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  1. Akukiyo added a post in a topic [Request] Detailed Explanation of Changes to Energy System   

    Bug or not, it was not intended otherwise it would of been ascii like the fogan language, not just blocks of null information.They made a public statement they goofed on the numbers and need to address it for CBT2.Yes it happens.They made a public statement they didn't remove it, and they don't know why it was. (so unless they publicly used CM_Jouska to lie to people)Bugs don't have to happen to every single person, that's a glitch.Well no OBT are not entirely bug related, and they also don't have extensive feedback surveys specifically asking for input and rating of the service.
    CBT are product review and bug discovery. Which work well when different people attack different parts of the system, which is good that this game attracts so many different kinds of players to the game.
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  2. Akukiyo added a post in a topic [Request] Detailed Explanation of Changes to Energy System   

    @Chun-Chun Some of the bugs only in CBT1 and not present on RU/KR/JP include
    Random quest lines not translated, entire text shown as squaresSkill Exp was dramatically scaled down because it is directly tied to the Exp as well as a value assigned from enemiesLocations on the Map only in the CBT1 you were able to get your character stuck and unable to moveAuto-looping on the map to allow afk walking was broken and they don't know how they did it (only in CBT1 working in Alpha)Horse mini-game would often bug out and instant snap ropes even when standing beside the horseThe CBT1 found a lot of bugs that they have introduced into the NA/EU version, with any changes done to any system you will introduce bugs/glitches, so I'm not blaming them for it. But the CBT's are necessary as we have not even found the bugs for all 50+ content or even if they have fixed the bugs we found that came in-between alpha and CBT1
    If only they did a system like GW2 where they held CBT weekends and did patches in-between the weekends for fixes, so we could spend time finding issues. Instead of fresh start rush to 30, ok now look for bugs.
    Not sure if only the staff are on the QA Staff server, or if they have paid a team of testers to go through, but I sure hope they have a team of testers, searching every nook and cranny for the bugs players can't find in 6 days with completely fresh accounts.
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  3. Akukiyo added a post in a topic Will there be an IP Block for Asian Countries?   

    @Ungoliant I think it's just more the fact, someone from China isn't necessarily going to understand Japanese or Korean, same for Thailand, Malaysia or any other country in the asia region. Where most Asian countries have taught English in grade school to high school for over a decade.
    Also the KR/RU/JP Translations are just google translates and not always translated... plenty of new items not translated at all. 

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  4. Akukiyo added a post in a topic [Request] Detailed Explanation of Changes to Energy System   

    @Azta Well no he did not say it was on KR/live he merely mentioned that he personally spent 72+ hours to go from level 1-40, there are still another 100 levels after 40... sorry "Master" level 1 = (lvl 40)
    Well Master is level 40, then master has 50 levels and then Guru, and then Guru has 50 more levels... so Master is actually trivial, since there are 140 levels...
    Well you can spend over 200 Beer in a day from your workers, and you'd hope you could buy them from the market place, Beer is also a cooking ingredient in other meals and you need to use 2 per meal, quickly using them up... Look at the Screenshot from KR live right now... that's not very much Beer at all... That is less then 1 per player on the game right now.
    Take a look at carrots and carrot juice there are even less, and the thing about carrot juice, it's next to completely useless, why? It's just a horse potion that does 300hp, and removes the Stamina regen of a carrot. You'll never buy them let alone buy vast quantities of them, even then there are only 27k on the market? For something to be saturated there needs to be dramatically more volume then players, like 100 units per player, you'd have to have units in the millions of it on the market place...

    @CM_Jouska Out of curiosity, can we get some info on your cooking beginner to master in 3 days?
    Question 1: Did you do it on the KR live server? Or the QA Staff server.Question 2: What did you make? Obviously when you spend 3 days straight cooking you are super bulk batch cooking.Question 3: Did you buy the ingredients off the market or did you farm them?Question 4: How much prep time did you spend getting ready for 72 hours of cooking?i.e. farmed on another character for 4 weeks, used workers to gather over 2 months then emptied your warehouse...Question 5: What level did you get to? Master 1... Master 10? Master 49? Guru 1?
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  5. Akukiyo added a post in a topic [Request] Detailed Explanation of Changes to Energy System   

    @Azta The bed you buy in game gives 10 house points, and takes up a large area of space, the crafted bed gives you 143 points. You want to fill your 5 contribution house with beds for 120 points?
    They changed the crafting system on KR they all have new crafting costs, they didn't however adjust the values of items, the sale market value at all. All the values have stayed the same while they've added extravagant crafting costs onto them, Sturdy Plywood and Plywood Hardener are new items, tacked onto the crafting system to "fix" the rampant crafting that was "flooding" the market.
    You can sell a Bares Blade for 25-35k Silver, you need a Pure Platinum Crystal to actually make one though, they sell for 65k on the market. This was a change tacked on to fix the saturated market, guess what, that's the same crafting cost our version HAS. There is no market at this point, there is not a single item on the marketplace, people are going to play vastly different on the NA/EU version.
    But they are simply taking the KR version, making their own superficial speculation about saturation and feeding you the dribble. Did you know that CM_Jouska has access to a Dev server they call the QA server? Don't believe me then check the new CM mentioning the staff access to their private QA server... They can spawn whatever they want without any worry about supply/demand, they can spawn crafting tables that don't break and don't have to worry about carry weight or anything else from cash shop items and costumes. CM_Jouska cheated in an infinite amount of High-Quality Carrots then set his computer afk for 3 days to craft juice on an indestructible workbench.
    And then he told you how bad crafting was because he could get level 40/140 in 72 hours, Did you know that each level of crafting takes almost twice as long as the level before it?
    5 hours for 1-10 (Beginner -> Trainee)10 hours for 10-20 (Trainee -> Skilled)20 hours for 20-30 (Skilled -> Expert)40 hours for 30-40 (Expert -> Master)75 hours lets just say it was 3 to round it out. 3 days 3 hours sounds too petty.So 75 hours without gathering a single item, 75 hours without killing a single enemy, 75 hours without leaving your house or doing a single thing in the game... If you have infinite materials and infinite money you *COULD* level to 40 in 75 hours, but not a single actual player will ever have that kind of disposable materials at hand.
    You can do anything you want as fast as possible on a GM only server with cheats, did you notice he didn't tell you how many carrots he actual farmed/bought ? Or that he didn't mention how many work stations he destroyed while doing it? Or how many weeks he was grinding silver to get enough materials to do this? Because he cheated everything in and was able to do it with infinite resources in 3 days... But if he told you he cheated you would probably ask him for the materials list, probably calculate how long you would need to farm or grind silver to buy the carrots off the market, factor in the fact that there are not even enough items on the Korean market currently for 10 people to mass buy carrots and get from 0-40/140 crafting... 0-40 is nothing, 40-50 is some work, 40-90 is a huge amount of work, 90-140 will takes days per level...
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  6. Akukiyo added a post in a topic [Request] Detailed Explanation of Changes to Energy System   

    Ohhh right they gave us a price tag on Energy now too, so we can quantify the actual cost of how long you sit still in the game.
    1,966,501 - 2,577,547so average it out to 2,272,024 per 5045,440.48 per Energy point.3577 * 45,440.48 = 162,540,597 Silver.You would have to spend 162,540,597 Silver to buy the Energy required to make the wood for a single Bed under the revised Crafting costs, and the new NA/EU EnergyGate. However you can only sell the Sturdy Birch Plywood for 74,000 ~ 110,000 silver a piece, definitely worth crafting to sell right? Right?
    Now if you don't know why anyone would ever go out of their way to make or craft something in the game originally, crafted furniture gave them house points, they could use those house points to unlock investment nodes, one allows you to send a worker to gather Sunflower crates to then be able to trade later.
    It takes hours to get a single crate, that sells for 17,000 +/- to a trade NPC depending on how many are sold to them already in the last few hours.
    But that's ok, because you can buy Beds directly from Daum in their cash shop, it'd be a real shame if there were actually items for sale directly in the AuctionHouse, otherwise you wouldn't ever be forced to pay real life cash to get ahead in this game through the Cash Shop.
    But don't fret your tiny little heads, it's not like people can unlock nodes where they send workers that return with in game currency while they are AFK, so it's not like they're directly able to pay to win by buying a house kit from the Cash Shop to get enough points to have a better house then other people and unlock free cash nodes... lol...
    P.S. ^ That was sarcasm for those unaware, because you certainly can.

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  7. Akukiyo added a post in a topic Giving the Monsters/Raids more life.   

    The worlds bosses have simple mechanics, because they aren't the threat. It's the other Guilds/PKers that want to kill you and steal your rewards.
    There is no phasing/zoning you aren't alone, you aren't safe. Just listen out for the foot steps before it's too late.
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  8. Akukiyo added a post in a topic [Request] Detailed Explanation of Changes to Energy System   

    Screenshot of the KR version live today just to give you visual aids on crafting materials and sale values of the bed.

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  9. Akukiyo added a post in a topic [Request] Detailed Explanation of Changes to Energy System   

    @Mamberu If your Alt was logged out at 0/120 Energy, and you have not played for 16 hours, your alt will have 16/120 Energy
    If your Alt was logged out at 120/120 Energy and you don't play on that character for 5 days it will have 120/120 Energy.
    If your Alt has 50/120 Energy and you don't login or use that Alt at all for 2 days it will have 98/120 Energy.
    Energy is regenerated at 1/3 min while actively playing THAT ONE SINGLE CHARACTER, 1/60 min for all characters not logged in even while actively playing the game. 1/60 min for all characters while logged off.
    If you have 4 characters with your 120 Energy pool, you will need to play or AFK on each character for 360min or 6 hours, for each and every single character to be able to use all 120 on each character every day. (that's actually 24 hours all up, you will need to rotate your gameplay to optimise that, but every 6 hours you're on 1 character will save you 18min of play time woo)
    The main issue being that you can't build up some energy and then use it and then just go do something else, you actually need to generate the Energy by playing, then you can use it, then you need to go AFK/Sleep with your PC running, now the KR version has a wide variety of things to do while AFK/Sleeping because they designed the Energy system, they know how it works.
    For the purpose of this thread, why is the EnergyGate issue so dangerous to the system? When you play the game past level 50, in the KR version that's like 8 hours on a fresh account. You will fight black phantom versions of enemies, for your black phantom to give you some seals, to turn into Blackstone Armor/Weapon (costs more for weapon) If you have not played the KR/JP/RU version you won't have had the fortune of experiencing these enemies.
    The phantom version of enemies, have a 66% chance to CC you each hit, and they can do over 300dmg per hit to a player with 70 DP. A full set of armor will give you between 10-30 DP at +0 depending on which set you use, 55-75 at +5, and a level 50 player will have between 980-1300 hp depending on armor and gems. You need to kill between 30 and 110 of these per quest, harder monsters will hit harder but you kill less. And you do these to get between 3-5 Blackstone Armor/Weapon stones.
    To go over +5 Armor, to be able to survive these alone solo, you will need to enhance your armor further, but past +5 you can fail, the higher the + the more often you will fail, in fact you can fail on a +10 more then 20 times. Trust me, I've had to go to +36 to get my +14 Grunil chest to +15.
    Now what does failing 20 times on a piece of armor mean? Well if you fail once it will cost you -5 Max durability, you have to sacrifice the exact same armor +0 version to get +10 Max durability. So if you fail 20 times you need 10 spare pieces of the exact same armor to sacrifice to your armor to get back the durability loss, simple right? You just go to the Auction House and you buy 10 sets or armor right?
    Well unfortunately, as I've outlined in another thread, http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/6222-remove-energygate-from-crafting/#comment-111644 it takes a single player 1248m - 2067m (or in hours) 20.8h - 34.45h To craft a single chest piece of Steel Taritas Armor on the NA/EU version, how do I know? I made the full armor set in the NA/EU version while making 3 characters getting 1 to 32 and the others around 15.
    Well you don't care about crafting how can this possibly affect you badly? Well good chum, if someone has to devote an entire day to craft something they need 10 of, just to repair the damage to go from +10 to +11 on a single piece of armor, and they are forced by the Dev/GM team to sell it to you for 35,000 silver, while you can actively make 1,000,000 silver in 90 minutes. so 16,000,000 a day with enough caffeine, then the crafters aren't going to sell you a single tiny piece of armor ever.
    It takes around 3 hours to gather and process the materials to make a single armor piece in the KR version, some people are so scared and freaked out by the concept they can make a disposable band-aid in 3 hours they actively defend this new system, but they haven't played 50+ and don't understand you need 140+ DP to be able to do the proper content, to not die in 1 shot in PvP, and that requires you to destroy hundreds of pieces of armor, the armor in this game means nothing until you enhance it.
    Changing a dynamic and intricate system like the Energy system is dangerous, CM_Jouska didn't mention how many hours it took to gather the materials he left his computer afk for 72 hours to get to Master lvl 1, ohh by the way, there are what 50 levels in Master and 50 levels in Guru, the stage AFTER Master. getting from 1-Master in 72 hours without doing any other single action, did you know your tools break every 100, 500 for 2nd tier and 900 for the final tier, so you can't craft for more then 4 hours without actually being present at your computer.
    What would you say if CM_Jouska told you it cost him 4 weeks, of prep work to get his character ready to craft from 1-40 in 72 hours? Would you say, gee chum you spent 4 weeks to do something for 3 full days? and you still aren't even level 50 guru yet? What if CM_Jouska told you it cost him 5,000,000,000 Silver to be able to buy everything he needed off the Auction House to be able to spend 72 hours crafting his little toes away to go from 1-40, and he didn't even reach level 90 or 140 ? Ohh right you probably don't know Master 1 is level 40 and Guru 1 is level 90, then you have 50 levels in Guru...
    Now we are all on the same side here, we all want what's best for the community, and best for the game. To get what's best for the community we need to know the truth about the situation, CM_Jouska didn't buy a brand new account, without a single silver penny on that account go from Cooking level 0->40 in the first 72 hours of playing the game, but he lead you to believe he did, he simply told you it took him 3 days to "Get" to master, level 40/140 (doesn't sound too good now though, when you know he wasn't even 1/2 way done) and he told you it had to change. And now you're actively defending that change because you don't understand the whole situation around that change.
    Energy is crucial to continued gameplay that was designed by Pearl Abyss. Energy is required for
    2 Energy per Amity mini game, 1 Energy per wave/greeting for 1 amity1 Energy per message you send in global chat (call for help, alert a pk etc...)10 Energy to remove a bad grade of knowledge on an enemy1-100 Energy to get a single piece of Knowledge from various NPCs around the world to get more energy and talk to more NPCs1 Energy to gather 1-2 resources (1-5 Eventually after a month of playing the game)5 Energy to look at a potential worker (there are Naive, Normal, Skilled, Expert & Master workers Expect to spend 100+ per master)50 Energy to talk to the Black Market npc to see a single item choice (this is where you get ascended weapons and precious rare rings/accessories)10 Energy to invest in nodes, takes 100 for level 1... you get the idea...As you can see the list of systems in play to diminish and remove your Energy is already extensive, but these systems are all designed around a single principle, you do the action once to get a result, you work on getting something by expending energy on that once task multiple times, invest more to get a bigger return.
    However this processing Energy change works on a compound system of escalation, what do I mean?
    You spend 1 Energy to cut a piece of lumber, you do this 5 times to get 5 pieces (5 Energy for 5)You spend 1 energy to chop 5 pieces into 1 plank, you do this 10 times to get 10 pieces (51 Energy for 10)You chop 10 planks to craft 1 plyboard you do this 10 times to get 10 pieces (510 Energy for 10)You heat 10 plywood and 3 plywood hardener to make 1 sturdy plywood. (511 Energy for 1)You craft 7 Pieces of Sturdy Birch Plywood to craft 1 single Calpheon Bed. (7 * 511 = 3,577 Energy!) I'm pretty sure I don't have to mention the Ingots and Scantling and Blackstone powder? The wood alone is 10,731 Minutes 178.85 Hours and 7.45 Days!, just to make the wood for a single bed.When do you think someone is going to invest ~8 Days to craft an item they can only sell for 489,192 ~ 575,520 Silver, that is strictly controlled and set in stone by the Devs/GMs of the game... You can make 128,000,000 Silver with 8 Days of time investment... Even more if you sell the junk you collect to other players on the desolate barren Auction House.
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  10. Akukiyo added a post in a topic CBT-2 Fishing Tournament Event Repeat   

    @Folqblood I know right, people with 3 months notification on ability to buy a preorder to gain access to a beta, and offering a reward to those people who gave them the capital to establish and develop the game, the nerve of those people, offering money to a company in good faith for a product, and getting benefits out of it.
    We should just line up and shoot them right? Because other people with no dedication or faith in a company/game can't have the same rewards as people who invest in others...
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  11. Akukiyo added a post in a topic solution for open trading maybe?   

    Buillions weigh very very little, you could carry 500 10g bullions.
    10G = 8.3 LT, you need to carry 800 LT to tame an elephant, so 830 LT isn't a stretch, so that would be 100 10g Bullions, i.e. 100,000,000 silver.
    100G = 50.0 LT so 160,000,000 silver
    1000G = 200.0 LT so 400,000,000 silver
    Sure they could make them bound to character/family
    But within 2min a way to abuse it was devised, no matter what they do they will have it abused for RMT, they either have to agree to allow RMT or stand up and stop it completely.
    Don't get me wrong, I don't care about RMT it won't affect me negatively as long as I just don't return to where the +20 PKer ganked me and killed me in < 3 seconds.
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  12. Akukiyo added a post in a topic solution for open trading maybe?   

    Twice a day you can buy 500,000,000 silver?
    Or you can buy a bunch of items that sell on the market for 5m+ ea?
    Technically in the NA/EU version you can make the meals right, the Calpheon Special, then you can trade it to another player on the NA/EU version, then they can put it on the AH to sell for silver, some of them go for 100,000 silver ea and people are going to actively buy them off the AH.
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  13. Akukiyo added a post in a topic Question About Dye Boxes   

    @JustFiyen Yes, all "rented" dyes revert to default colours visually, while retaining the stored dye information, so that when you "rent" them again they display without having to manually go through the process.
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  14. Akukiyo added a post in a topic Question About Dye Boxes   

    In KR there is a 15 day and 30 day dye pack with unlimited uses of the entire pallet of merv as long as you renew it when it expires. No limit on colour, no limit on usage, just have to keep buying it.
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  15. Akukiyo added a post in a topic How long is this game   

    1-50 KR 8 hours, NA/EU 36 grind hours.
    50-60 KR 1 grind year, NA/EU Don't know since 50+ content was removed from CBT1, and they capped out at 50 in CBT1.
    So the real question isn't "how much do I get for mah muney" But, how long can you grind before you say stop?
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