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  1. Graviera added a post in a topic sad truth about end game and RNG (read especially if you're new!)   

    I used to be a daytrader for about 15 years in the past. Stock market/options/currencies can easily be considered huge casinos for the people that lack the tools, knowledge and information to analyze them properly.
    Yet, I have seen people with zero prerequisites doing better than pros. I have seen people with literally the touch of Midas, making money out of everything they touch for years and years and still not being sure how to set an entry stop market order properly.
    I met a guy that was making more money betting on stocks, via betting websites, than his professional broker friend. Ignorance of proper risk reward strategies combined with consistent luck...
    In any case in an infinite universe, one of 10^35 iirc, even the most improbable things are bound to happen. And just being (un)lucky in an mmo is nothing really, considering the big picture. Some people will be lucky all their lives, some will live for mere seconds.
    Luck is a zero total sum universally, but this has little value when viewed through the very narrow perspective of a human's experience and lifespan. We only experience a random tiny bit of the whole and that can be dramatically skewed. 
    And to make things "worse", as others already mentioned, randomness, or chaos, are not behaving in a uniform ,evenly spread out manner. In fact they present a certain periodicity of events. A periodicity that is exponentially unpredictable in the future (unless maybe a proper quantum computer actually regenerates them in who knows how many centuries from now).
    So, try to be happy with what u have, randomness is only fair at a level far beyond an individual's experience. If it wasn't, "luck" would not even be a word. And we would be missing all these wonderful tinfoil theories.. A friend of mine, serious poker player, still believes that changing the orientation of his lighter on the table actually influences his luck in the game... Btw tinfoiling is a documented animal behavior too, recreating initial conditions for achieving repeatable outcomes is in our DNA.  
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  2. Graviera added a post in a topic Value pack is optional and not p2w and for you all "we should sub like WoW"   

    The game has a cash shop. Has sold a million copies. How did we get to 'no income' assumptions? Furthermore the developing company is a separate entity most likely taking a cut out of gross sales. 
    People somehow assume that businesses aim to sell up to point where they "get by", and only implement more aggressive marketing "in times of need", which is hilarious. Business will always try to maximize profit. As a matter of fact they will try even harder when profits are at a high. As a consumer you should try to balance out this behavior so that product prices remain consumer friendly.

    Some people in these forums, consumers of the product called Black Desert Online, are actually afraid that if they don't pay more. their product will cease to exist (omg life will be over as we know it). Has anyone read the balance sheets of Daum? Are they even publicly available? How do you come to the conclusion they don't make enough profits? How do you know they are not in it just for the short term as a strategy with other projects in mind?

    What makes you think that the usual path of MMOs evolving into P2W and eventually ceasing, is not actually a strategy implemented on a product with a certain life expectancy and well known stages to maximize profits within that time window? What makes you think that companies "struggle" when following this path? Business will even purposely bankrupt to make a profit. The reason most MMOs follow similar paths is more likely than not the fact that they are more often than not cash grab products with no original intention to keep the product running for years. 
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  3. Graviera added a post in a topic Why does it suddenly take 5 times as long to get contribution points at 254 ?   

    Thanks a lot guys for letting me know. Explains why Valencia seemed somewhat "lifeless" to me. I thought it was a placeholder thing to add content with patches later on. I laughed so much at myself when I read your posts... And then I got really sad that my only other option for CP just vanished in thin air. Looks like I 'll have to think of something else.
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  4. Graviera added a post in a topic Why does it suddenly take 5 times as long to get contribution points at 254 ?   

    You are welcome. It's not a guide really. I just wrote down what I have done 100 times. There are some mistakes too, like "farm north of Velia" which of course is south... Also keep in mind that some of these quests have some minor lag before any other daily can be accepted. So for example, if you escort the dog to the farm and find Ken too fast afterwards he will appear to not have a quest available. In this case you just have to wait a few seconds.
    I got at 302 today and decided to never purposely do CP dailies again. It is too slow and gets me seriously bored as well as leaves a lot less time to actually play the game. In Valencia area  I did some quests that gave 400-500 CP (and amity - why?) but I didn't notice if they were dailies or not. I doubt they were  tbh. Nevertheless Valencia seems to give far better CP on quests so I hope it will make up for me stop doing the CP runs. Although excluding the rare drops Valencia area is of little value right now, I will explore it. 
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  5. Graviera added a post in a topic For those who don't like Gathering, Farming also drops shards!   

    I am Artisan10 gather, Pro10 farm. Most of it due to the need for shards.
    I got 9 7slot and one 10slot farms, mainly for fruit of X for alchemy.
    So far gathering gives many more shards for me.I wonder if Artisan farming makes any difference(doubt it, but will see shortly). I never got more than 2 shards a day from farming, more often than not I get zero.
    The thing with farms is that u tend to stick to them which can be annoying. The moment u get on your horse to leave there is always a couple of plants that suddenly need pruning... 
    I suppose if u keep your plants in unhealthy condition and time your visits regularly u will get more than I do. But I can't minmax farming too. Had enough minmaxing in this game.
    Although farming seems to have a far better shards per action ratio than gathering, it is also limited to much fewer overall actions. I mean I cant possibly get 500-600 actions that I get gathering, from farming. With my farms which is 80% of max allowed slots I can get about 60 actions per visit. In the time it takes the farms to cycle I can gather for 340 energy and sleep a couple hours. 
    I am not convinced that farming is the best way to get shards yet. For me it is mining stones or trees with fluid collector. I guess RNG will never let us know what way is the best after all.
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  6. Graviera added a post in a topic Why does it suddenly take 5 times as long to get contribution points at 254 ?   

    I have a thing for quests that give stamina/strength exp so I do the wheelbarrow quest anyway  There is also my OCD... The valks quests depend on the in game time. Best time 12-2 PM I think for both plant quests to be available. If it is midnight, I don't even go there.

    The 300 barrier is supposed to be extended beyond 300 after the Valencia patch. So it takes the same effort to get CP at 300+ as it is at 255+. 
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  7. Graviera added a post in a topic Why does it suddenly take 5 times as long to get contribution points at 254 ?   

    True. I have 297 CP and about a third of it goes to storage. Even with that CP I am still considering buying storage space with real money. Especially now with Valencia. But in the end I suppose they have to make money somehow.
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  8. Graviera added a post in a topic Why does it suddenly take 5 times as long to get contribution points at 254 ?   

    As others have already mentioned, Calpheon is a must to build CP. Other than that and excluding combat dailies, take your pick.

    1. Lynch farm, get sack upstairs
    2. Find Toya (girl with butterfly) near Lynch farm and get her to Laura. 
    On your way to Laura (while escorting the girl) go to the nearby cow farm and do the scarecrow quest and shoot eagles quest. Continue to Laura.
    3. Go back towards the cow farm, at half the distance there is a second orphan by the road. Escort to Laura.
    4. Cross the west bridge, go to Costa farm. Go to node manager get quest to escort Baum. Talk to Baum, go 10 meters away, look back. The moment Baum starts moving towards you start going to the next farm and don't look back.
    5. Find Ken between Costa and the other farm on the main road and escort him.
    6. Go towards Glish. On the second crossroads u find Eleanor with her baby. Escort her to Glish.
    7. Go back to where u found Eleanor and search some distance into the other road to find a dwarf to escort to Glish too (if u dont find him fast dont bother, skip him).
    8. Return to Heidel from the East bridge. There u find another orphan drawing. Escort the orphan to Laura.
    9. Give Laura a red tree lamp if u have one
    10. Go to main square get 2 quests from furniture dealer, one form materials vendor (need tree spirit leaf).
    11. Go to Heidel Skill Instructor, go to boy with Kite up the walls, get lazy soldier outside tavern, get kite from roof behind skill instructor.
    12. Go to forest behind stable manager, do wheelbarrow quest, catch a rabbit.
    13. Return quest to furniture dealer.

    Heidel pass
    on your way to Velia get the 2 quests from the soldiers there. Climb the mountain kill 2 goats get 2 logs, return quests.
    Kill seagulls with practice matchlock (from the otter guy next to warehouse)
    Get cat next to the girl outside the church

    If you are into gathering (I suppose u are not) there are 4 good gathering quests at the 4 farms surrounding Velia. There is also a chimney quest at the farm nearest to the north side of Velia as well as the one near the Tree boss.

    If u don't do life skills, ignore Olvia, go to Florin. If u do life skills then u probably know already what to do. In any case, the 4 cooking quests are super easy and give good CP. Spend 1 CP for a residence with a cooking utensil, store some eggs, grain, chicken and pepper in the warehouse and u are good to go.

    1. Node manager, get weeds quest, get pig flute. If u got the scaffoldings get the fix the brewer quest too, otherwise ignore it.,
    2. Get the quest from boy behind node manager, hop 5 times on machine.
    3. Go down the road and take quest from boiy missing his kite. Go to nearby garden and use pig flute to gather 3 weeds. 
    4. Go further down and get raccoon quest from boy, bait from girl.
    5. Go next to stable manager, use bait, get raccoon.
    6. Go up the mountain, get kite.
    7. Jump down, return quests to Node Manager, Kite boy, raccoon boy.

    On your way to Northern wheat plantation find a boy to escort to plantation (Rufus?).
    There is one other escorting quest at the corn field. A guy with a wheel cart.
    There is a "kill 4 locusts" quest at the windmill near the cornfield as well as one to carry 2 sacks,

    Do all dailies in the city, skip the wheelbarrow one if u don't need more cedar planks. 

    There are 4 quests worth doing at Troll fortification area. 3 escorts, 1 sack iirc.

    There are 4 super easy dailies around the warehouse that require u to just have some items ready in your warehouse and just deliver them to the npcs.

    Valencia is supposed to give good CP but haven't really explored it yet.
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  9. Graviera added a post in a topic Which horse to buy?   

    The difference is certainly on the huge side but it all comes down to what the OP needs the horse for. If it is for getting early to boss fights then spamming drift/insta accel will certainly help a lot (a nearby alt for boss fights still being the best solution ofc) . If it is general travelling speed then sprint should suffice. But in the end the fastest horse (drift/insta/sprint) wins simply because it can be used in all situations should the need rise to. I agree with Kat in drift getting old fast. I do get bored doing it most of the time. But it is there when I need it. In some situations it can also be a lot of fun.
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  10. Graviera added a post in a topic Ranger noob, some help with PvE pls   

    Yeah I didn't really think the stone would do it, glad you confirmed it.
    I didn't know about the weight gems, this game has so many things to learn...
    I am fine with spending loyalties for weight but I will wait to see if I like the class before I spend real money on it.
    I will never ever sell my steel dagger.  
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  11. Graviera added a post in a topic Ranger noob, some help with PvE pls   

    Forgot to mention I have a Sturdy Destruction Stone too. This gives +ACC (don't remember how much though, +4?). Maybe this makes steel dagger more viable (doubt it)?
    @Rinel: I do have one of the fastest horses but my weight is awful. I guess I will need to train strength.
    @Azta:  Extraction crystal should be easy to get, np, I am using Ultimate Yuria +15 btw.

    Will try the combos u both suggested and I guess will switch to bronze dagger (with a heavy heart).
    Good stuff, thanks a lot guys.
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  12. Graviera added a topic in Ranger   

    Ranger noob, some help with PvE pls
    So, I made a Ranger Alt, Full Ultimate 15 Grunil / Yuria / Steel Dagger (AP fan always), 4 AS - CR+food=5, Level 50. 310+ AP/DP (even got her a Liverto but not upgrading till I know I like the class)
    I never got off my horse till yesterday when I decided to try out how is PvE on foot at the Manes, and oh boy was I bad at it...
    I used mainly shotgun (I am a practical guy, I go for the most damage I can do), After some time of wondering how the hell ppl are actually controlling this shotgun thing, I found out that pressing W+A/D+LMB and space makes me stay more or less at the same distance from the mobs I am shooting at. That's about it though, didn't find any other combos and I am impressed  how much MP u need for this.

    1. Am I doing the shotgun thing right or is there a better way? Do I need to do something else as prep for the shotguns, some CC or something to maximize damage?
    2. Are there any other combos that kill this fast?
    3. How/When do I use Explosive Evasive Shot?
    4. Is Razor Wind only good to fill up your MP? 
    5. What about the Descending Forest thing? is this useful for getting aggro-herding?
    6. Do I really need a Wagon full of MP potions nearby when I farm or am I missing something? I don't mind a lot, I have many wagons and potions but still...  
    Any other PvE advice for the worst Ranger in game? (other than "GIT GUD")
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  13. Graviera added a post in a topic Bree Ruins: Ancient Architecture Pieces   

    There is a trick that I used when I was about to give up after all these failed tries to loot the final fragment. If u kill 3 summons before the first one's body  despawns, u get all 3 pieces, Seems like the summons need to be unique when summoned. I could also be very lucky this only time ofc. Still, it worked first time so it could be a thing..
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  14. Graviera added a post in a topic Solo Guild, who is doing it?   

    You can not take guild missions with less than 3 members online so it is impossible AFAIK.
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  15. Graviera added a post in a topic What is the CP soft cap now?   

    An extensive non-Mediah CP/Energy run would be:
    1. Furniture Dealer/Material Vendor/Wheel cart/LazySoldier/Lost Kite
    2. Return the 3 Orphans/Scarecrow&Shoot Eagles at cows farm/Get sack upstairs at Lynch Farm
    3. Help worker find job near Costa farm/Save Eleanor near Glish

    1. Rent matchlock-Kill seaguls/Save the cat at church
    2. Farm dailies (4 of them, very good gathering exp, one chimney cleanup)
    The ones that suit your life skills I guess. I don't do the skin/meat/Herb ones cause they are kinda slow for me. I do all the rest. The 4 Cooking ones are very easy with good CP. Combine the 3 Timber ones (Fir Timber/Usable scaffoldings/Logs  - You can combine this with the gathering daily at Velia Farm too and it also combines with the scaffoldings at Florin later on)
    Main NPC(scaffoldings,pig)/ Brewer boy/ Lost kite/ Racoon quests
    North Plantation (and nearby corn field with boars/locusts)
    1. Bring rufus or whatever home on your way from florin to plantation
    2. Kill 4 locusts/ Carry 2 sacks(get the sweet potato reward and store it in calpheon warehouse)
    3. Guide cart guy from corn field to plantation
    All CP dailies (takes 15 minutes, pretty fast)
    (preparation- get 1 cedar plank, 1 sweet potato flour from WH)
    1. Chimney near warehouse
    2. Chef Cedar Plank (buy one water)
    3. Catch pickpocket
    4. Second Chimney in the alley
    5. Make Sweet potato dough for Troll
    6. Carry sack from docks
    - Cross the bridge
    7. Old woman chicken
    8. Wheel cart for Timber (get 10 Cedar reward-process to plank store in WH)
    9. Chimney
    10. Get Silk from Weaver upstairs (on your way to clean chimney)
    11. Carry sack to party
    12. On your way to party get the drug escort quest
    13. At party- Deliver sack, show silk, drug escort, get deliver food quest.
    14. Catch the protester
    15 Get leaflets from fountain
    16. Bread for Peep (girl at fountain choir)
    -To the Valkieries
    17. Find lost Lamb(on your way to Valks)
    18. Moon Grass/Stingy Grass/Rabbit
    -Back to wrap things up
    19. Deliver rabbit
    20. Carry sack of wheat to protesters
    21. Deliver food to hungry ppl 
    Turn in sack/drug/food quests
    These should be ~1 CP at 256+, a lot more below that. I do them anyways for the Energy/Lifeexp/Rare rewards, so I never count the exact CP I get. I am at 274 CP.
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