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  1. TheYoda added a post in a topic New cash shop outfit dye channels?   

    aw look at the crabby :3
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  2. TheYoda added a post in a topic I like how everyone stays quiet about Heilang damage :)   

    We don't say anything because the developers will notice that were too happy. Then take it away from us.
    ...So Shh!
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  3. TheYoda added a post in a topic Tamer Guide 1.1   

    Full moon -> echo pierce (SA)-> vermilion bird???

    ....Nah switch vermilion bird, for a grab. I believe the target would get up and zoop outta there.
    full moon -> echo pierce (SA)-> Grab -> Bolt/Jolt -> All around spinner -> Put rose on tombstone, rip.
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  4. TheYoda added a post in a topic Tamer changes 26 April   

    I never understood why people find it hard to understand that people who pvp, would like to be at the apex of pvp experience in the game. Which is Seige wars,
    Thing is, how can this class provide any support for zerk sieges. EVERY class should provide a support of some kind to help in the zerg fest. I understand shes an isolating assassin class. But why must she ONLY be useful for Void CC traps? That was all we had to help. Now since its on a cd, its useless. What help can a Tamer provide in a zerg fest??
    What can she possibly do when the Crowd starts growing in numbers? How can she stay relevant in a large pvp battle?? Why is it that she receive so much damage from magic,
    Its small shit like this that tilts me, makes me go, "BUT WHY? WHY THO?"
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  5. TheYoda added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 26th 2017   

    Yo..Why are you Nerfing Tamers, That was unnecessary as hell.
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  6. TheYoda added a post in a topic just a cool tamer pvp vid i found   

    How does he Cancels Echo pierce into another one? He does this back to back. I usually Jolt/bolt into echo pierce. But he just...Echo pierces back to back to back.
    Also I typically fight without heilang in Arena, I dont like handicaps. He probably doesn't either.
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  7. TheYoda added a post in a topic Bug ?   


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  8. TheYoda added a post in a topic Just some RBF   

    Its nice to fight talented Tamers. Really interesting to see how their fighting style is.
    I play aggressive, and if I am defensive I flank continuously. Trade super armors and Baiting.
    Like chess...Get my Back Exposed, to make you come closer, And little did you know my "Q" was already active and you fell into the CC Void Trap. And I turn around and look at your stiffed body like... "Any last words?" lol
    Ever had an issue where you get knocked down in your awakening and you get up and your magically switched to primary, or visa versa.?
    I remember a witch knocked me back so hard I got switched from primary to awakening, pressing WW like a mad man to get away, just to realize that I'm in staff mode lol
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  9. TheYoda added a post in a topic Just some RBF   

    Yeah...Its annoying when you jump off a pebble and she puts her wep away just to get screwed when your thinking she still has it on.
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  10. TheYoda added a post in a topic Best non-boss tamer secondary weapon?   

    ...Kuu Stop bullying me! :c
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  11. TheYoda added a post in a topic Best non-boss tamer secondary weapon?   

    Accuracy for incense to better dmg mobs. better farming in general for newbies.
    Needle ap is always good, course you need accuracy too for pvp. But there are other ways and many ways of getting it more so than ap. Tree spirit belt, Red coral earings, etc etc.
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  12. TheYoda added a post in a topic Best non-boss tamer secondary weapon?   

    Needle Trinket= pvp
    Incense Trinket = Pve
    Stick with those two. Rosar is also good but meh...Get muskens for the evasion boost.
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  13. TheYoda added a post in a topic tamers fair in general pvp(aka pretty good) due to PA's graph.   

    I just genuinely believe those that actually put in the hours and dedication on tamer, realizes that although she is really fun to play with,
    ...something is off about the class. Compared to others, shes not very...."Functional" or efficient as what she supposed to do.
    An assassin class yes...But being honest if I had to have a team of assasians, I'd pick a Ranger or Ninja above the Tamer.

    ...In short, Other classes can do what tamer can (With grab as an exception) But better. What could have set her apart from the rest was Heilang. But he's to 'tarded to do anything. Witch and Wizards have summoning that can see ninja's and kuno's while cloaked. So....What's special about Heilang again?
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  14. TheYoda added a post in a topic Just some RBF   

    How large is your Stam pool? I fought you before in RBF (TheJade), you WW for days I'm like wtf? My stam pool goes away hella fast. lol
    My tamer probably over weight or somthin.
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  15. TheYoda added a post in a topic What accessories should I get for my Tamer?   

    Of course that's true. I just typically go by a "dont get hit" mentality. Learning the class inside and out. But for sure, you're right about having some dp to help with survival.
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