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  1. Lanifair added a post in a topic Tips on Crystals.   

    earrings (tri witches or RCE ) and 2nd duo ring if you are too scared to travel down the terrible downward spiraling dark road to TET.
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  2. Lanifair added a post in a topic Is it possible to only buy gear?   

    I recently bought a tet bow, had to wait some weeks for it. It almost always skipped pre order and so i ended up failing to snipe it many times. keep in mind u need to sit on silver ( 1.2b at least ) to even attempt this. If you wanted to do this for every decent piece of gear.....expect it to take a very very liong time BUT yes, it's chill and relaxing. No enchant stress , but extreme patience is a must.
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  3. Lanifair added a post in a topic Some thoughts on why BDO is a failed game   

    This just isnt the game for you OP. Try Street fighter or perhaps LoL.
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  4. Lanifair added a post in a topic My ranger is Broken :O   

  5. Lanifair added a post in a topic Bidding System Poll   

    WHY does it have to affect green items? like relics? or fodder tier armour? Or blackstones or shards?
    The tet process already has so much rng and cancer surrounding it, but bidding for mundane items kills it. Running 20 relic scrolls/day is terrible enough w/o needing to bid for each and every relic. FSing is bad enough w/o needing to bid for each and every repair armour. I guess maybe the bid on shards would be acceptable if all this other stuff was at least click to buy. WHY do we have this? it's offensive and idiotic and the devs that made it should have their minds examined under suspicion of being sadists.
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  6. Lanifair added a post in a topic Ranger is broken, in a bad way.   

    q, shift+lmb,shift+rmb, vine knot, breezy blade, rushing flow, wind step all offer protection with sword. You can even link these for almost fully protected chains. if you are in bow u can call from sky. You can even weap swap bow to sword and this transition is a guard also. Yes it's hard, none of it is get-it-right 1st time ez, but that's balance for you.
    If you brand all of your weapons AND repair them to 100/100 durability and wear a costume that reduces dura loss I promise you , you will never have an issue with ranger dura again. unless you want to grind for like 3 hrs straight in pila ku or something anyways.
    If the mana usage REALLY bothers you, you could invest in extraction crystals, but keep in mind you need to be able to hit your target decently to make good use of them. If you grind places higher level than you, you will need accuracy to get all the mana u can get from the hits.Otherwise you need to buy max weight , or close to it, and carry around mana pots with you...lot of them. Just a reality we all grew to accept really. just to also add, some people like to take the mana leech add on for waltz of wind too
    Ranger is the most pearl demanding class, unfortunately.
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  7. Lanifair added a post in a topic 5000 Hours Playtime reward   

    this is absolute fking bullshit
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  8. Lanifair added a post in a topic why is dark knight so neglected? costumes/awakening/information?   

    Agreed, if the awakening ( and awakening costume which is ALOT better than the one they released ), were there at DK release, i might have invested in the class financially but as it is the hype is DEAD. Already sold all it's gears and not playing it because why should anyone have to suffer non awakened classes at this stage of the game. Pretty sure they have astronomically gimped their profits by not releasing this stuff already, as everyone has gone back to their main and sold up shop at this point.
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  9. Lanifair added a post in a topic Fox ears hair customization   

    it's in the eu beauty album. It looks ridiculous from the back though.
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  10. Lanifair added a post in a topic Gifted incorrect item   

    Oh i'm patient for the fix, was more simply curious to know if people felt confident i can resolve the issue.
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  11. Lanifair added a topic in General   

    Gifted incorrect item
    I recently gifted my girlfriend an incorrect item. I had forgotten to select her class rather than my own before gifting. The gift is at present in her mail, unopened. We would like to exchange the one I gifted for the correct one for her class.
    My question: Has anyone had this issue previously? Did it get resolved? I realize the difficulty surrounding this case as it deals with 2 accounts , however, we share the same IP and there can be no question as to the legitimacy of the case. I have sent a ticket and I explained also that if required, my girlfriend can send one also.
    Just asking here to see if anyone had the issue before, to find out if there's a hope tbh.
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  12. Lanifair added a post in a topic Post pics of your Ranger   

    Awesome, nice to not see the same old rehashed generic korean templates too.
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  13. Lanifair added a post in a topic TIER 8 HORSES CRASHING THE GAME   

    "Altinova crash" legit entered commonly used terminology between me and a friend.
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  14. Lanifair added a post in a topic Sailor contracts   

    Same, also looking around for more info. If people in the know could chime in it would be great.
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  15. Lanifair added a post in a topic How is ranger PvE/PvP   

    So sad to see rangers posting, offering advice and claiming things like "rangers have no superarmour".
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