a good connection appears to be back in the hands of rngeesus. What the heck is going on with this game? I have never had these issues with the many other online games I play. Just this one. It is honestly reaching the point where I gotta stop, purely because some days I simply cannot play. 

  16. It would be nice to be able offer appreciation more often.  I wish they would give us the opportunity to do so on a more regular basis. But until they stop with things like the current communication meltdown, we won't see threads like this fill the forum.  And that is something i think a lot of People yearn to see. 

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  17. That's a flawed argument.

    How could Kakao be the common denominator if they don't get the information in the first place? Yes, they're not communicating in this made-up scenario, but it's not particularly their fault. 

    whether it is poor communication between PA and Kakao or Kakao and the playerbase, I dont think anyone who has been around for a while here could reasonably claim communication is great, or even good. Whatever the reason for it, there is a huge margin for improvement.

    TBH, I don't expect to see any changes in this regard. But I would like to point out that all defense of Kakao in threads on this subject come from players or volunteers like yourself, and they shouldn't be relying on you and Plunge on such an important issue.

  18. I still find this super funny how gullible you actually are.


    PKing in this is a acceptable game mechanic and it dosent matter how many times you kill the same person due to player killing is allowed and role players are still normal players that are not above the simple in game mechanics.


    You got trolled by the GM's over something that in no way can or will get you banned as player killing is a in game mechanic.

    i havent actualy read the policy as written by Kakao, but I am pretty sure Drem's antics could be seen as harrassing other players. If that's how they choose to see it, and even though its amusing his campaign in the forum does nothing to counter that perspective, then yeah...they could ban him

    I am glad they didnt though, cuz this whole situation is the most entertaining thing I've seen in the forum all year. And I dont like bans unless it involves actual cheating. 

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  19. .

    pretty much everywhere.

    Boss Spawns, Boss scrolls, Mem frag scrolls, roads between cities, farms spots, gathering hot spots, fishing areas. all sorts of places. 

    Wait...are you seriously suggesting that people camp players doing world bosses, boss scrolls, or are out gathering? And why fishing areas?  Afk fishing is rping? since when? Since when are any of these things rping? Are you widening your net or just trying to see how far you can run with this before they lock your account?