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  1. TheDesertWind added a topic in Suggestions   

    Dedicated PvE and PvP Channels
    How to fix the current issue with PvP patch.
    I have a suggestion on how we can make Black Desert Online fun for both PvE and PvP players.
    I think my option would both please PvE and PvP players and having Certain channels dedicated to PvE and PvP would make both sides happy.
    I have a very busy schedule where I can only play 1-2 hours max a day and I in no way find it fair that if I grind in a certain spot for a small portion only to have some pvper ruin all the fun is extremely disappointing, yes I understand PvP is a part of this game but the way some players part take in PvP is like they only take pleasure in the suffering/harming of others like shooting afk fishers off their boats only to drown and lose Exp/crystals ( I've seen this happen to afk horse trainers too), another example is trying to farm a rare item such as Ogre ring only to get a annoying group come and pk you for no reason and steal your ogre/mobs is frustrating. I don't have time to grab my guild and fight back and frankly neither my guild nor I don't want to I just want to enjoy the game in peace and quiet, also my connection isn't very great which grounds me to a PvE play style anyways.
    Having PvE dedicated channels will allow players especially casual or busy in real life players such as myself to obtain their daily goals at a much easier and comfortable pace then having to constantly watch their back and worry that some pvper destroys their fun for no real reason. These channels will make a lot of PvE players happy and will not allow any form of PvP/Flagging.
    Having PvP dedicated channels will allow hardcore PvPers/PvP based Guilds to do what they like to do like pk random people who are afk/fishing/horse training, control grind spots like they are some kind of modern gang, and PvP others who actually "Want" to fight back and partake in PvP. These channels will have all what PvPers want keeping them happy as this channels will be exactly as the PvP players want it to be like, flagging will be possible and Exp/Crystal Loss will be exactly as it used to be.
    By having both dedicated channels you give everyone a chance to enjoy the game the way they want to without removing any sort of function that may be a staple of the game, PvE players will be happy and PvP will both get what they want.
    This is my suggestion on how to fix this turmoil regarding the latest patch and whether or not it should be fixed/reverted.
    Its quite simple to fix, give both sides what they want, Dedicated PvE/PvP channels and all/most players will be happy.
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  2. TheDesertWind added a post in a topic Safe server   

    I agree I believe we need to make channels for both PvE and PvP.
    The PvE one can be fully safe from all forms of PvP
    The PvP one can be like now or even with the old exp loss thing.
    This way both sides will be happy.
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