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  1. Graviera added a post in a topic Few general questions about end game!!   

    There is no specific end game in BDO. But there is an abundance of personal goals you can choose to aim towards, should you wish to (Having no goals at all works as well). I shouldn't even list examples as there are so many of them that it is meaningless to do so but to give you an idea:
    There are 3 major components in BDO. PvE / PvP / Lifeskills. You can mix any of them in any proportions you like to fit your playstyle. There are players who end up lifeskilling and PvP. Others do pure lifeskills. Others do PvE and some PvP etc etc. All combinations are possible. You are free to do whatever you like and do whatever will help achieving your personal goals. You are also free to change playstyle at any time. The only non-pure playstyle is PvP. PvP requires you to PvE for levels and/or lifeskill for extra silver to get better equipment with.
    Some minor, in the sense that they are relatively easy to achieve, initial prerequisites would be:
    Level 56+. This will open up Awakening skills, many PvE choices and quests, and even life skills quests.
    Level 58+ for PvP (not mandatory but extremely useful)
    200AP+ is probably the entry PvP AP that allows you to kill anyone (someone with 240Ap will kill you a lot faster ofc)
    Level 58+ for PvE in the hardest areas/dungeons
    200/210 AP+ for most of Valencia. 220/230AP+ for hardest Valencia 
    250+ CP for worker empire
    The best class is the one you really enjoy playing the most. Understand this. If you care for PvE or PvP, you will need to kill hundreds of thousands of mobs. So you better enjoy doing it or you will be banging your head against a wall. It is a good idea to try out classes to lvl 56 to experience if you like them or not. Don't just stick to checking out videos of classes. Seeing is not playing. Don't 'marry' your class if you don't like it a lot.
    If you view this game in a competitive manner then there are 3 major components that are really powerful. 
    1. Silver. It buys everything except experience (although it does buy extra experience). You can literallly buy AP/DP with silver. So more silver=stronger PvE/PvP and in many cases stronger lifeskills too.
    2. AP. Stronger attack makes you more silver when PvEing. So, it is a priority because of the above. It will also allow you to apply for T1 guilds and get the rewards of being a member of such a guild. It is obvious that more AP is good for PvP too...
    3. Time. It can be either active time or afk time. Whatever the case, time will get you everything. Learning to do things more efficiently will put you ahead of the curve. Having more playtime than others will put you ahead of the curve. The most time consuming area of progression is LifeSkills.

    There is also another component that can put you ahead ('The Fourth Component' ). Luck. You can either gamble a lot or a little. It is your choice. Luck can make you god-like, it can destroy you, or it can be insignificant overall.
    I don't care for p2w but it is present in the form of allowing for faster progression. The most helpful item that will make you earn x2/x4 more silver when PvEing is pets. Minimum is 4 T1 pets. Ideal is 4 T4 pets. Four T3 is a good middle ground. You can absolutely play the game without them to whatever end goal you wish. But you will spend a lot more time PvEing without them.
    Life skills can be your whole game if you wish too. They are the most complicated part of the game and require the most afk time. So if you choose to view them competitively you will need to be logged in 24/7. Life skills can be also be combined with PvP/PvE at any rate that suits your playstyle.
    TLDR: You are free to choose your journey as well as change destinations mid-road. There are no rules but there are certain things that are helpful towards certain goals. Try things out and see what you enjoy the most and work towards it. There is no end unless you choose one for yourself.  
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  2. Graviera added a post in a topic Node 10 weirdness.   

    OP, have you read this?
    Node Level and Knowledge Rank test
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  3. Graviera added a post in a topic Gathering Broken   

    Farming requires to be maxed out to be comparable to gathering. And maxing out farming slots (100) requires 100 CP. Investing 100 CP in the right nodes is more profitable than farming and allows for various activities like trading/fishing/Cooking/Alchemy/Workshops to be more profitable too. 
    Edit: Also @Claydough is correct, although a butcher knife or skinning knife can be as good too depending on what you plan to do with the gathered resources..
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  4. Graviera added a post in a topic Gathering Broken   

    My max energy is 445. I am master7 gathering. Today I used all my energy to gather lamb meat. It took about 1000 gathering actions. I got 4 sharp and 2 hard using Lucky tools/Sharp stone of life and lots of patience. My average under these conditions is about 8 shards but with inverted sharp/hard ratio (something like 6 hard/2 sharp). So value wise today was also average for me as is most days.
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  5. Graviera added a post in a topic Sea Monster Questions   

    So is suicide yet lots of people do it. Not all bad deals are worth doing.
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  6. Graviera added a post in a topic How to transport 70k crates to arehaza?   

    No, it won't work. And you forgot to load your inventory too.
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  7. Graviera added a post in a topic Sea Monster Questions   

    No muskets, only cannons.
    Yes +5 epheria accessories on Hekaru is what I have used to solo Hekarus. You will most likely need to go repair sailboat before going for the next Hekaru, and the fight is long and tedious and the Hekaru moveset predictable and repeating. The reward is guild money and Hekaru process that can be used for crafting materials for blue epheria accessories (not in game yet). A pretty bad deal overall.
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  8. Graviera added a post in a topic So, no armor/weapon progression...   

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  9. Graviera added a post in a topic Crescent Roulet going for 2 TRI :) With an great follow up. (I hope it helps some of u getting TRI crescent rings).   

    When an outcome has a probability of 50% it means that on average over a large enough sample of repetitions the expected result is 1 outcome per 2 repetitions. Of course if you flip a coin 1000 times you could get heads 100 times in a row. But the overall distribution should be ~500 heads/ ~500 tails. So for DUO if you tried it for say 1000 times with a known probability of 33% you should expect to fail ~666 times and succeed ~333. That is the actual meaning of 33% probability of success. Sure ,like the coin, you could succeed the first 50 in a row but equally you could also fail the first 50. So this is irrelevant and has nothing to do with the expected probability itself but more with the distribution of outcomes which is another issue. You should expect to fail PRI half of times. If you attempt PRI 1000 times the distribution should be 50 fails : 50 successes with some room for error which is insignificant when it comes to enchanting. If this does not happen then the initial expected probability is not 50%.
    The lucky ones are those who happen to fall onto the beneficial X successes in a row part of the distribution
    The unlucky ones are those who happen to experience the non-beneficial X fails in a row.
    Overall, among all players and all PRI attempts though, the results should be 50-50 (assuming max fs etc). Otherwise the known probability is false. And if we had the means to record all attempts and in case we found out that they diverge significantly from 50/50 then this would be considered solid proof for the initial expected probability of 50% to be false.
    RNG is not Chaos.
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  10. Graviera added a post in a topic Margoria Sucks   

    Valencia is ok, just needs reeds some tweaking regarding karma/mobs/drops/density, doable stuff if they care to fix them.
    Margoria seems to be designed for small Guilds that go after sea monsters, fishing and very high level trading.
    I really don't understand why they decided to limit the usefulness of this area to such a small portion of the playerbase.
    90% of lifeskillers don't need to go there, 100% of grinders have no place there, naval PvP simply interests no one...

    @Solsi I agree with you but there is also no reason for gatherers to go to Margoria. There is no exclusive gathering content there, only fishing and trading. 
    Margoria is a lost opportunity as it is now.
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  11. Graviera added a post in a topic Dying Epheria Sailboat?   

    They will probably release skins that you can dye in the pearl shop. Until then you can not dye the Epheria Sailboat.
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  12. Graviera added a post in a topic Crescent Roulet going for 2 TRI :) With an great follow up. (I hope it helps some of u getting TRI crescent rings).   

    You see, you contradict yourself. That's why I asked. I myself know the fs needed.  But the probabilities that you follow and "live by simply because nothing better has really been provided and it seems accurate from many, many enchants. ", require more than 3 times the rings you think they require. That's why getting 2 TRI with 39 rings or whatever (I repeat 2 TRI rings) is flat out preposterous.
    I am not trolling or anything. I just was impressed by the numbers some people say in this topic. And there may be something to them, who knows... But in your case you simply made a very wrong estimation considering the probabilities you (like most including me) believe in. Fapperjack did the same. So your experience is either very lucky or there may be something to it when it comes to yellow accessories that is not known. Maybe they are easier to enchant. Maybe they don't have a FS cap and overfailstacking makes significant difference. But according to the known probabilities the OP was very, very lucky. Kudos to him of course, but "Normal RNG" this is not.
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  13. Graviera added a post in a topic Crescent Roulet going for 2 TRI :) With an great follow up. (I hope it helps some of u getting TRI crescent rings).   

    Could you please fill in the blanks below to help me understand what kind of probability to succeed you expect for each enchanting phase(with max FS)?
    PRI (2 rings needed): _____% success with ___ FSmax
    DUO (1 ring + 1 PRI ring needed): ______% success with ___ FSmax
    TRI (1 ring + 1 DUO ring needed):_____% success with ___ FSmax
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  14. Graviera added a post in a topic How to transport 70k crates to arehaza?   

    @Nathan is correct.
    @Purrbulous Just fyi when you sell a large amount of crates to the trade manager at once, the GUI freezes and bugs out and you may even get disconnected. To avoid that or wasting time selling smaller portions of crates multiple times, just spam Esc the moment after you click the confirmation dialog to sell, until you exit the trading gui. This way the transaction will be completed for any amount of crates with no problems.
    In your case an overloaded fidhing boat with an overloaded horse on top might not be a bad idea (5 slower trips). Other than that, single horse 10 trips.
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  15. Graviera added a post in a topic Crescent Roulet going for 2 TRI :) With an great follow up. (I hope it helps some of u getting TRI crescent rings).   

    First of all congratulations for the very nice rings!
    Second, 2 out of 5 TRI, and 8 out of 11 DUO attempts is lucky af! These odds are better than PRI odds...
    Average luck would be 1 out 4 TRI and 4 out of 12 DUO attempts. You basically got them at less than half the expected cost.
    Good for you though. The luckiest ones are always the most oblivious to their luck.

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  16. Graviera added a post in a topic Pets are overall real cancer, specially T4s.   

    I understand what you are saying. Your $100 for 300% p2w damage example where f2p players should not complain because they don't support the game was not demonstrating this though. It certainly sounded more like "if I pay money then I have the right to fk u all up unless u pay too". Which is wrong.
    I do agree though that RNG related to paid items, as in horse skills and pets especially, is at least controversial from a buyers stand point. Legally they surpass any law that would require certification of the RNG used (which could very well be tampered). They do this by using the intermediate 'pearls' currency. A common practice not only in the gaming industry.   
    P2W alone is not enough to keep the game alive and healthy, not by a long shot. Again you underestimate the contribution of f2p players by simply playing the game and growing its population and popularity. Both f2p and p2w are necessary. F2p is the basis that allows the company to make profits with p2w when it comes to MMOs. 
    In any case I agree on the bought RNG items and how poorly if not shady they are implemented. I do however strongly disagree with the example you used. In any case, you read mine, I read yours, bob's you uncle, nothing more we can do about it.
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  17. Graviera added a post in a topic Pets are overall real cancer, specially T4s.   

    For a P2W item to be 'acceptable' there needs to be a way for F2P players to get similar (if not identical) benefits the item gives, but instead of paying real money for it they pay in more time played. Items that give significant advantages and are only obtainable with real money is the definition of toxic p2w that destroys any kind of fair play and drives away the majority of players that consists of f2p players anyway.
    The p2w players are a minority (especially the hardcore p2w players) and even though they contribute financially, they do so in an MMO, where the most important factor is for the in game world to feel alive, active and populated to an extent that only the majority of f2p players can contribute to.
    So your $100 example, if void of any other in game time related acquisition mechanic, is plain destructive and bad business. It is not by chance that p2w in this game is heavily fragmented giving no destructive advantage through any single item rather than a pretty extensive collection of smaller advantages for a smaller price each. It is a clever design that hides blatant p2w while also making it more expensive for those who can afford it and more accessible to those with smaller wallets or simply less willing to pay a lot more for this game. And with the exception of house ranking, most available real money advantages in BDO are theoretically achievable to a similar degree by a bigger play time investment (similar and theoretical being the key words).
    You grossly underestimate the importance of a large player base in an MMO. You are also quite bad mannered for considering f2p players to function just as fodder for p2w players enjoyment because the latter 'support the game'. Both groups support the game and the game would have severe difficulty surviving without either of them.
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  18. Graviera added a post in a topic Story of My Life   

    Maybe it won't work for pearl items if you have a slow PC. But other than that it works fine. And for pearl items while grinding u can always V your way to a safe place and switch. It only takes a few seconds more. I 've never missed an item with a MP alt. Another thing that happens (also regarding pearl items) is that pearl items get listed on intervals like the intervals energy is replenished. So if there are already some pearl items waiting to be listed, the server waits for X amount of time for any more potential items and there are some cases where an item will make it just the last second of said interval and thus get listed very close to its notification. But it is not something that happens frequently.
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  19. Graviera added a post in a topic Money making poll   

    Well what I tried out was actually 2 things using resources from the same activity and another activity that I do anyways. But at the time, I was constantly getting undercut on both. And I don't like low demand items that require me to constantly relist them. So I agree with you and don't like it for myself, but I can see someone with the tenacity of  Dorsai making it consistently profitable. I am too lazy for this kind of thing. There is also the possibility that we are talking about different things. It's not that important anyway. Grinding mobs is still the best way to make silver if you can stand it. I just like life skills more than PvE in this game.
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  20. Graviera added a post in a topic Money making poll   

     I think I know what you are talking about. I also think you were the one undercutting me all the time. What confuses me though is that it is not necessary to go all the way to Margoria. If we are talking about the same thing, demand is too low for my liking.
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  21. Graviera added a post in a topic Accessory Enhancement Rage   

    Just keep in mind that most players will exaggerate or even straight up lie about their enchanting results. When successful they will usually say it was easier than it actually was and when failing they will say it was worse than it actually was. This is can very well be unintentional (to a degree) since humans tend to behave as such in general to promote what they consider a more successful image of themselves to others.
    Accessories are absolutely frustrating to enchant beyond DUO. I lost a stupid amount of silver because of my TRI attempts on yellow/boss accessories. To the point where I quit for 2 months during last summer (and was so pissed that I deleted my progress). Still I was stupid enough to later on try again but fortunately did not go all the way. I am never again going to put myself through the vast amounts of brainless grinding required to raise the silver just to burn it on this kind of gambling where I may end up with zero gains. I got no problem with enchanting armor/weapons or even cheap acc. but yellow/boss accessories is a no go for me when it comes to TRI+. 
    I love my life skills char, I make tons of money doing a ton of different things, and it is far more interesting than killing the same mobs literally thousands of times over and over again(although gathering for 440 energy does make me fall asleep too). I have a goal that is measured in silver and my plan is to buy all BiS accessories that I need, and I don't care how long it will take to snipe them. Does that make me less competitive in PvP? Yes it certainly does. It also makes me happier though. And that's what counts for me. I play to have fun. And I discovered I can have tons of fun without kicking ass in PvP. Also, ironically enough, life skills are just as competitive at top levels. It is actually crazy how competitive they are.
    I now grind mobs solely for frag scroll parts and nowadays for crystals to grind to black stone powder, and hope I like DK awakening enough to be my next combat main. I also hope for a T8 but it's not gonna happen... I am sitting on billions of silver and have stupid stuff like 2 full sets of boss armor, weapons etc
    You can easily take a break yourself and try out other things in the game. It is actually a very common cycle. Grind to 60->life skills. Destroy all your stuff->life skills...
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  22. Graviera added a post in a topic Special Wheat Farming   

    If you want CP fast you need to make an initial investment that you will later on profit from. Beer will not get you enough CP because it is bottlenecked by resources. in another topic of yours a while ago I told you that there are much more efficient recipes to spam-cook for CP that require up to 12 times less resources. And you have seen nothing yet. I have to turn in 2500 dishes for 1 CP. After a point (which you now begin to understand) beer is not the way to do it.  Cook beer for your workers and cook other recipes for CP. Use the right tool for each job. You will earn a lot more from the extra CP than the money you get by selling beer. Don't waste vast amounts of CP to grow wheat or whatever for beer. Grow something better if you wanna do fences. Spend money to get more money. Cheers
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  23. Graviera added a post in a topic Quick question about market place   

    It is certainly difficult to win a bid for an outfit and even more difficult to do so for a pet or value pack (especially after the merge). What I do is put a notification for all outfits I am interested in as well as all pets available. I have an alt parked at a marketplace in a city where I have silver to purchase the item(s) if I get lucky and win a bid.  When a notification comes up I switch to the alt and bid. It takes about a minute to 2.5 minutes for a pearl item to show on the marketplace after the notification for it shows up. So unless you have a slow PC it is totally doable. I have bought 2 pets 2 value packs iirc and several outfits this way the last six months or so. It does take a lot of bids to finally get something but it is certainly doable. Try not to miss a bid during low traffic hours where less people will competing against you for the same item(s) and also try to wait some days before bidding for "hot" items (like Dark Knight outfit when DK got released). The less people are interested in an item the less your competition and the better your odds. Unfortunately pets interest everyone and always regardless. Good Luck.

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  24. Graviera added a post in a topic Quick question about market place   

    You can buy it with any char and then store it in your warehouse for the other char to get it from.
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