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  1. Rayin added a post in a topic Why Karma bombing is a good thing.   

    The threads that have as keywords in title "Karmabomb", "PvE Channels", "Carebear", "P2W" or "Nerf/Boost" and ain't posted in the suggestion section, should be automatically locked to save the spare brain cells that some of us still hold dear and tight.
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  2. Rayin added a post in a topic Urgent Maintenance April 27 ... for one pearl item   

    These ain't proofs of dissatisfaction, in fact who quitted back then claiming that this game was P2W after a while came back silently or apologizing and supporting this thing actually because they could have kept some money, the only thing that nowadays still bother some of us ain't people that sell costumes on MP, 15 euro saved in most of EU country are 1 day of work saved, it's the Value Pack and its absolute power in economic terms and also for its benefits.
    It cost real money, is something hard to get unless you want to spend real money and try other ways and it doesn't last, is like a subscription that grants you various bonus that from the competitive to the casual player cannot be ignored, the only one who doesn't do shit with it is the AFK fisher which everyday trades his crates, play the horse breeder simulator or simply goes to RP with his dyed outfits thanks to event ampoules.

    I don't see how trading cash shop items piss off people, who's pissed off is the person which grinds 20h per day making 100kk and then complains if someone does the same amount in a week spending 75 euro per week as if it's something free, but he will eventually complain about anything that he can't do, can't have or already has because as long others are below him, everything is fine.
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  3. Rayin added a post in a topic WE DEMAND TRANSPARENCY   

    I think you just follow the term or the statement that goes viral on that moment, like we had the time where everyone was a "special snowflake", a "carebear", then he/she/it had a "l2p/git gud issue", nowadays entitlement is the keyword to use if you don't want to discuss something that you disagree with, so you did a pretty damn good job at using it.

    Anyway i like hidden stats, what i don't like are stats hidden into items that shouldn't have those or that are supposed to work differently, for example i like how Yuria/Liverto/Kzarka have different pool of accuracy but i didn't like to discover that boss armor had hidden evasion that wasn't mentioned anywhere, same goes for the Eva of Sicil when it was just a cheap necklace with AP/DP and 'till the datamining we had no clue of these 9 evasion at TRI hidden under the DP tag.
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  4. Rayin added a post in a topic Old class, new class? Shouldn't matter.   

    Yeah, but my question was: how can they even rebalance something when it should be changed? too many differents bring disparity, if people just ask for their class to being boosted the problem at the core simply won't be solved.
    The best way to do is rework many class from the scrap switching or moving SA, adding them, in some case removing them and give the exact same quantity of SA, iframes, the same dash with the same lenght and a minimum/maximum fixed ranger for each aoe or melee skill for each class, keeping the animations as they're now, else there's nothing else that can be done.
    NW and Sieges? they could enable certain skills for mass pvp in 1 channels, aka Zerker grab, protect area and so on, leaving them in the kit of GvG's too once a war has been officially declared between two guilds and these are fought there.
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  5. Rayin added a post in a topic Old class, new class? Shouldn't matter.   

    They can't do anything different from a market standpoint and can't do anything to balance each class because the mechanics for each character are quite different, which is what many people love in those kind of games and also what ruins them.
    Each difference makes harder to balance, so you have some class with grab or other powerful tools combined with grab while others don't and there's no active mechanic to counter a grab, which is also influenced by RNG. Then another class has iframes everywhere or superarmor everywhere, another one has a dash with iframes, another one just for movement with no iframe and another one has a fully covered superarmor dash.
    The best part is that there are class that have skills which are fully covered with a frontal block and have a reliable source of self sustain, while other class have a skill that doesn't have so much self sustain nor SA or frontal block or the animation it's partially covered, so they have harder times to keep up in PvE and in some cases even in PvP.

    How can you even rebalance these things? the only thing they should do is rework each class changing their skills, effects and buff according to the new class that are released during X timeframe, adding one skill or two to their tool from time to time to keep up with the new class. Are they really keen to do that? i don't think so. Are they really capable of doing that? judging from past choices, the general rebalance and my personal experience in another couple of games that i've played, i find it hard to believe.

    The balance of old characters in a game which has such heavy RNG component even in PvP is something honestly hard to do and i don't think Kakao will ever do something which can please the majority of playerbase, the best example are the Ninjas waiting for Serpent Ascension buff which is already a strong skill, they don't want their skillset to be more effective, they're already getting wet for a skill that will potentially one shot geared people after a successfull CC, so this says a lot about how rebalance works and how players understand the concept of rebalance itself.
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  6. Rayin added a post in a topic <LowKarma> Gilda Italiana PvX Softcore   

    Bumperino - I reserve this post more like a placeholder than a bump.
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  7. Rayin added a post in a topic If there would be new server would you play?   

    I don't think those companies should be feed with a new injection of players or money at all.
    Koreans love to create lots of games with lot of RNG, mindless grinding and a lot of abusive cash shop mechanics where most of its western users debate wether they're there for convenience or not, there's always a shunt between quitting players and new players and all these things are made in order to give them money.

    Now i'm fine with recognizing the work and efforts of someone, but Koreans taught us that they have the potential to make absolutely great and fun games, the problem is their total will to ruin that with frustrating mechanics luck based or with a massive injection of items that give lots of benefits behind a payment wall, so for me it'd be a big no just to teach em that they shouldn't play with the hearts of their customers, that even westerns matter, that a localization for a free to play game in the western market should be a localization with various changes made ad hoc and not just "i won't add this", because if you want to invest your time and energies twice you should do it for good, you shouldn't create a game which has a great potential, an awesome graphic, awesome ideas and then leave it like it is, something that someone plays because "unfortunately there's nothing better" and not for fun.
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  8. Rayin added a topic in European Guild   

    <LowKarma> Gilda Italiana PvX Softcore

    <LowKarma>, prima gilda Italiana modello Yolocore, vi da il benvenuto in questo viaggio all'insegna dell'involuzione genetica, costellato dalla perdita progressiva di cromosomi.
    Siete pronti per scoprirci a poco a poco, magari dopo qualche bicchiere di vino sotto il cielo stellato e qualche fugace palpatina di chiappe? allora leggete sotto.

    Siamo una gilda Softcore PvX il cui nucleo principale - nato dalla fusione di ITAmarri e ITAmarrini - si è diluito col tempo fino a diventare un rifugio e ritrovo per molte persone di varie gilde, cambiando a tal punto da proporre una gilda tutta nuova, dedita al social e a tutti i tipi di contenuto in gioco, PvP o PvE che essi siano.
    Cosa significa tutto ciò in parole povere? semplice, non vogliamo che la competizione significhi stress al punto da suicidarci se falliamo , ma ciò non significa che non intendiamo provarci.
    Vogliamo gente che sia partecipe a 360°, capace di rapportarsi con le altre persone e che sappia quando e come limitarsi, il tutto senza snaturare quel che è la gilda in sè e che quindi viva BlackDesert con noi, che ne assapori quanti piu aspetti possibile e si lasci trascinare in quelle che sono le nostre scemenze quotidiane, preferendo principalmente persone che vogliano esplorare i vari aspetti del game piuttosto che i singoli a discapito di tutto.

    A prescindere da ciò e dal tono soft impostato sinora, sappiate che in quanto gilda disposta a fare tutti i tipi di contenuto, siamo ben lieti di fare GvG, Nodewars, battaglie navali o anche battaglie in piscine piene di fango, perciò se cercate un luogo ove scroccare i buff garantiti dalle skill di gilda o far pascolare il vostro bestiame poiché Farmville vi stava stretto, sappiate che avete sbagliato a bussar porta, poiché il nostro intento è di crescere in quanti piu aspetti possibili, pur garantendo una crescita ai propri ritmi e secondo i vostri personali standard/possibilità.
    Ricapitolando e per farla breve...
    ~ Un ambiente favorevole in cui far crescere la propria progenie secondo le norme legislative garantite dalla comunità europea di BDO;~ Protezione nei limiti del possibile e del fattibile perché siamo anche un po' papponi tramite l'impiego della LowKarma Police, ronda di gilda fatta di volontari;~ Un Discord personale ove potrete spiare le foto di ragazze, ragazzi e/o animali da cortile;~ Una paga giornaliera in base all'attività (cioè activity e partecipazione nelle Nodewar) che può variare da poche migliaia di silver a un paio di milioni;~ Una lunga serie di buff di gilda sempre in aumento grazie al lavoro di tutti i gildani (Accuracy +5, Ap +5, MAX HP +100, DMG RD +5, Command to Gather, 50% Siege weapon reduction, +1 Gathering, 1 Galeone di Gilda, 1 Elefante di Gilda);~ Caccia ai mostri marini e battaglie navali poiché ci sentiamo tutti un po Jack Sparrow, senza fronzoli tra i capelli;~ Guild Quest per far crescere l'activity, per far crescere la gilda, per portarvi fortuna coi drop;~ Drama spicy e divertenti (esistono in e tra tutte le gilde, quindi dire "No Drama" a prescindere altri non sarebbe che una cazzata bella e buona);~ Un contatto stabile con le altre gilde italiane di rilievo tramite canale Discord comune;~ L'esperienza di giocatori veterani che vi guideranno nelle peculiarità di Black Desert;~ Roleplay non programmati grazie alle capacità gestionali e strategiche di Zephyraz, la morte istantanea d'ogni nemico previo intervento di Enysia, Lord of Surprise Helicupter Attack, la consulenza legale e spirituale tramite ZarSvane in quanto patriarca morale nonché integerrimo sostenitore dei diritti degli infanti e dei castori, la silente perspicacia di MinoMusa anche conosciuto come "l'amico dello scotch", l'istinto omicida e la perversione borderline di WhitePetal, la consulenza meccanica specializzata nei trattori nonché religiosa da parte del buon Kharr e infine una raccapricciante dose di creepy e profanità ad opera di Rayiin.COSA VOGLIAMO:
    ~ Livello 55+ senza vincoli di AP/DP;~ Persone attive (che non dicano "Ciao sono nuovo" e poi finiscano nel dimenticatoio);~ L'uso di Discord almeno per quel che concerne le Nodewars, anche se preferiremmo mantenerlo il piu vivo possibile poiché ci piace chiacchierare;~ Una mentalità aperta, desiderosa di esplorare nuovi orizzonti (cioè i vari aspetti del gioco, dal PvP al PvE), che non è in alcun modo un invito velato al darvi all'omosessualità, eterosessualità e/o sesso interspecie;~ Vogliamo rispetto verso gli altri player laddove possibile, inteso come niente insulti diretti, specie se Italiani, pena l'espulsione di gilda;~ Vogliamo che vi divertiate, soddisfatti o rimborsati o anche no.Per contattarci, potete whisperare i seguenti personaggi in game oppure aggiungerli:
    - Zephyraz (Guild Leader)- Rayiin/Akaido (Officer - English Speaker, if you need anything do not hesitate to contact me)- Enysia (Officer)- ZarSvane (Officer)- MinoMusa (Officer)- WhitePetal (Officer)- Kharr (Officer)
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  9. Rayin added a post in a topic Unrealistic Aspects.   

    Talking about "unrealistic" things in a fantasy game is like watching an adult movie and complaining that there are kinky stuffs in it and no plot, but i get what you mean, i'd say that this game has a solid exoskeleton with lots of contents that are poorly developed tho.
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  10. Rayin added a post in a topic I really want to get back into BDO, but...   

    You can do lots of stuffs, such:

    - Grab a musket, sit on your horse, then flag yourself and shoot at people that are trying to knock off others from their horses to show em who's the sheriff in this town;
    - Drag AFK enemies on your boat and bring em for an unwanted trip in some dangerous places of this world or else near Margoria to send em in panic;
    - You can actively hug people if you have a class with grab and send em hearts, then run away because most likely they will try to ----- you;
    - You can sail for mysterious lands placing stun traps on the rotation of your enemies to stun them and run away;
    - You can charge your blackspirit rage to 500%, travel in desert to find someone red and then unleash your fury against it to send him/her in prison;
    - Take selfies in Desert at night under a tent with someone, then start to RP a romantic night and plan to meet with that person in RL for romantic RL RP sessions;

    There you go, there's so much to do as PvE content except the blackspirit rage part.
    P.S: I'm quite sure that the zerker in my tent was a French guy, but still he caressed me gently under the moonlight, so i'm all in this new relationship as long he doesn't go too rough on me.
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  11. Rayin added a post in a topic Why is there no increasing res timer for being killed by the same person?   

    Tl:dr: Hi, i don't like your idea therefore i must insult it in the name of my holy principles and i shall do the same with you because i'm quite sure you're one of these red players that are in love with the newbie carnage that you read on every Newspaper in these days.

    Nice display of maturity. 
    I am with 173 AP and just Bheg gloves, level 58 because it bothers me to grind and i don't even go in other spots to steal them, so now that i've burst your bubble come back again when you have something clever to say instead of whine about my idea that for you was a "cry" for help in name of the will to murder people.
    And maybe try to read things going past your nose? it helps sometime, to develope some criticism.
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  12. Rayin added a post in a topic Why is there no increasing res timer for being killed by the same person?   

    Because for the "lore" they might be trade items that none would be willing to buy given certains laws (Ex: Elephants claws)
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  13. Rayin added a post in a topic Why is there no increasing res timer for being killed by the same person?   

    Imho some pretty simple changes would improve the game much more.

    - Negative players that kills Positive players have a chance to break one or more of their crystals;
    - If a Negative player kills a Positive player, the last one will lose 1% of exp as if he died in PvE, going further with that at the point that the victim can lose exp de-leveling;
    - During the Negative Karma status, the player has a 200% buff for trade items (since they're stolen goodies for the lore);
    - During the Negative Karma status, the player has a further tax discount on marketplace for his sales of 5% which stacks with Value Pack;
    - During the Negative Karma status, a player has an increased drop rate of 2.5% which doesn't stack with Kamasilve blessing, however is free and it doesn't have a cooldown;
    - If a Negative player kills a Positive player, this last one will drop a "Token of Damnation" (something that can be used in some kind of special shop to buy even boss armors if enough are stacked);
    - Positive Players that kills Negative players have a chance to break one or more of their crystals;
    - If a Positive player kills a Negative player, the last one will lose 1% of exp as if he died in PvE, going further with that at the point that the victim can lose exp de-leveling;
    - During the Negative Karma status the player is permaflagged and will lose further Karma for each kill of Positive Players.
    - During the Negative Karma status the player is still under the effect of living as Outlaw, therefore if he's in a guild which is at war with anther guild, the rules in regard of Exp and Crystals are still valid if he shall find his demise with the sword of his rival;
    - During the Negative Karma status the player cannot use Ellion's blessings;
    - If a Positive player kills a Negative player, this last one will drop a "Token of Ellyon's Mercy" (something that can be used in another special shop, with good stuffs but not boss armors and they also require far less tokens since Outlaws are scarce).
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  14. Rayin added a post in a topic Is Striker going to be more OP than DK/Wiz/Witch?   

    Yep i did, i was joking about the weeabo part, however calling characters based on characters of other sources, be anime, manga, movies, tv seres or whatever, is something really boring to me. All them Dante, Gatsu, Uchiha, Kirito, CloudStrife or Sephiroth in every shape, with every kind of symbol, underscores and stuffs like those look like a clone army, it's not original.
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  15. Rayin added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    Hi, i'm an Officer from LK, i sportmanship ur valkyria face.
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  16. Rayin added a post in a topic Is Striker going to be more OP than DK/Wiz/Witch?   

    Will Striker be more OP than Wiz, Witch and DK? will Dwarf be more OP than Striker, Wiz, Witch and DK? will Paladin be more OP than Wiz, Witch, DK, Striker and Dwarf? will Dark Crusader be more OP than wiz, witch, dk, striker, dwarf and paladin? will my grandma be more OP than wiz, witch, dk, striker, dwarf, paladin and dark crusader?

    Soon to be seen on the next episode of Rumor-ational Channel (?)

    Also you're a weeabo for calling a brawler Snow like the character of FFXIV, which was one of the worst FF's ever released.
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  17. Rayin added a post in a topic BDO has so much content your head will spin   

    I'm not saying is P2W, i'm saying that they find convenient to put a swimming suit for real money because it grants a benefit, aka swimming much faster than boats just to do stuffs, that else wouldn't be enjoyable at all.
    That's convenience, i don't even want to talk about the P2W vs Pay4Convenience argument, what i mean is simply that their contents aren't elaborate enough to be enjoyable, they're at the best something tollerable for most of them, while others are an absolute annoyance that in a way or another they bypass with cash shop items that grants you a way to skip them entirely.

    Also diablo 3 failed because is a bad game, take Path of Exile: is a much better version, is free to play, is constantly developed and the developers listen the majority of feedbacks and are communicative, is born via crowfunding which is unusual for a free2play game that is still up after 2 years and yet they still gain money with the cash shop, that is mostly skin, outfits, decors and stuffs. The users, including me, spend gladly money in it because is a project that has been handed very well, even the voice acting is something amazing that in a way or another makes you eager to know the story. Do you want an example? find Dialla and her lines, their an absolute, flawless hint of a marvelous work.

    I dunno why you went with the P2W route, i've been talking about money because this game cater there, in game and outside, you either work hard to make money or either you want to spend them to bypass frustrating mechanics.
    See what i'm talking about? no P2W claims.
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  18. Rayin added a post in a topic BDO has so much content your head will spin   

    It's not a poor perspective when:

    - Fishing relics bother you? you can gain memory fragments with them but you don't want to wait for each boss to spawn? Pila Fe is the solution. Even better pay for some Artisan Memory, so you can skip these boring things and optimize your time and enhancing sessions.
    - Train the skills of your horse doesn't please you? here a training horse coupon to skip that part, i'm sure you love to tame horse to breed to get a change for a fantastic foal that might give at birth other foals, maybe t8 or 9. Nope? alright, here's a breeding reset coupon, so you got twice the possibilities and you won't tame horses neither if you play your cards right. Now that we're at it, let's talk about the skills of your horse. Do you want to repeat the amazing process which is horse training to get the best horse of all times? remember that learning skills is not assured, so he might learn tons of skills or be autistic enough with 1 or 2 at level 30, also it might have the skills that you want or not, we don't want you to lock them, in that case there's nothing you can do about it except these two fantastic cash shop items: horse skill deletion coupon and horse skill change coupon!
    - Another wonderful mechanic that they allow you to skip is the swimming part, because they can't be arsed to fix it, but i already stated that.

    Don't take me wrong man, despite my four posts i like the game because i found my "ways" to entertain myself and i'm quite talkative in Discord or in game, however i can't see any effort made towards to please the players, instead i see catch-up mechanics to keep them anchored in a roulette, giving away most of end contents items not because the players are eager to farm them in a game - therefore something that should be fun - it's simply because they can't because of RNG barriers, because the top spots to drop them are crowded, their availability in market is close to 0 or else/and simply these people don't want to farm because it's pointless, everything is meant to increase your asset, your economical power. 

    My argument is quite simple even if i write essay: korean mmorpg are a money trap, black desert is not different, so these side contents that you were talking about are not meant to entertain you, just to keep you in a game where sooner or later you might be forced or tempted to spend real money or gamble your in game money to feel as if you won the lottery, as if you didn't waste your time.
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  19. Rayin added a post in a topic BDO has so much content your head will spin   

    As i said they added, they didn't literally revamp. Why did they made these changes in the end, aside from the "extended quest line" part that is the only content which stands alone? they did it to boost your money income, with the trashloot or adding more items for the life skills. The animations themselves are just polished to make the gameplay look more smooth even in videos that are always an awesome trademark to advertise a game, so there you are.

    They do everything in function of money, to gain money, give you more money power to spend for items that you can buy if they're listed and you got enough money, nothing else is done for another kind of purpose, else we would have minigames that are meant to be fun, quests that are meant to be fun, more videos for the new questlines.
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  20. Rayin added a post in a topic Do you think Shais will ever be playable?   

    I don't know what's your point, mine is that a smurf is barely a threat for anyone, even with all the magic of this world.
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  21. Rayin added a post in a topic Please Implement a Non-Rng involved/Quest-grind way of upgrading your gear to PEN   

    They should just add some daily quests that give exp if you're under 60, past that cap it's all "grind your ass off if you want to be the best and have an edge above the others", because the 60% of work done in this game is through the level and skillpoints of your character. The Awakened skills have an insane damage scaling through 56 to 60, that's why a TET on a level 60 player feels much more the reason why he annhilates you in the first place. If you're a 60 with TRI boss armor, TRI accessories etcetera you'll still be able to kill everyone with a CC if you got enough accuracy, so the problem it's not that. It's the level mostly, imho.
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  22. Rayin added a post in a topic BDO has so much content your head will spin   

    People play CoD or even any kind of MOBA that i dislike, but this doesn't mean that since lots of people play these games they offer the best mechanic above any other game.
    BDO has been advertised like a sandbox game with a beautiful world to explore where you could do many activities and open world pvp, these things obviously have gathered the interest of many different kind of players, although each of these things doesn't shine, not even when it comes to graphic department and that's why they hired a famous team to rework at least this aspect, it's a 3 year old game if i'm not mistake and they want to keep up with the graphic.

    Also your argument is kinda reductive, these many MMO's that you described give something else than money or activities that are half developed, they give titles that have particular bonus and achievements that you can unlock to gain X-Y-Z temporary or permanent items, they give you arenas with special conditions that can be either PvP or PvE, a pletora of minigames that can be fun or boring, they give special items that are worth farming or either are materials that can be used for some end game set or a good alternative, they literally give dozen of contents if are instanced and have other features if are open world, even Mortal Online which is much darker, much more bugged, freemium, in decay because the staff itself abuse of its power to give the upper hand to their guildies/friends/girls and so on, has anyway a much healtier trade system, a real world that you can explore if you're brave enough to leave the town because there's no world map and it's full loot PvP and yet give you valid alternatives. 

    BDO doesn't do anything different from the grinding department, except removing the "material" part from the trail of loot that poor brainless mobs farmed endlessly leaves behind, reducing even more their AI to cater the largest number of monsters in an area to allow a mechanism that basically is: grind money.
    I'm not saying BDO isn't cool, but yet i have to see a general improvement in mechanics that already exist in game: they added a new lifeskill which is "sailing", something that you can increase only if you travel in Margoria sea. Why should i go there? why should i even waste my time there when there are more productive ways to invest my time, including take my boat and grind at pirate island. Once you're done with the chain quest for CP, titles and knowledges, you're pretty much done with Margoria.

    Yeah, it's a content, it's there and you can do it - even if is not the best - because is there and you can use your free will to take a boat and sail for new adventures with sea monsters that aren't worth your time unless you go with several guild boats and hunt them to craft the equip for these gallons, but using your own example someone could choose to play a game in alpha or beta testing and try out bugged features because they're there, it's up to him if he wants to do something else than follow the main story or test and report the various bugs of this brand new game that is still in development.

    BDO as every korean mmorpg that simply is born with the idea of creating a game to cater most of people and milk them for good, doesn't develope anything, doesn't listen feedbacks, it just add mindlessly. Add, add, add, add, add, add because it cost just a lil more money than optimizing what's there already and gives also more money in a short time-frame, that's why most of us are still in love with tales when a new korean mmorpg is announced and the market gets viral at the point that everyone is convinced that this future game will be a WoW killer or the MMORPG of millenium totally different from its various counterparts. Simply, this damned koreans are too good at their job, they can build these "playable exoskeletons" with an infinite potential of growth, however they don't add anything else because that's what they are and shoul remain, exoskeletons of games.
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  23. Rayin added a post in a topic Do you think Shais will ever be playable?   

    I laughed my ass off, what's the song in it by the way? i love it but i can't find it in the video description.

    Anyway i woudn't mind if it wasn't for that weeabo-ism that lately is spreding across the web, so it's a big nope. I don't think that whoever loves loli characters is a pedo unlike people in here, they're dramatically going past the reason, however i don't even see the reason of having a playable class that isn't normal sided or giant alike if they must fight monsters and deities.
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  24. Rayin added a post in a topic BDO has so much content your head will spin   

    Yet many contents are nothing but a way to gain silver, they don't have a real purpose nor are exhausted properly, more than contents i'd say "potential contents".
    An example? horse training. Having master 2 in training or apprentice 1 doesn't change the slightest thing, they could've made it better introducing a percentage for each rank that makes the horse keen to learn more skills, also each level could grant better stats for the horse, in this way a level 30 T6 trained by a Guru in training could be even more awesome than a T7 leveled by a Skilled 1 and people would start to browse the market in search of the best product.

    If the training skill would also give a 0.5% more money when you sell the mount at the horse stable for certain horse tier (aka t5, 6, 7, 8, 9) and make the value pack affect their trade, horse trainers would get some love and start to sell horse again, also the market itself would be more dinamic. The introduction of new coats per tier would bring a refreshing wind on this profession even for those that have been breeding horses since day 1 and for those with the perversion of having the horse that fits their taste.

    Fishing? the minigame isn't a minigame, they could have made it in a way that could be more fun for those that wants to venture in the sea. Active fishing could be more rewarding including several fish that shouldn't be hooked if you're just afk fishing. The harpoons should be used even underwater to catch a larger variety of giant fish that you shouldn't catch with a rod, obviously improving also the swimming system which is awful and does nothing else but discouraging the user to do any sea content related without a swim suit such the fish or shark suit, see Margoria expansion and multiple threads filled with rightful complains for further details.

    Farming? ever heard about plant breeding? they could've introduced that, allowing the player to breed new plants that cannot be harvested in nature nor gathered via nodes, giving new recipes for alchemy and cooking with these new ingredients or giving to some of them a stand-alone effect because after all they're the product which results from special plants.

    Hunting? hunting is total garbage as profession, as long they don't introduce a real purpose for it which isn't "grab a molar from a whale that you can use to craft an accessory that none wants and has barely no use", you'll never see anyone doing hunting aside from those that are in love with being the 1st of each profession in most of channels.

    Even the trade itself isn't something that require efforts and mostly is made through autopath with wagons or elephants, leaving aside donkeys. How about they make donkey (maybe camels too) used in active trading giving a buff for the traded items when they're transported via donkeys? they could make it risky activating this buff whenever a trade item is on the mount itself and making it targettable by other players even if the owner is a level 5, in this way whoever wants to gain something more via trade, feel some adrenaline pump in his veins and maybe start a new stable trade empire paying some mercenaries to protect his goodies, could go this way. However they should make camel and donkeys breedable, a new content for horse trainers too, giving them some real battle skills that even the horse can't use. Some bags that can be equipped to transport more items could be useful for this purpose, in this way the active trading wouldn't be limited just because their slots are inferior to a wagon or an elephant.

    I'm not even going to start to speak about the environment vs environment and player vs environment thing because is embarassing that i cannot kill an howl with a greatsword but i can kill it with a rusty matchlock or with the same greatsword i can destroy wooden fences that are 90 times harder than a crocodile, but i can't kill the same freaking crocodile with spells.

    See what i'm doing? i'm not complaining about the game itself, it's called constructive criticism. The problem with this game is that they developed lots of stuffs but nothing is cured enough to leave a mark in our mind, be the grind, be the pvp or the guild structure itself, everything is there just to give you the impression that this game is endless when in fact everything works for just a purpose: being efficient in grinding and one shotting people in PvP.

    I hope these koreans will realize one day that expanding existing contents sometime benefits more their pockets rather than releasing 20gb of nothing mixed with some RNG and cash shop convenience, at least in my opinion.
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    Guys, guys, relax...
    ...i'm going to take Addicted out of Valencia by myself this week, farming them like the Manshas they are.

    Plz Ishkor don't declare on us.
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