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  1. delisue added a post in a topic ´*•.¸(*•.¸♥ Terrific Trendsetters ♥¸.•*´)¸.•*´   

    I love mixing and matching costumes too!

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  2. delisue added a post in a topic Post you'r ingame character here!   

    I've been playing around with the in-game photo mode and I've learned a few things

    Also, I've finally got around to buying some cosmetic goodies for Bjhear, my Berserker alt:

    Lately I've been focusing on upgrading all my potions into "Extra Large" ones... my characters must hate me for this lol:

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  3. delisue added a post in a topic Post you'r ingame character here!   

    Why not have both ? Remember, sharing is caring!!
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  4. delisue added a post in a topic There is no reason to call people "no lifers" at all please   

    lol! Play it at work!
    My boss wouldn't like you very much! hehehe
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  5. delisue added a post in a topic KR Patch Note 28th July   

    Well something is finally being done to improve the hair lighting issues!
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  6. delisue added a post in a topic LF game like BDO w/ Player Trading   

    Blade and Soul has nice graphic art style and great combat animations, although I'm not sure if there is player trading. There are some upcoming MMO's like Revelation that you might want to do some research.
    However, if the no player trading rules are your only gripe ith BDO and like everything else in the game I believe it is going to be difficult to find something that is good enough to make the change. This is because BDO has some very unique features that are not commonly found in other MMO's (for good and bad lol)
    The best of luck in your research!
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  7. delisue added a post in a topic Post you'r ingame character here!   

    Beautiful as always ‌@Rivana. Did you do something to her? Makeup, hair or something? She looks kinda different for some reason
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  8. delisue added a post in a topic First Week Impressions   

    I actually find it interesting since, as the game and players progress, the initial experience could have been changed sustantially due to updates, presence of high level players, economic changes, etc...
    Additionally, in many countries there's freedom of speech which I am very fond of and welcome every time.
    For me, it is always good to know what new players think of the game, since it can give long time players a way to gauge how well the game is doing in terms of population increase/decrease and rotation.   
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  9. delisue added a post in a topic We need auto flag pvp areas such as Sausans   

    True! Although in my personal opinion it would feel more like those kind of gameplay barriers developers tend to use in order to build the impression of more content, when in reality they are only in-game mechanics that slow down your progression (money sink in energy pots to continue grinding mobs).
    EDIT: Don't get me wrong, I don't dislike your idea. Actually I welcome all kind ideas and I appreciate people thinking out of the box... usually best solutions come out of them.
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  10. delisue added a post in a topic We need auto flag pvp areas such as Sausans   

    Independently if this is a good or bad idea I highly doubt the developer would implement it, since killing mobs consuming energy would mean that you can only play a character for a limited amount of time, i.e. once you run out of energy after grinding mobs you wouldn't even be able to perform other life activities and therefore the interest of playing the game for a sustained amount of time would decrease. This is bad business for the developer/publisher who wants its players addicted to the game as much possible in order to increase the probability of triggering cash shop sales.
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  11. delisue added a post in a topic You guys want fair and balanced PvP?   

    I get what you say and I think it could be a right step in the direction of overall balanced PvP. However what I percieve is that people does not necessarily want balanced PvP in GvG or Node Wars - I believe the problem lies more in the OWPvP, where people would like the option to fight back and therefore prevent ganking.
    Just my opinión of what I percieve, not necessarily the truth though.
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  12. delisue added a post in a topic We need auto flag pvp areas such as Sausans   

    Thanks for the link ‌@Harpoon1972 
    Then according to the above link and this one (relating to Karma: https://blackdesert.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/207959645-Karma) the game is currently working as intended, leaving up to the players to decide how we resolve these issues. If you want to resolve them via PK to protect your grind spot then that's fine, but you must accept the negative Karma and the negative perks it brings. Other resolutions might include creating a party, moving to other spots... plenty of options.
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  13. delisue added a post in a topic Popular/Unpopular Classes   


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  14. delisue added a post in a topic We need auto flag pvp areas such as Sausans   

    This combined with new high level/xp/loot grinding areas sounds promising! Poeple would be forced to rotate the grind spots and could help both casuals and hardcore players:
    - Casuals: Would be allowed to grind easier as this could reduce the "mine" issues
    - Hardcores: Since people has to change grinding spots often, probability of having to "contest" the monsters with other players is reduced.
    Of course, really hardcore grinders would complain because now they have a "transportation time" XP cost as they would have to move from one spot to another... but overall sounds good given you can ensure the mob rotations allow for a 24/7 grinding, in the sense that cool-off times are adjusted to allow people to grind non-stop (otherwise it would start a revolution lol).
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  15. delisue added a post in a topic We need auto flag pvp areas such as Sausans   

    These are all good ideas... unfortunately people complain so much that one week after the change forums would be filled with "Nerf Elion's Tears" cry babies. There's no way to make players happy
    Also, I think Daum/PA should pronounce themselves CLEARLY on their stance regarding OWPvP. Are players supposed to use the OWPvP as a mean to capture resources (such as XP) or not? I believe it is not clear which is their stance regarding OWPvP at the moment (I might have missed an announcment or something maybe? If so, would really appreciate a link or something).
    People keep debating wether grind spots are to be shared or not, but by game design itself how should it be? not clear to me.
    PS: If the purpose of current OWPvP is how it should be working, then it would mean grind spots do not belong to anyone and should be shared. But a clear communication from the developer I think could help reducing all the debate around this topic.
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