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  1. Champion added a post in a topic Hope SKill For Horses   

    I did this same thing with "Drift" and it only took like 4 tries or 10$ to get it...sideways move is not that important I just want it for easier mobility but come on 20 fails!! if I am going to spend 50$ i think i should be allowed to pick and choose which skills I want on my horse,
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  2. Champion added a topic in General   

    Hope SKill For Horses
    Am I just super unlucky or does it usually take this many tries to get the skill you want? I know it is my own money but I shelled out 50 dollars just to get 20 fails...?

    • 5 replies
  3. Champion added a topic in Musa   

    Musa Awakening Costume

    So with the new Musa Awakening trailer, we got to see the new costume for this class but my question is, will we have to wait for all the previous costumes that Korea got or will they implement this costume in sooner? I dont want to wait another year just to make my Musa look cool. The Musa kind of got ripped off with costume designs, but this one seems to fit well in my opinion. I understand some people dont care for the Pearl Shop or costumes and that is fine, but after seeing this costume I was convinced i had to get it!
    • 5 replies
  4. Champion added a topic in Suggestions   

    Up to date Solutions/fixes
    I would love to see the developers have a post in the forms where they say what they have fixed and worked on from our suggestions. if this already exists please point me in the right direction, but I am pretty sure if this is not a thing it should be...we as users want to know our voice is being heard.
    • 3 replies
  5. Champion added a post in a topic FOUND A FIX FOR RUNNING SPEED!!!   

    The "W" are you sure you meant that? cause that is the problem it is way to fast...think realistically if you had on 50+pounds of armor would you be able to run like that?...i dont think so. Plus that is what a horse is for.
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  6. Champion added a topic in Suggestions   

    So I found an easy fix for the god awful running speed...if Daum will fix it! So when in game we all know the running speed/animation looks way to fast not to mention even faster if u have bonuses from armor, however the running speed/animation for the "A" and "D" keys looks perfect (so running sideways) I feel it would be great to have that same speed for the normal "W" (forward) run and then the "Shift" (Sprint) would be what the forward run is currently. So what do yall think please push this one to the top if possible we all want the running speed fixed and i think this is a very easy way to do it, changing the coding in the script would not be hard. PLEASE FIX!!!
    • 5 replies
  7. Champion added a topic in Suggestions   

    Unequip items while riding
    I would like to be able to unequip my items like lanterns while on my horse...it is an inconvenience to have to get off my horse just to unequip the lantern. Please fix.
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  8. Champion added a post in a topic Lanterns!   

    So to correct my previous statement I did realize there is an option in settings to remove players lanterns...so that is nice, but yes the lantern is still to bright/weird color, i know fire is yellow/orange but is it really that orange? haha
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  9. Champion added a topic in Suggestions   

    Fishing Rod rework Please
    There needs to be a rework with fishing rod and costume weapons...I feel that my costume weapons should not get put back into my pearls inventory every time i equip my fishing rod. Please fix
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  10. Champion added a post in a topic Walk toggle   

    Is there a way to walk as of now without weight limit or fluet? 
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  11. Champion added a topic in Suggestions   

    Running speed
    Is it just me or is my character sprinting way to fast? I don't know if the cosmetic armor adds a bonus but i am super fast...why would i need a mount?
    • 1 reply
  12. Champion added a topic in Suggestions   

    Why are the lanterns still so awful when it comes to color and brightness? I had a post back from CB1 suggesting that the Lanterns be improved dramatically and it is sad to see that nothing changed!
    Here are my suggestion from before as well as new ones:
    -Lanterns need to have a toggle on/off in the character slot so that way it does not take up inventory space, much like the on/off switch for cosmetic armor
    -When a lantern is on it should be visible on the character like Link from Zelda or the Skyrim mod
    -Also I do not want to be distracted by other peoples lantern light...it is annoying enough to deal with my own orange screen i dont want to have to deal with other peoples light. each individual should only be allowed to see their light...this would also improve pvp at night making it a challenge to see other players.
    • 5 replies
  13. Champion added a post in a topic DO NOT MISS THE KEY DATES   

    Yeah I too am upset that the Cash Shop will not be available for head start...But main question is with CB2, will we be able to buy Cash shop items and "Keep" them when game starts or will we loose our money? or will items be free to test out?
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  14. Champion added a topic in Suggestions   

    This is a small suggestion but I would like to see a color mixer in the character creation options sort of like you have with hair but for eyes as well, because I would like to make a more realistic hazel color rather than just going with a dimmer green. so allowing me to mix two or three colors together would be really helpful. 
    • 0 replies
  15. Champion added a topic in Suggestions   

    Hair Color/Shadows
    I have noticed when my character runs through shadows my hair becomes dramatically darker, I literally go from blond to dark brown instantly...this needs to be fixed because i spent way to much time trying to get the right hair color just to see it completely change when i get in game. Also along the lines of picking hair colors, The options to choose from are really weird and I would like to see more realistic colors please!

    • 2 replies