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  1. willsaf added a post in a topic Kydict’s Crystal Exp... All or Combat?   

    standard answer: Yes it is working as intended.
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  2. willsaf added a post in a topic Do you feel salty?   

    does it really matter if you are "salty", if you want the new boat you are going to do what it takes to get it... SO SUCK IT UP BUTTERCUP, AND SHARPEN THOSE AXES!!
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  3. willsaf added a post in a topic Gold Spamming   

    can't forget the fishing bots

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  4. willsaf added a post in a topic Most Toxic Class ?   

    It is not the class that is toxic, but the person behind it.
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  5. willsaf added a post in a topic Cannot Transport over 100 Items   

    IMO, it would make sense to put a limit on the amount of items that you can transfer at a time.  100 items withing the transfer system is a fair amount to move at a time.  If it were a higher numbers you would just have more people abusing the system as use the transfer system as a alternate storage center.  But that's just my thoughts on the matter. 
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  6. willsaf added a post in a topic Who want to deaktivate the Karmasystem?   

    it's a simple question alright.  if you don't like losing your karma, don't flag up.  it's simple
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  7. willsaf added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Fame Fund Feb 8th
    Did not receive Fame Fund for Feb 8th. 
    I have been saving all my Fame Funds within the mail systems as a type of emergency funds.
    And have been tracking the daily stats when I receive my funds just to chart personal growth.  
    Just wondering if anyone else has not received their Fame Funds for that day? 
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  8. willsaf added a post in a topic Margoria Release Events   

    Have just checked account page, and nothing showing any sign of the guild galley being sent nor anything within in-game mail either.  
    Anyone have a idea on when we should be expecting this?  
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  9. willsaf added a post in a topic So someone who used P2W just passed me??   

    passed you? your a idiot, this is a game not a race.  play it at whatever speed you want.  cause guess what... there is no prize for being first.
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  10. willsaf added a post in a topic Harpooning in Margoria....please..   

    *hands a tissue for all this crying*
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  11. willsaf added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance January 18th   

    Anyone have knowledge on the "Play Your Way" event?  I've been searching and coming up empty so far.
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  12. willsaf added a post in a topic Imperial trading time reset?   

    Why can't the amount of items that you can turn in be character/family based and NOT shared with the channel as a whole?  It just seems to me that since the merge it is getting harder and harder every day just trying to turn in a few items even with going to the five different traders and swapping channels.  IMO I would be perfectly content with a lower total of number it items that I can turn in daily if they were set it to a family bound total count.  
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  13. willsaf added a post in a topic EXP discussion   

    If you don't have the time to invest into the game as it was developed, this is not a game for you.
    Don't like it, don't play it. 
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  14. willsaf added a post in a topic Golden Desert Coin Quest   

    Thank you.
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  15. willsaf added a post in a topic Patch Notes - November 16th   

    New weekly quests have been added
    Cooking - Arehaza - Requires Professional 1+ Cooking and Level 56
    Fishing - Nada Island -  Requires Professional 1+ Fishing and Level 56
    I am excited to see these new quests added, but I for the life of me can not find where to begin these?  
    I have looked into the Fishing Quest and found within the bddatabase.net four level 56 fishing quests that come from "Katio" which is supposed to be stuck on Nada Isle.  Which is supposed to be within the Vadabin Sea.  But I am not finding either of those anywhere on the maps.  
    So my question is, are these really in game yet? Or is the map not updated to show them?  Or is the quest information within bddatabase.net incorrect? 
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