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  1. Missterious added a post in a topic Workers stop when offline?   

    As said, Korea is a different market so needs a different set of rules. Switching off the computer is good for the environment. Obviously they have never heard of global warming.
    As for farms they could separate the two with farms only working while you are online. That wouldn't be difficult.
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  2. Missterious added a post in a topic What is the Endgame?   

    You want an endgame too? The endgame is supposed to be all that lovely PvP action you aren't getting. i hope you read all the reviews cause they all said the game lacks end.
    Actually you can choose whatever you want to be the end game, PvE or PvP,
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  3. Missterious added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Workers stop when offline?
    My workers seem to finish the present piece of work they are on and then stop, so if one has have 24 to do and one in progress they will finish the one in progress and then stop until I log in again. I doubt if this intended as they used to continue working all of the time?
    It may have started when workers were first allowed to go into gardens, I have one.
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  4. Missterious added a post in a topic Witch skills Bugged   

    The base attack with staff (LMB) isn't worth bothering with, you can regain all MP far more easily using other options. Using the staff strike is also far too dangerous against higher level enemies.
    Rez does work if you point directly at the person and hold down CTRL, then waiting for the identifier circle to appear - sometimes. Would be much better if it worked on the nearest friendly corpse
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  5. Missterious added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Timber Delivery repeatable quest
    I try to do this daily but often on different characters. Most seem to handle the wheelbarrow without issue My problem is on one character the left mouse button works perfectly to balance the wheelbarrow but the right one does not. The result is that it falls over repeatedly to the left. I can complete the quest eventually, just keep pushing the barrow while it is up, but it takes a lot more time than it should.
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  6. Missterious added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Levelling stuck at 49 + 99.999%
    Anyone know if this is a bug or am I missing a crucial quest?
    It's a crucial quest. Message was lost amongst the usual dross telling me things I didn't want to know at top of the screen
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  7. Missterious added a post in a topic Buying horses with RL money   

    To be honest they might as well put in a Perls for silvers exchange.  Providing you can't sell silvers for real money the gold sellers won't be interested and it might reduce their options.
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  8. Missterious added a post in a topic Anyone expecting complete silence come Monday?   

    I don't see how they can manage that easily unless they make everyone's equipment have the same level of stats. It's going to be a stats nightmare with those that have winning over the have nots..
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  9. Missterious added a post in a topic Where is the maid   

    Some can also swap sex, if they want to, sequential hermaphrodites.
    Others have both in the same body, simultaneous hermaphrodites. This is quite common in slugs.
    There are plenty of species in BDO that don't have females, or at least females which look like they are female. Dwarfs all have lots of facial hair and sound male.
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  10. Missterious added a post in a topic Rollback the patch?   

    They need to fix the bugs, or at least as many as possible, before rolling out the next update.
    Only thing that might be worth rolling back is the fishing nodes.
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  11. Missterious added a post in a topic Where is the maid   

    You sure? I thought NA got the large, ugly , Orc maid with extra large meat tenderising hammer? :shrug:
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  12. Missterious added a post in a topic Horse Caution Skill   

    It's a T3, one death won't make any difference. It's presently going through it's second breed then it gets exchanged.
    The issue of it not going off cliffs when you have a load of purple coming up behind you and you really want it to is still the main issue here.
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  13. Missterious added a topic in General   

    Horse Caution Skill
    Why does the horse Caution skill stop you repeatedly from dropping even safe distances but not stop your horse from suiciding into water?
    It would be much better if the Caution skill were modified to stop the horse entering water and given a cooldown so that if you are determined the horse will still do what you want.
    And if someone accidentally puts a new autoroute on the map stop the horse immediately, don't allow it to run on in a random direction.
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  14. Missterious added a post in a topic WHERE IS THE AMERICAN FLAG!!!!   

    Actually America plays 'football' too, but it's effectively a badly bred combination of rugby and football.
    Still, as it's a EUROPEAN event no need to put up an AMERICAN flag.
    I think you miss the fact that your economy is equally crippled. I just hope you don't elect Trump cause then everyone is in the ****!
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  15. Missterious added a post in a topic Others can Grab me off my own Fishing Boat   

    Tonight I accidentally managed to do this while moving my fishing boat out of the pack at Alternova, although I then put the boat in a position where hopefully the other toon was safe over several boats.
    The other person's character was stuck to the side of my boat
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