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  1. Finny added a post in a topic graphic card help?   

    thanks guys! :-D ill look those up in stores!
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  2. Finny added a post in a topic graphic card help?   

    omg thanks!!
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  3. Finny added a topic in General   

    graphic card help?
    Hi! Im pretty sure im not posting in the right category but the tech support section seem to only be for problems due to the game and not due to our own personal computers so.... yeah

    I could use some suggestion from tech savy ppl so i tought i might as well ask :-)

    About a month ago my computer died horribly by power supply frying + motherboard serving as "meat shield" to protect most of the rest of the components, except the graphics card who didint make it either. replacing the power supply and the motherboard entirely.(im pretty sure my powersuply died over overuse from leveling horses day and night for like a year but oh well...)   Anyways long story short: right now my computer is running on the embed crappy graphic card, which results in me being "able to play" black desert.... on 8 fps max at lowest graphics in low population density area. I was told I should buy a RX470 http://www.amd.com/en-us/products/graphics/radeon-rx-series/radeon-rx-470 which is on the cheap end of the spectrum but still fairly decent so i could play BDO on decent graphics with decent FPS, as well as maybe eventually playing star citizen too on 3.0 release..... 

    Can you guys think of anything cheaper that would be as good, or a better option? What graphics card do you guys use to run BDO on good settings? any help would be appreciated! ^^ 
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  4. Finny added a post in a topic art feedback?   

    thank you I'll try that! :-D
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  5. Finny added a post in a topic Fruit of X - Farming Guide!   

    Right i guess i was not being clear... I never ment to imply you could grow crops underwater obviously.
    i ment THIS item http://bddatabase.net/us/item/5217/ called "deep sea fruit" does not seem to be associated to any specific crop you can farm to have a higher % chance of getting it. Is there such a crop or is it just random?
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  6. Finny added a post in a topic art feedback?   

    here's the ref ^^
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  7. Finny added a topic in Art & Media   

    art feedback?
    Hi guys!
    I've started working on a portrait of my character but i don't know there's something wrong with it but i cant quite put my finger on it? Of course i still need to finish the whole thing its just a work in progress (like the hair is missing and the ear is a blob lol) but it annoys the *** out of me that i cant figure it out.. is it the eyes or the nose..or something else? anyways, kindly let me know if you figure it out. :-D thanks!

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  8. Finny added a post in a topic Spring Tulips Screenshot Contest [Winners Announced]   

    not sure if I'm doing this properly but.. here's an attempt anyway!

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  9. Finny added a post in a topic Dark Knight lvl 56 Awakening skills and what they do!   

    that's awesome thank you for sharing!
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  10. Finny added a post in a topic HEAL   

    shift + space. she does have a heal :-) its just really slow
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  11. Finny added a post in a topic Dandelion and Kzarka Box shop   

    my understanding is that night vendor prices for item is RNG of 80% to 200% of the market price for that item. so maybe you got a 200% roll on that armor :-p

    As for the frequency of good rolls,personally I camped him for 2 days on all 6 alt characters for a total of.. something like 12h of afking total (into beds and using energy recovery items so i could get as many rolls as possible)... and passed several dandelion items( i think like 4?) that weren't for classes I used. I did however got myself a nice nouver knott for my DK for 120m!  now im too poor to camp again so im saving up so i can get her a dandelion too!

    Im a fairly casual player and im not online a lot im mostly afk, so I keep missing karanda spawns and even when im here and fight her i dont always get auras so i find its much more eficiant to camp the night vendor in my case. of course if you are online all the time and can camp karanda instead im sure that's more efficient if you got a lot of AP already :-) I guess it just depends on how you play! But if you dont like doing Karanda you really should consider the night vendor ;-)
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  12. Finny added a post in a topic Dandelion and Kzarka Box shop   

    you could just camp the night vendor too :-) woudnt be P2W and you woudnt have to grind world bosses! Just make sure you have a good 200m in bank before you do though! woudnt want to roll the weapon you want and not have the money for it!
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  13. Finny added a post in a topic Post Pics of your Dark Knight!   

    updated mine :-) I kept tweeking untill i was satisfied and for now I think this'll do.

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  14. Finny added a post in a topic Craftable Outfits   

     Serendian Iron Suit and Delphe knight outfit


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  15. Finny added a post in a topic Korea update highlights - 2017-03-16 - Super adorable bunny pet!   

    i mean...its not their first goofy looking pet design. sometimes it feels like whoever designs these has never seen a real one and didint even bother to google one for reference....

     i mean com on. I know its just  stylized version but seriously ppl... put some effort into it.

    I guess the bunny is more stylized then the "snow dog" but at least it dosent look AS bad

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