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  1. Graviera added a post in a topic Looking for reptile meat farming spots (low level)   

    Go to somethinglovely.net enable Gathering nodes and Reptile Meat and you get:

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  2. Graviera added a post in a topic You should NOT be using Boss Armor   

  3. Graviera added a post in a topic So should I just Lifeskill farm?   

    Last shard event had very low impact (practically made no difference) to drop rate for a lot of people including me. And after the event you possibly got a bit luckier than normal. Magic/Lucky tools almost double the drop rate of shards for me and I have observed this over many, many thousands of gather actions.
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  4. Graviera added a post in a topic All my workers fail promotion test   

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  5. Graviera added a post in a topic Is this game pay per month or one time purchase?   

    This game is pay once for boobs physics and nice graphics but also pay all the time for so much more. So if you feel boobs physics and nice graphics will leave you wanting more, then prepare yourself to buy at the very least
    a couple of pets (4 is what you initially really need) or you will soon need an 'R' key replacement and always wonder how others are making x4 times what u make at the same spot with the same gear.
    weight increase or curse every 15 minutes for having to stop grinding and always wonder how others are making x4 times what u make at the same spot with the same gear.
    optional subscription or, well, this is complicated... let's just say with a value pack you are eating at a nice restaurant. Nothing fancy but still very nice. Now without it, it is like eating out of a dumpster.
    some artisan memories or enjoy spending x3 time doing the most boring activity in the game, second only to watching paint dry, memory fragments scrolls.
    Game is absolutely playable to its entirety by simply purchasing it once. Your journey through it though can be luxury class or it can be quite an inconvenient one. The devs are masters at creating inconvenience. But are also ecstatic to help you through it for some pearls here and there and there and there... and there. 
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  6. Graviera added a post in a topic Dumb people sell shards, don't be dumb!   

    Although this probably a self promoting topic and not a genuine concern, I get a lot of loot while grinding that I process by melting and get shards. Even though I am not selling them because I have the worker empire thing going, I am sure a lot of grinders don't care doing so. They simply melt and sell them them to minimize weight and increase available inv slots and grinding time and get the benefits of grinding longer for better money. 
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  7. Graviera added a post in a topic When can i gather Sharps?   

    Just to give u an idea, with lucky/magic tools I get about 1 shard every 120-150 actions on average. This not evenly distributed though. Sometimes I will get 0 for 600 actions but then get a bunch within 100 actions. With normal tools I get about half of that. I never shovel (it has lower drop rate by design anyway) and just in case you don't know gathering water does not drop shards.
    The ratio for me so far is about 2 sharp : 5 hard (pretty close to 1:2)
    Gathering level does not affect shard drop rate or ratio.
    I use a yellow sharp alchemy stone of life that increases drop rate by 14% as well as sweet fig pie. I am master7 with 441 energy and gather daily although I hate it and have actually fallen asleep while gathering twice so far.
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  8. Graviera added a post in a topic Junk crate?   

    If you like active trading then level it up that way. If you find it very boring or overly time consuming then you have the option to invest a big amount of resources (some even buy a portion of them) and make thousands of junk crates with your workers over the course of a month or two to reduce the amount of active trading needed to reach Master2.
    What I did was to level up trading up to skilled5 with wagon(cause there were no elephants then), up to Artisan3 iirc with elephant and up to Master2 with junk crates. I needed about 30-35k junk crates crafted in Calpheon using 22 workers. I sold them at Arehaza in the biggest amounts I could all at once to finish up quickly so I got the worst prices possible. Still though I got back more than 40 mil(a fraction of their original cost but better than nothing). With the future patch that fixes prices to 100% this would be better. Crates were tin ore/mapple timber/ pumpkin/ mushroom. Some junk crates give less exp but dont remember which ones specifically. I do remember that ore/timber is good exp (when I say good I mean relatively good - junk crates give abysmal exp that's why u need that many of them). When selling the junk crates I had a lot of life xp buffs but not all possible buffs though. 
    A fast elephant is better than wagon to level up trading because it is significantly faster if it has the good skills (and I think now you can p2w the skills). The trade routes are supposed to be linked to trading level per area. Low level-Balenos, Skilled level-Serendia, Pro Level Calpheon, Artisan Level Mediah. I didn't do routes from guides or anything I just figured it out on my own by simply trying to have my elephant full almost always. There are optimized routes though that you can search for in this forum. A complete route should last at least 15 min so that u can immediately change channel and repeat. Route efficiency is valued in Amount of Trade Packs vs Time needed to trade them(not profit). I used Suite Tea/+3 Clothes/Flowing time.
    Because of some recent changes in the way u get trading xp like min distance to discourage rolling and magnate debuff that limits max amount of trade packs, I don't really know what routes would be best or even good. But I am sure there are lots of people here with that knowledge that can help. 
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  9. Graviera added a post in a topic Does Damage still matter in World BOSS?   

    After more than 200 liv/awak/MoS/boss (boss is about 10%-15%) the last 6 months (I started doing bosses 6 months late), I believe I understand what counts towards getting bars/seals/gems/silver and boxes/gear/acc. Funny thing is that quite a few tinfoils appear to be true. This information should not be given away though. The people who consistently get good loot probably know what I know. And those who don't, they should solve the puzzle for themselves(or be content with the alleged existence of 'lucky' accounts etc). @Tash you really have nothing to earn by analyzing the issue for others. Most will forever believe that "you see patterns" where there are none, whereas those with more brain power will enjoy finding out for themselves anyway.
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  10. Graviera added a post in a topic Awakened players in Calpheon, why?   

    Probably low geared fast leveled characters going for the relics profit at relatively fast clear speed? I don't think there is a penalty for level diff on loot.
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  11. Graviera added a post in a topic DANCE EMOTES   

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  12. Graviera added a post in a topic Sea Monster Questions   

    Sounds like you want to do this solo so 2 things.
    1. Loot is Guild loot, not personal loot.
    2. It takes too much time and is boring to do it on an Epheria Sailboat solo and there is no reason for a party since there is only Guild loot.
    You could solo some Hekaru (the non aggro monster at Ross sea) for the materials to craft the blue cannons (I did so hoping they would release them soon) but there are no blue cannons available yet to craft.
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  13. Graviera added a post in a topic Pre-Orders: How much are people really paying?   

    Never proven.
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  14. Graviera added a post in a topic Using Silver Embodied Clothes twice?   

    No, you can not convert Silver Embroidered clothes for Peaarl Slots. 
    [Costume] Professional Trader's Clothes
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  15. Graviera added a post in a topic Dressing up my waifu   

    Needs credits in the end for a more professional look. Nonetheless I watched it twice. I am stilll not sure what I watched. But this may very well be the result of what I am smoking right now. I would watch it again. So I guess I liked it  Good stuff.
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  16. Graviera added a post in a topic Using Silver Embodied Clothes twice?   

    I thought u meant the crafted cooking clothes because the NPC ones don't reduce cooking time (the most important stat regarding cooking), In any case you can convert the NPC cooking clothes (that give bonus +10% cooking exp) and you get [Costume] Cook's Clothes.
    @Luciferia is correct and the trader clothes combo he is using is a very good one used by many high level traders.
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  17. Graviera added a post in a topic Hi, For  more than 20 fail stacks is reblath shoe still a reliable option?   

    I get the same kind of results as @Claydough when failstacking on reblath. So, I go up to 9 on reblath and then up to 15 on militia weapon. Works more than half of times for me. Then I should use some green +14 armor/weapon up to 20-25, but instead I use PRI/DUO green armor(hercules/fortuna/heve) because I don't mind spending the hard shards and lately I get really bored when failstacking/enchanting. For 25+ I usually go with a blue weapon or boss gear or TRI armor depending on what I have in mind or is available. 
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  18. Graviera added a post in a topic Dont get rekt by kakao about pet exchange   

    Cooldown on Candy Event, Knowledge on Mobs....
    There are many others. It's rule No1 "Never trust tooltips in BDO".
    No need to be aggresive. You stated your opinion, I stated mine. 
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  19. Graviera added a post in a topic Dont get rekt by kakao about pet exchange   

    Node Investing.
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  20. Graviera added a post in a topic Dont get rekt by kakao about pet exchange   

    Although it makes sense and I do it myself, I don't think it was ever proven that leveling pets to 10 improves chances of a better exchange outcome. I think it is more of a better safe than sorry issue.
    Appearance is a matter of personal taste. For example I liked the looks of my T1 cats better than my T3 cat that is like an ugly cat from hell. Better just look up the list of possible appearances to make an educated decision (Something I regret not doing).
    One instance where imo it is certainly worth to inherit a pet's skill is the +1 luck. If your pet has that, then better keep it because it is quite rare and useful as it is a +1 level for all your chars (family-wide).
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  21. Graviera added a post in a topic Review from a New Comer   

    So, you are a "little" credit card warrior. More like a credit card squire of sorts....?
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  22. Graviera added a post in a topic Using Silver Embodied Clothes twice?   

    Not possible. But u don't "have" to buy the pearl costume.
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  23. Graviera added a post in a topic In all seriousness... what happened to dark nights? (Not Dark Knights!)   

    I am sure there are people who prefer a more realistic/immersive night as well as those that find dark nights impractical/annoying in this game. The gamma slider in settings can make nights more appealing to both. Different strokes....
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  24. Graviera added a post in a topic Trying to get to Mediah   

    Yes, just go to Heidel and then follow the main road along the river to the east to Mediah. You can travel anywhere, it's an open world.
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