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  1. Shastalya added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance Régulière 29 Mars   

    Désolé, on a oublié de te dire mais:
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  2. Shastalya added a post in a topic Black Desert Online it is not a PvP game. It is a PVE game with 1-2 PvP features.   

    Aye mate, it's kinda rare to actually have a sane debat around a subject around here, thank you.
    I hope this goes better for you, i got a friend that has "crisis" sometimes, i know what kind of pain it can be.
    That's a wonderfull unicorn tho.
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  3. Shastalya added a post in a topic Nouveau forum et migration   

    Pas mal, j'avais pas remarqué
    Je suis toujours out of likes....
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  4. Shastalya added a post in a topic Black Desert Online it is not a PvP game. It is a PVE game with 1-2 PvP features.   

    kk first sentence i read and my head is done for, what told you about the game being PVP ONLY? Is there a deviation in your actions in PvP? Because i got a lot of recipes i can craft you know, more than your skill list so if that counts well...; i'd say the pre-programmed player is you and there's more, PvP IS THE SAME NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO, you just told that every lifeskill is the same because its repetitive YES JUST LIKE DIFFERENTS TOOLS TO GO PVP.... IN THE END ITS PVP.
    Lol i did sieges ages ago, and guess why i left? Because its bus VS bus, only thing you need is high numbers and geared bus, you are addicted to the thrill thats all don't confuse everything with hate towards PvP in general.
    Lol'ed, not enough content? Try to get master at sailing/trade/process/gather/fish/etc etc etc... it's far from being meaningless, reality is what you did not saw. And NON RNG INTERACTION?? WTF mate, heard about Evasion build? Most RNG stat of the universe.
    No, just no, lifeskills allows you to earn tons of money as it is, the pb lies where Kekao earns money, trough CS features for example. I don't see how casualising lifeskills would help the current state of things, means are not the pb here, it's what money can do that is. All that would do is creating more gaps between lifeskillers bracket that would lead to anger towards your system, btw you just gave Kekao a nice idea here, all it needs is a bit of paywalls to be completed for their investors tastes, and i'm sure they would not support an idea where you aim to remove the use of their precious cooking outfit. 
    Not to mention the nice advantages you got vs PvP players that does not use lifeskills, movment speed is OP don't ever think of this. It would be benefit solely to hardcore pvp players that could be able to play whilist fullfilling their own duties as PvP boy's. Casuals would hate you.
    And mini-games to earn more are not needed, profit is already good, tho active craft could be interesting.
    Actually i agree with you about the boss part (there was improvment with awakened bosses tho) but that would require to rebuild the current map around another way of thinking, the challenging content. We got endless grind as an obstacle now, i don't think they are willing to change it, lazy game design suits them when it comes to this. I thought several times that they are hating on the grinder community.
    And silver gambling isn't really viable giving the fact that the game is 1 y o now, guilds already got money and i'm sure they're not stupid enough to waste it on a single bet to start all over again if the outcome is a failure, nor camp little nodes in order to secure funds, which will be re-used on the same node anyway to keep it. Only will to strive allows global PvP environement to be sane, alliances are the solution to mass PvP and there's a few small guilds willing to take the chances with or without a system like this.
    It won't change current balance among guilds. Geared/lvled bus prevails, it always does unless you team up with other guilds.

    To many ways actually, they'll be planning a move soon due to your statement lol. I don't think that would be a good thing to the game, top guilds won't destroy each others that easily, the first who'll make a move is dead if they ally. And if you add your "risk" gamble in the middle of it.... definately won't work. And adding a paywall to lifeskill is pure suicide, there's already inventory/stock space, and workers slots, we don't need more of these things ty.
    Seems to me you got bored and tried to be helpfull but reconsider things before talking about Pve/PvP balance. You give ideas to avoid boredom in both playstyles, but your possibilities are not realisticly great....niche players? lol, if you do that the whole game shall be it. Grind is present both in PvP and Pve, thats all.

    Thank you for your time, but next time try a better weed and see things clearly; in the end, all you seek is motivation coming from players towards PvP activities. Making them inter-dependant won't solve the thing, only pushes away players who likes one and not the other. Try some adrenaline in your coffee, might be a good remedy about your desires.
    Thank you though, you actually tried to help (i may sound condescendant and i'm sorry, but i can't picture this happen).
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  5. Shastalya added a post in a topic 75m per hour, fishing node   

    Come on guys, the little grinders cannot afford to think thouroughly about lifeskills you know, it would have happened sooner than later.
    Best to move on, and find another lucrative plan. As we all do i'm sure.
    Oh and keep it silent please, we need to exploit the golden cave as long as possible.
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  6. Shastalya added a post in a topic How is the game P2W   

    As if our opinion would matter....
    Kk keep it up, hope is essential after all.
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  7. Shastalya added a post in a topic Nouveau forum et migration   

    Il est pas beau le nouveau forum....
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  8. Shastalya added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance Régulière 29 Mars   

    Bonjour les enfants ça va?
    Dîtes cher éditeur, pourriez-vous ajouter les valk cry? Comme ça j'ai un argument valable contre Plunge et ça sera fini des débats houleux et douteux sur le P2W.
    J'aurais ENFIN raison mon dieu.... après 1 an et demi de PvF intensif.... Sinon enfumez-les hein, les mémoires d'artisans bah... la pilule est passée hahahaha.
    Bref, autrement on peut avoir un T8 dans les récompenses? J'aime pas trop la RNG sur les accouplements et les tickets de reset sont chers.
    Merci à vous. <3
    Sincèrement vôtre.
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  9. Shastalya added a post in a topic How is the game P2W   

    P2W amount of debats is proportionnal to the amount of delusionnal & hypocrite players the game has.
    We are now very talented at it.
    Except if he does play like you do, and uses's cash shop, then you are behind.
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  10. Shastalya added a post in a topic How is the game P2W   

    Oui je sais, moi aussi tiens je vais m'en préparer un, mais tu sais, chercher à apaiser les tensions alors qu'on ne cherche pas à comprendre ne sert à rien, et les "misconceptions" comme tu dit viennent très probablement du fait que les gens n'écoutent que leur esprits, avant de voir la réalité.
    Enfin bon, chacun mène sa barque, venez pas chialer c'est tout.
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  11. Shastalya added a post in a topic How is the game P2W   

    Out of likes brother, but my spirit stands with you.
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  12. Shastalya added a post in a topic How is the game P2W   

    I did NUMEROUS TIMES WAY BEFORE YOU CREATED YOUR ACCOUNT TOMBOY. (Or maybe not because 23/03/16 yeah i give you that, but i did it a lot of times and my first victim was @War )
    I'm just tired.
    And you are all searching for the little bug to annoy us just like you being the ultimate naive and ignorant person on earth, come on lazy ass, there's a lot to read above.
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  13. Shastalya added a post in a topic How is the game P2W   

    LOL !! We are since day 1, but ppl rather be delusionnal and fap on their 3d avatars more than anything else, words are beyond reach for them.
    That is why humanity is doomed my friends, hypocrisy over personnal interest.
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  14. Shastalya added a post in a topic Valks Cry? Pls no   

    Lol seems you can't understand basic logic, first, the fact that you can go faster grants you more try at enchant, the fact that you are behind is because rng dosen't like you like me you see, we have that in common. And the two factors are independant one from the other, having a lot of money does not guarantee you a PEN part BUT ALMOST THAT if you got like 3 billions to spent on ogre ring, the % of your failure IS HEAVILY REDUCED GIVING THE AMOUNT OF TRY'S YOU CAN AFFORD COMPARED TO KEVIN 12 YEARS OLD  & MOM CARD SEE?
    You get salty over your mates because they got lucky but you don't, so quit being a douche here.
    It has to do that you go faster because you repair, and enchant, and gear up, and win PvP? No you got no rng skill sry.
    Btw: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Random_number_generation
    Might help you there. And your theory is about your hate towards lucky boi's and you being unskilled at rng. GG bro keep it up.
    Lol no you are not, you are the opposite of our ancestors teachings, and if there ACTUALLY IS a big bang theory about RNG then guess what? You got the wrong number.
    I'm not upset, i'm trying to counter your point because it makes you happy, and i spent a lot of money into this game already, but not as many as mister 600 000 dollars right boy?
    Where's your screenshot btw? Go ahead and prove to us, sell costume every week, buy 50000 AM & make 13 chars to get your FS right.
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  15. Shastalya added a post in a topic How is the game P2W   

    Yeah yeah yeah talk more, insults? Coming from the very one who's being condescendant with almost entire earth? Come one little pungie.... find a better weakness you can and i know that.
    Secondly, yes it helps a lot, i can use pre-order more often and get my materials faster. Rest is about the 40+ FS on my 13 chars and a bit of luck, but trust me, i'll get full TET before the little kevin 12 Y-o with mom's card.
    Trust me. And NO NOT ONLY, why don't you talk about my inventory and these amazing slots that allows me to afk fish all night while the little kevin has to get up at 02 AM to empty the full inventory and my lifeskill goes way up while his seeks strengh to get the next lvl?
    Stop with this logic, "oh my my my, try something extreme you'll see..." just stop, this isn"t just another bs mmo that can be trashed just like the games you're talking about.
    Don't bother bro, he is delusionnal, the whole universe cannot wistand his presence, black holes are deleting each other everytime he speaks.
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