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  1. Klectios added a post in a topic Solar Flare Bug vs Wizards   

    Yeah noticed it, i think its when they are in superarmor or something. Same problem with shield charge (to me).
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  2. Klectios added a post in a topic The GIANT Problem of open world 1 on 1 PVP   

    201 AP warrior level 59.
    Did a full combo on a Zerk with 270ish DP and level 59-60 i think, of course he didnt died. Asked him to guess my ap, he said 160-175 (and that he knew warrior class).
    Told him my real Ap, showed him my accuracy items (TRI red corals, DUO tree, TRI kzarka with precision crystals in it, TRI bheg, TRI Kutum, Alchemy stone +4 accuracy).
    He didn't knew how to explain me why i wasn't able to onecombo him, while any other class can kill each other with a full combo, so he told me to git gud.
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  3. Klectios added a topic in General   

    Node level theory
    RNG ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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  4. Klectios added a post in a topic PvP ideas for Karma   

    We can't dream about big things because this game is made by carebears for carebears.
    All i ask for is to IMPROVE Muiquun and everything related to it :
    -Give us more quests (with better rewards than carrots...).
    -More npcs or improve the existing ones, why can't i buy shovels in Muiquun for example ?!
    -Improve desert merchant loots.
    -Maybe implant housing in Muiquun but with very high cp cost (like 30cp the house or even more)
    -Fix the f@*!#$! guards and positiv karma players casualy walking around, healing their mount (<- how is this even possible... like really ?!) and attacking us without us being able to do anything.
    -What about your bounty hunter project ?
    Being a outlaw should be punitiv instead of reducing the gameplay experience.
    There is a lot of other things but it's a waste of time to ask for it.
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  5. Klectios added a post in a topic Please re-work Muiquun! Positive-Karma players shouldn't be able to just hang out there.   

    Meeh... as red player i can move in any city, people just don't care it's really rare to be attacked. I even went at worldbosses to kill people, almost nobody attacks me while im going rampage.
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  6. Klectios added a post in a topic How much does Harassment, or even being killed/attacked unexpectedly actually happen?   

    At fogans right ? Was probably me
    EDIT : But no, don't believe i'm not bad guy, i just had no time for you because of daily exp buff. I enjoy to kill people until they change channel or call guildies (i really like to pvp 1v1 or 1vX doesnt matter, it's fun).
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  7. Klectios added a post in a topic The Ninja Way - PvP video   

    Nice video
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  8. Klectios added a post in a topic List of skills you can awaken.   

    I took :
    -Spin : Burning dot and 3% chance stun
    -Kick : 4% attack speed (but its 3% attack speed in reality) and 15% air smash
    -shield charge : +10 PVP ap (but in reality +15AP) and +15 DP
    Since description is wrong, dots are probably bad, need to try out.
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  9. Klectios added a post in a topic Problems with the Warrior Class - Comprehensive Thread   

    I agree about damage and range buff on our main skills, but if so we dont really need to get the old floating combo (imo). A superarmor on double grab make sense, 15 skillpoints for an ability with so much openings when the target can get up like 0,5 seconds after is just very very bad.
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  10. Klectios added a post in a topic Daum in a nutshell   

    Personnellement, en temps que war, les gros dommages de la sorciere (bien qu'un peu trop forts peut etre) ne me dérangent pas vraiment.
    A mon avis le probleme de ce sort viens du fait qu'il permet d'être aggressif/mobile, de dodge/bloquer des coups et infliger des lourds degats. Aucune autre classe ne dispose d'un sort de ce genre. DF n'a tout simplement "aucun" point faible (je dis "aucun" car en tant que war avec le bon timing il m'est possible de grab les sorcieres) et cela est vraiment effrayant entre les mains d'un joueur qui sait jouer.
    _Pour attaquer les bladers doivent s'immobiliser un court instant et donc sont vulnerables.
    _Les mages doivent etre immobile/caster donc sont vulnerables.
    _Les zerk ont une superarmure mais pas de quoi bloquer donc sont vulnérables.
    _Les rangers sont tres vulnerables durant qu'ils spamment le shotgun.
    _Tamer fait vraiment mal aussi mais bon ça peut être plus ou moins gerable
    _Et war et valk pendant que l'on tape on est plein d'ouvertures et donc sont vulnérables.
    Un sort qui n'a "pas" de downside et qui fait des dommages élevés n'est pas vraiment normal a mon avis, mais bon comme d'hab il va juste falloir faire avec.
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  11. Klectios added a post in a topic Warrior damage change Hello ?   

    Warrior is dead. Let's reroll  until they fix this BS.
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  12. Klectios added a post in a topic HP per Level seems to be random!   

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  13. Klectios added a post in a topic RNG on other Stats at Lv Up "confirmed" by Korea   

    Both of us are french but he is playing with english launcher while i am playing with french launcher. But anyway i deleted my post since it's not the good topic.
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