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  1. Graviera added a post in a topic Keep lifeskilling on main or make alts?   

    You could split life skills on multiple chars and this would be fine. But you could also not split them and be the hottest person around.

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  2. Graviera added a post in a topic Reaching Guru 1 in sailing   

    Sailing follows the general concept of the developers when it comes to character progression.
    1. Introduce something practically impossible to complete/achieve 100%
    2. After some time make it very difficult but possible with some(or a lot) pearl shop boosts and/or time.
    3. Have everyone invest tons of money and/or time progressing for an initial X amount of time (probably guided by number of new players / pearl sales).
    4. Release ways to make progress a lot easier up to a point (which makes the initial time investment look like a waste to those that made it) while introducing new impossible progression target(s).
    5. Go to 2.

    This is the standard way they prolong gameplay.
    The "early adopters" in BDO will always lose time (of course it is not losing for them if they enjoy it) compared to just waiting for the phase that makes this initial effort trivial. So, unless you really enjoy doing something in BDO, the best course of action would be to just.... wait.
    Initially "the bait" was Sailing Apprentice1, then Skilled1, now it is Prof, next will be Artisan. Personally (skilled1) I am gonna wait for the next big boost and catch up in a small fraction of the time otherwise required.
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  3. Graviera added a post in a topic Cooking/Alchemy stopping 1 craft short   

    I got a sharp stone too. It's not that. It happens with and without it.
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  4. Graviera added a post in a topic Cooking/Alchemy stopping 1 craft short   

    Yes, it is rare to not happen to me, as you describe it. For me there is not always one left, some times there are even 2 left. I thought it had to do with the durability weapon crystals I use, or some kind of lag issue.  Got used to it though, doesn't even bother me anymore.
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  5. Graviera added a post in a topic why 2 human workers one skilled (50 workspeed ) and another professional (70 workspeed ) have same gathering time at a same timber node ?   

    It may be the case that it gets rounded down when the decimal part is less than 0.49 and rounded up when above 0.49 or something like that. Could this be the case considering the numbers you got? I can not think of anything else tbh.
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  6. Graviera added a post in a topic why 2 human workers one skilled (50 workspeed ) and another professional (70 workspeed ) have same gathering time at a same timber node ?   

    It has to do with the workload of the specific node. Roughly Workload divided with Work Speed gives a number that when rounded to an integer it renders how much times the worker will have to work each iteration.
    Check this https://www.reddit.com/r/blackdesertonline/comments/5ii5lj/is_there_any_reason_to_use_giant_workers_anymore/db943wt/
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  7. Graviera added a post in a topic Gathering to Professional+   

    Florin forest, although full of Pine trees, is not a good area to get Pine timber/logs. Reason is the particular skin of the pine trees there (white with stripes of black) is the one with the highest chance of not being gatherable.  This issue slows down gathering by a lot, whereas the other pine tree skins (except the decorative ones) are almost always gatherable. Imo best area is Trent. Next best is south of eastern gateway along the road.
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  8. Graviera added a post in a topic AWAKENiNG SCROLLS   

    Do the black spirit quests.
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  9. Graviera added a post in a topic Gathering to Professional+   

    Personally I would go straight for Pine trees without being prof1. Whatever logs I get while getting to prof1 I would consider bonus. Also as @AlnilamE said, when it comes to logs, level seems to make little difference with gathering level (you only get max 2 anyways).  The trip to pilgrim haven alone should make pine trees as fast to gather overall (I recommend Trent or slightly worse the area south of Eastern Gateway) . The other issue though, that is equally (if not more) important, is your processing level. If you don't have the 2.5 processing multiplier (Artisan1+ I think, but I could be wrong) you will need a lot more logs to make the final scaffoldings and squares. Even with the 2.5 multiplier, squares are max x2 average proc (possible values 1,2,3 iirc).
    You can store a lot of one kind of item on a mount as a temporary huge single slot storage space. Search for overloading mount to see how.
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  10. Graviera added a post in a topic Karanda loot table - plz fix   

    Regarding good loot (not dandelion boxes) and auras, Karanda is the worst boss. Not only does she drop far less auras than say Kzarka, but there are also numerous cases where she drops nothing to no one. The frequency that this happens certainly indicates that loot is harder to get overall compared to other bosses (or even bugged in some cases). Now, if this needs to change or not is debatable. But this particular boss is different when it comes to loot.
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  11. Graviera added a post in a topic sell Bheg gloves or not?   

    It will take a looot more time to get another pair of bhegs than the time you would need to grind the ~80 mil you will get after taxes (or even worse ~63mil without it). I would recommend keeping them.
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  12. Graviera added a post in a topic [Alchemy] [Quest]   

    I go to  http://bddatabase.net/us/quests/ and fill in an appropriate Filter. In your case the filter should be "alchemy".
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  13. Graviera added a post in a topic Best strategy to get the good skills on a T8? (RESOLVED)   

    After reading the information recommended by the players that posted in this thread.  I think I agree with you. I will take it slow again and we 'll see. I got some T6 females with breeds available and a couple T7s left. If the specific T8 proves to be a lemon, I 'll try to get a another one. Although It will be very hard.  These are 1 year's results for me because I never got into breeding seriously, I usually opted doing other stuff when afk overnight/work (which worked out very nicely but not regarding horses ).
    @DenverRalphy, @magret
    Thank you, I understand now the whole thing with the swap method and the couple variations on how to use it. I think I will go up to lvl 30 with this one and see what RNG brings and go from there...
    Yes I found out about the appearance coupons too. Thanks for pointing it out though.
    I agree with you that lifeskills could actually be made more active at least as an option that would yield better results. Especially for training. But we all know the reasons they keep things that way and will continue to do so as long as sales are up to their expectations.
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  14. Graviera added a post in a topic Laggy server and I am stuck on Ross Sea   

    You can replenish your stamina by changing character and then back again to this one, or logging out and relog or just by changing channels. 
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  15. Graviera added a post in a topic Sniping items off the marketplace tip request   

    You don't need to spam. You just need to click bid, wait till the button changes to Confirm and then click it again within 20 seconds to see if you won the item or not. Up to this stage no spamming is necessary. The winner is decided by the server and you just check to see if it is you or not. It is not a speed competition, it is just a lottery where you buy a ticket by bidding and check out if you won by confirming and claiming the item.
    The spamming however can be useful after you lose an item and in the situation where the item is not claimed by the winner or when the item is partially claimed by the winner (for example someone bids a 10 mem frags stack and wins but only buys 2 of them). In this case the unclaimed item or what is left of it will go into normal BUY mode and the fastest clicker will be the one to buy it. However, it is trivial for some people to write a script that automatically spams the appropriate clicks to buy an item in this situation. Those scripts compete on a level of latency and will easily be faster than any human competitor.
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