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  1. Foggen added a post in a topic Why am I unsheathing my weapons and sprinting every time I dismount?   

    I find that if I really slam on the brakes first I'll still hop off the back but not go into combat mode.
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  2. Foggen added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Changing graphic settings misaligns buttons
    Previously I could, at any time, click the settings button at the bottom right and then swap to windowed mode so i can minimize.  With the latest patch, two things have happened.  First, changing graphics settings is now sometimes restricted.  It doesn't work while I'm, say, autopathing on my horse.  This is annoying but understandable.  What's not understandable is that now if I switch from full screen windowed 1920x1200 the game seems to misinterpret every mouse click as lower by about the width of the title bar.  That is, even though the screen reshaped itself to fit the new available size the game seems to want me to click the buttons at the same number of pixels from the top of the screen as before.  If I reduce the resolution the problem gets more pronounced.  This is a major problem for me because sometimes I like to set BDO up in a reduced size window on my second monitor while I do something else on my main monitor, but still would want to be able to interact with the game properly.
    This is a major bug that was introduced with the latest patch, and needs to be resolved ASAP.
    Update: restarting the game cleared the offset issue.
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  3. Foggen added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 22nd 2017   

    We need to be able to buy the cheapest non-bid item at any time.  If you're working on enhancing gear and therefore buying large quantities of cheap weapons and armor or Memory Fragments, someone can block the whole thing by putting up one cheap listing that goes to bid.  Since there's always significant demand for Fragments it can be very difficult to buy the exact right one before someone else, especially when the UI doesn't update instantly when availability changes.  If we could scroll past the quick-seller bid items and get to the more stably-priced non-bid items things would go a lot smoother.
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  4. Foggen added a topic in Technical Issues   

    The entire game exploded
    We were engaged in a Node War on Balenos 1 when the server apparently crashed.  About 10:05-10:10 EDT MP/WP/SP pots stopped working, and everyone who died wound up stuck unable to respawn.  Those of us who quit and tried to log back in were not able to.  The entire game broke, it seems.
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  5. Foggen added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance February 15th   

    TBH I would be pissed if this were the case given how I've been killing myself to get a sailboat.
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  6. Foggen added a post in a topic Shark Outfit EXP Gone   

    Agreed, and same.  It's not even a bait and switch.  I bought a costume that looked fun and that I could grind in, and now that's not what it is.  Unacceptable.
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  7. Foggen added a post in a topic Fish/shark oppinion   

    I've gotta say I'm kind of pissed about the 10% Combat EXP etc.  That was a major selling point, and to retract it later is unacceptable.
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  8. Foggen added a post in a topic Patch Notes - December 21st   

    I don't know if you know this, but loyal and consistent players also like gold bars and Ogre Rings.
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  9. Foggen added a post in a topic Upgraded Fishing Totems with the new changes   

    Does it still say "Beltfish" in the name?  If it does, then that definitely is a bug.
    Does it still say "Beltfish" in the name?  If it does, then that definitely is a bug.
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  10. Foggen added a post in a topic Upgraded Fishing Totems with the new changes   

    They added a new slot to the boat for the totem.  Take it out of the prow slot and put it in the totem slot.
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  11. Foggen added a post in a topic Patch Notes - September 28th   

    Pretty sure they're talking about the sale price.  You'll still pay 35k to breed your own horses.  Of course, if the price does go up for breeding as well that's still fair, since the person who produced the T8 in the first place deserves to get top dollar for your breed attempt.  Those things are valuable.
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  12. Foggen added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Flying fishing boat
    Ok, this one is spectacular.  I had jumped out of my fishing boat to talk to the node manager at Kuit islands, and when I got back on and grabbed the wheel, all of a sudden my boat was hovering like 300 feet above the water.  My wife was on the boat when it happened and she said it looked like I was swimming up into the sky, then the boat disappeared out from under her
    I tried to sail away and got two kinds of errors:
    Ordinary movement is not possible in this state.
    The action does not exist (in the action chart).
    I tried logging out and logging back in, but I returned in the same spot.  Then I used Escape, which landed me by the node manager, and used the Wharf to remote collect my boat.  Had I been virtually anywhere else I would have been marooned.
    I considered leaping off into the water, but I assumed I'd die.

    The same thing happened to the head of my guild at the same time, it turns out.
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  13. Foggen added a post in a topic Epheria Fishing Rod   

    It's not a bug  The reason other gear doesn't behave this way is because this is the only piece of gear that allows you to upgrade its durability potential.  I do agree that what happens is lame but it's absolutely by design.
    Just in case anyone remains confused:
    Baseline Epheria Rod durability: 50/50 [50]
    This means the rod has 50 durability with a maximum repairable durability of 50, and a potential maximum durability of 50.
    if you successfully upgrade this rod with no problems, you get Epheria Rod +1: 50/50 [60]
    This means the rod has 50 durability with a maximum repairable durability of 50, and a potential maxiumum durability of 60.
    So, you have gained the ability to consume an Epheria Rod or Memory fragments to repair the maximum durability of the rod to 60.  This makes upgrading this rod an expensive affair even if you succeed.  it would definitely be better for the players if upgrading the potenial max durability gave you the 10 max durability with it, but so it goes.  On the plus side, if you are able to mass produce these things and succeed in upgrading and repairing, you can have a fishing rod that could potentially last long enough to fill a big empty endgame inventory with blues and yellows if you AFK fish the right spot while you're at work or school.
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  14. Foggen added a post in a topic NPC Thieves Chasing Me into Towns   

    That's been my assumption.
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  15. Foggen added a post in a topic NPC Thieves Chasing Me into Towns   

    It had been a while, but it happened again, this time in Florin.  Fortunately I'm level 50 now so murdering the thieves was easy.

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