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  1. Graviera added a post in a topic Robbers   

    I don't know if what u describe is a bug or not, but robbers are very slow. So, u should easily put some distance between u and them and be safe. Also, switching channels should lose aggro (have never tested it myself though).
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  2. Graviera added a post in a topic grinding money is too unrewarding compared to processing/trading   

    Indeed. The era of the glorious "No-life Grinders" is nigh. Suck it up non grinders, for life is unfair. 1 shooting mobs is hard. Doing it multiple times is even harder due to multiplication(duh). Btw, I watch twitch or some tv show when grinding fogans. Maybe I should place some farms over there. Sounds pretty convenient and requires equal amounts of attention. Stylish too. 
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  3. Graviera added a post in a topic grinding money is too unrewarding compared to processing/trading   

    How much silver does questing cost?
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  4. Graviera added a post in a topic grinding money is too unrewarding compared to processing/trading   

    78,250 fruit juices ever sold ion my server. They are being sold at 543 silver per item. The total value of the fruit juice market in history is 39,125,000 silver. We will be eating with golden spoons! Ooops another 3 fruit juices sold. Have to go...
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  5. Graviera added a post in a topic grinding money is too unrewarding compared to processing/trading   

    the point is, its still easy and ~90% afk (less if you buy mats)
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  6. Graviera added a post in a topic grinding money is too unrewarding compared to processing/trading   

    I see. Well then, of course it is...
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  7. Graviera added a post in a topic grinding money is too unrewarding compared to processing/trading   

    900 procs = 900 special grain (~5000 silver each) or 4500 plain grain / every 15 minutes. Good luck with that. Also 1 sec cooking requires cash shop item canape outfit (or +5 cooking clothes...). At 314 cp I need to turn in ~1200 dishes for 1 point. And very soon it will double up.
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  8. Graviera added a post in a topic grinding money is too unrewarding compared to processing/trading   

    Passive income requires using your brain. Active income requires using your spine. I do both. It's healthy, you should give it a try. Also, give yourself a challenge to make more money passively than actively. Then your opinion will be of more value. It will also change. Don't believe numbers thrown around by people who pretend to be the streamers they watch.
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  9. Graviera added a post in a topic grinding money is too unrewarding compared to processing/trading   

    God is "trading and processing" ofc... 
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  10. Graviera added a post in a topic grinding money is too unrewarding compared to processing/trading   

    1 bil per week. Right... Well, even if true, your friend is 0.0001% of the playerbase and selling crates with Master 2 trading buff, and it takes months to make those crates in the first place.
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  11. Graviera added a post in a topic Needing Advice on Pila Fe Book Drop locations   

    Ancient relics drop from any Calpheon monster(manshas/catfish etc).
    Forbidden books drop from any Mediah monster(elric/helms/manes/rogue etc)
    Pila Fe drop from any Valencia monster (nagas/fogans/bandits etc)
    In every case, elite mobs have higher drop chance. 
    So, bottom line, the more mobs u kill the more scrolls u get, the faster u kill them, the faster u will get them.
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  12. Graviera added a post in a topic why can you not get your wagon back at any stable that you have that big enough   

    If it is still the same as before, when a mount has items in its inventory, remote collection will send it to its nearest stable, whereas if its inventory is empty, it will send it to the stable you are at. Also with a recent patch, remote collection will destroy ~half a mount's trade items (if any).
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  13. Graviera added a post in a topic Do some life skills need to be balanced?   

    I don't deny that life skills can make a lot of money. I am doing it too. But I think a new life skiller is at a far worse position than a new grinder (that can also afk fish btw), that's all.
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  14. Graviera added a post in a topic Do some life skills need to be balanced?   

    "MickinX made over 1.5b in 2 days from Master2 Trade ON STREAM" by selling crates that took him months to craft. (The rest I write below are not towards you specifically, Catclaw).
    A lot of people describe methods leaving out/underestimating the preparation required to actually implement them (MickinX ofc said multiple times about the preparation required).
    So, if it takes me a week to gather resources to craft something and sell it in a day, it does not mean this profit is a day's profit. Also, a lot of people describe methods that require many hours of attention and at least semi-active play.
    Very few have 1 sec cooking, fewer Master2 trading etc... These are hardcore methods comparable with hardcore grinding only. And hardcore grinding at such level makes 100 mil/day easy. And to the people capable of doing it, it is easier and far more enjoyable than the lifeskills counterparts.
    Personally I don't think life skills need any buff (except training). but many people tend to describe extreme methods not suited for newer players at all. A new player will struggle to make anything near another player that grinds mobs for income. As both become more advanced, this gap narrows down. The lifeskiller though will get access to more advanced methods over a much longer period of time than the grinder. Not that I care really, just saying.
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  15. Graviera added a post in a topic Good Gathering spots for Wild Herbs?   

    You get quite a lot of weeds by farming anything. Farms are synergetic with alchemy since they can produce weeds, mushrooms, herbs, fruits of X(rare drop when breeding crops). You also get a sharp/hard shard here and there (quite fewer after the nerf).
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  16. Graviera added a post in a topic Exploiting   

    Overloading is not an exploit. It is intended, since the developers decided to leave it as is, knowingly and purposefully. And it is actually a quite useful QoL element of the game.
    But using overloading for leveling up the trading skill was not the intended use. And this is why they changed the way trading exp is calculated, rendering overloading trading useless to level up with.
    There is no reason to now ban the people that got Master2 this way because at the time it was openly known to both the community and the developers. The developers had every opportunity to change it and didn't.
    EDIT: I am skilled6, not defending myself or anythimg.
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  17. Graviera added a post in a topic to all the whiny entitled kids   

    Power in this game means better gear and awakening and is  strongly tied to RNG (because of how enhancement works). Saying a more powerful player deserves a spot is the same as saying a more lucky player deserves a spot, which should not be the case of course. 
    One other factor is greater level aka more time grinding mobs. So, the players grinding the most, with your logic, should deserve their spots. This is a positive feedback loop that will simply lead to a minority of players monopolizing good spots against the majority of players with no way to dedicate so much time to level up. Fair or not, it would certainly drive lots of players away, making the game worse.  
    In my opinion a powerful player with a good rotation should have no problem vastly out grinding anyone interfering,  and thus driving him away by making his grind pointless. So, lower geared players/casuals should be no problem. Very few casuals will insist interfering since they have little time and won't/can't compete with someone outgrinding them (unless ofc that someone kos them, so don't do that).  
    The problem rises when an equal geared player claims a spot and karma griefs to achieve this. So in reality this is a hardcore PvP vs hardcore PvE player problem. Not even 10% of playerbase is hardcore anyway. So, I really don't think any big changes affecting the rest 90% will be made to cater the 10%. 
    The solution imo is better and more grind spots. As others said it is idiotic that Sausan and Pirates are still the best choices. 
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  18. Graviera added a post in a topic Advanced Stove vs Intermediate Stove   

    Personally, I value the -1 second cooking time even more than the extra durability. I enjoy leveling up most life skills as much as I can simultaneously. I find the synergies interesting, although I really dislike the bottlenecks put there by the developers to promote grinding mobs. 
    To me, time reduction is the more important stat vs durability because it minimizes the time needed to level up cooking/alchemy and thus giving more time to do other stuff, or simply level up faster. Essentially gives more flexibility. 
    Afk cooking when you go to sleep takes advantage of only a small portion of your afk time due to the limited durability of utensils/weight limit. Whereas training/fishing/sleeping for energy, can be almost 100% efficient time-wise.
    So if your cooking time is so fast that u can burn through 900 dura in say an hour(which is not that hard btw), you can do so at various times during your day(dinner/movie/laundry/whatever) and use night afk time for something else. If u can do it in 30 minutes, even more flexibility, and with canape (15 minutes), its not even afk.
    Regarding the original question, I find the 1 second reduction well worth the extra crafting cost without even the extra durability. But, as someone already said, I would like there to be more advanced utensils that can be upgraded and repaired, like the advanced fishing rods.
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  19. Graviera added a post in a topic Advanced Stove vs Intermediate Stove   

    Cash shop images of the item(s)
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  20. Graviera added a post in a topic Questions on Release of...   

    It is more than 40 IQ required to comprehend "idiotic bullshit nonsense". It is out of your league. Go get paid now, winner.
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  21. Graviera added a post in a topic Advanced Stove vs Intermediate Stove   

    Life skill levels will remain character bound since there will be a cash shop item that allows to extract life skill experience from a character(goes beginner1) and add it to another(advances accordingly to the amount of exp transferred).  
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  22. Graviera added a post in a topic Questions on Release of...   

    Most things in modern social life are p2w. Politics, Business, Education, Justice, Healthcare to name a few. And in this age of debt even sovereignity is p2w.  Of course, you don't have to pay... but those who do, well, they will win. In a world where everything is measured in currencies, it is no rocket science to see why.
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  23. Graviera added a post in a topic Gathering Bug   

    Now that would be awesome, and it would really improve and increase my actual playtime. I would totally be the odd guy among sheep. I really like the life skills in this game but it comes a point where I only have 30-60 minutes to grind. I do it at night with many combat buffs and especially at weekends at desert fogans (I destroy them with awakening weapon) I get very good exp(100w/e+100night+100grindhourevent+10helmetgem+8tea+15potion+6titles+3pet+10villa=+352% for an hour) but is still no where near enough. If I didn't have to gather I would have the time to grind mobs twice as much (and I have to gather cause money/shards/workshops/imperial/alchemy/cooking, all depend a lot on gathering every day). And I have to level up to get all my awakening skills(ranger is awesome btw). Well, I don't have to, but I 'd really like to. And when finally I do, I consider going perma red and have lots of fun in real open world PvP sense. And it all starts with gathering pets. Who would have guessed... 
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  24. Graviera added a post in a topic Gathering Bug   

    Gathering sheep with +5 gathering/yellow tool, takes me more than an hour to burn my energy. And I even try to highlight the next dead sheep while gathering another to avoid the micro-stun between gathers, because even half a second makes a difference when multiplied x1000. So if this pet saves another half second as a result of having to gather less times, it actually sounds useful. 
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  25. Graviera added a post in a topic Is RNG making people despair and leave?   

    I agree, the accessories upgrade system is brutal. I believe it is designed this way to accommodate the huge failstacks one gets from upgrading boss gear. So it is probably a good idea to do some boss piece(s) and accessories together.
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